normal people ep 8
“I suppose I didn’t want you to think I was damaged,” she says.

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to Venice, to take a brief respite from staring at each other so they can stare at some art instead. In an effort to move on, Marianne asks Niall and Connell how their backpacking tour of Europe is going so far. Marianne wants to read Connell’s stories, but he demurs. The tension between them is still there, but apparently Jamie believes himself to be the victor in the thought war over Marianne. Peggy welcomes them, saying “the others” are out back. Keeping things super-platonic, they both sleep in their underwear. Marianne stays in Connell’s room that night to get away from Jamie. The dynamic between Fionn O’Shea as Jamie, Daisy Edgar-Jones, and Paul Mescal is great, finally bringing some of the background class issues to the forefront under the guise of simple romantic rivalry. We learn that they’ve had a vibrant email correspondence that I’m confident neither Jamie nor Helen knows anything about. She catches herself: “Maybe I should think about it more.” They finally address the very thing that brought them together — that Connell’s mom works for Marianne’s mom — and both seem amazed that they’ve never talked about it before. For instance new episodes or start of a new season. Niall is lovely and I think he and Joanna would make a great couple, no? It will also air weekly on BBC One from April 27, with two 30-minute episodes each week.

She also says she thinks her mother doesn’t pay Lorraine very well, and in a rare admission of his feelings over their status difference Connell angrily says “she pays her f*ck all.” Marianne wonders why this has never come up before, and wouldn’t blame him if he resented her. But then Marianne screams in frustration, and Connell rushes inside. Marianne and Connell are together, but will their relationship endure after graduation? From the jump, Connell can see that Jamie and Marianne’s relationship is not going well. The BBC adaptation, based on Sally Rooney's hit novel, was filmed across multiple locations in Ireland, Sweden, and Italy. Not that this boon erases his past and/or makes him a real peer in the eyes of Marianne’s boyfriend (more on him in a minute). Marianne quietly asks if she can stay in Connell’s room tonight, and he says “of course.”. But it does make this highly implausible jaunt to the mansion just three hours outside Venice moderately more plausible, and even though I spent half the time rolling my eyes that ANY of this was happening, I also don’t care, because look at those colors! }); ‘The Great British Baking Show’ Season 11, Episode 6 Recap: “Japanese Week”, Recap: Tensions Run High in ‘Supernatural’ Season 15, Episode 17: “Unity”, Recap: Be Careful Near the Vending Machine in ‘Supernatural’ Season 15, Episode 16: “Drag Me Away (From You)”. He appeared to concede his “campaign” — where else? Marianne and Connell are together, but will their. He asks what the argument was about, and Marianne thinks he means she did something to deserve it (which Connell denies.) This episode gives us a much needed change of scenery by moving the action to Marianne’s summer villa in Italy, giving the audience an immediate sense of FOMO with Instagram-perfect locations, while giving Marianne and Connell more angst. (If you subscribe to a service through our links, Vulture may earn an affiliate commission.

*Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. It’s the summer holidays and Connell and Niall arrive at Marianne’s family house in Italy. She doesn’t respond, and Peggy asks if she’s going to comment on the insanity currently going on at their dinner table, reminding Marianne that she’s her best friend.


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