nioh katana build

There are basically 8 stats to choose from.

Magic Builds listed in this page are created and categorized by players, therefore you should not assume they are all optimized. You need to go with mid stance which should allow you to have better guard. This is a new Guardian Spirit in Nioh 2. Look for equipment skills that increase your Ki, and improve your mid stance damage. Moreover, you unlock different Skill Points as you level up a stat. For bosses and enemies, you should rely on Omnyo Sloth skill which slows down everything and lasts for a long time.

Since you can equip two melee weapons at a time in Nioh 2, you’ll want to choose a secondary weapon that complements your stats and playstyle. The Kingo Armor set has a change compare to previous bonus in Nioh. Powerful odachi build, comes with basic tips and equipment advice. Backwave – Lets you deflect attacks to knock enemies off balance with perfectly timed blocks. Learn to use your Arrows smartly, and only when necessary.

No stats are specified or recommended. Adept 2 PassiveAmplification: Extends the duration of effects from skills and items. A powerfull all inclusive build with focus on Skill and Heart.​, Basic Omnyo Magic/Melee build till you find Omnyo Magic scaling weapons. We recommend using descriptive names such as "Katana Heart Build by XX". This basically works like Tears of Denial from Dark Souls III and will leave you at 1 HP instead of 0 for one time only. The second one I can recommend is Nanbu which gives you more Life on Ranged Weapon Hit and increased Melee Damage when at full Health. Flying Bolt Soul Core gives you Anima when you attack with a Ranged Weapon and Hit, and slows Movement of enemies hit by Ranged Weapons. For the weapon, you’re recommended to use spear along with medium/light armor.

Using them gradually recovers your health (life).

November 5, 2020, 6:57 am by SGT-SuperGames. It’s a pretty straightforward build which can be completed in the Kyushi Region of the game.

The more you use a weapon, the more familiar you get with it. This one increases defense against yokai and Onmyo magic. Haider is a freelance contributor, who loves video games, playing guitar, and aviation. A gaming enthusiast at heart, I grew up playing video games since the 90s. Finally, when it comes to gear, you need to go with something heavy which should allow you to mitigate as much damage as possible. This one increases your damage and weight limit. While running this build, the buff that you get against the yokai is pretty good.

Skill will boost your damage with both of these two, and also give you more Ki back when you Ki Pulse, along with a bunch of other bonuses. You’ll want to prioritize damage on this Bow, but it’s ideal to find one that has Bow Speed on it because you’ll want to use it mid combat. Please do share them with us!Dont let this turn into yet another DS3 fiasco, no one wants to lose time trying to find some build over small scale reddits.

For Character Creation and Fashion, see Character Creation Codes and Armor. If you don’t have that Sword at the beginning, the Sword from the Master Swordsman (the Katana version) is a viable alternative. After reaching 500,000 Onmyo Magic Profiency, you can go through The Nine Symbols Training mission and get the Mystic Art for Onmyo Magic. The most common reason to level up a stat other than Heart in a Nioh 2 sword build is to enable equipment skills.

Try to hit 30 in both ‘Stamina’ as well as ‘Body’ and you should’ve enough health to mitigate most of the damge. For the Guardian Spirit, try to stick to Isonade until you manage to get Fuse-ushi. In addition to this, there is Living Water which allows you to use Ki Pulse while dodging. Not much of an attractive option compare to stuff like Active Skill Damage, Melee Damage or any other skill that straight up increases your attack power. Will have to check later, it's a red … If your equipment weight number turns red, it will greatly reduce your mobility and increase how much Ki you use with each action.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match equipment classes, but always make sure you meet the stat requirements to unlock your equipment’s special skills or you’re going to be at a severe disadvantage. The stats specified maximize your katana use.

The main option to aim for the Sword are the following: In the beginning, you are good to go with light Armor, after that, try farming for the Kingo Armor – which has a good overall stat boosts for Sword.

Katana build... avoid close katana are for show? However, in order to create your own Raging Bull set, you’ll need Yokai Hair which is not terrible to farm. Novice 1 ActiveRoar: Mid stance only. Edit this page by ADDING A ROW to the table below with a link to the page you created and an overview. 3 Adept 1 JutsuProtection Talisman: I Allows you to prepare 2 Protection Talismans. For help on creating your own build, see the character building tutorial page. Poison Arrows help with hard to kill Yokai and Bosses and should be used only in such cases. Each of these skills allow you to get different abilities and bonuses. Adept 2 Active Hold X while guarding Ki Pulse: ManCornered Boar: I When your health drops to 30% or lower, received damage is reduced by 20% Adept 6 Passive Spirit Wind: Mid stance only. The Tokagemaru is a solid early-game katana once you acquire its smithing text. Can only used when your sword is sheathed Adept 3 Active Hold R1+CircleFortitude: I Life + 100 Veteran 4 Passive Battle FocusMid Stance: gives best guardKi Pulse: Man Mid stance skill. Slice your way through most anything on any difficulty like butter. If you don’t worry about being a little overpowering, you can always try Sloth Talisman – which slows the enemies down.

Choose the katana as your starting weapon and the odachi as your secondary weapon. Relentless – Increases your total Ki when you’re holding a sword. Skill I recommend using the weapon in low stance as it will allow you to spam the three-hit combo at minimalistic Ki cost. Use the Sacred Treasure of the Dragon God set complete and up the energy. Onmyo Mage that destroys everyone with guardian spirit and just having fun. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a. Medium armor encourages a balanced approach that fits the playstyle of the katana, and Strength improves both your Ki Pulse and your maximum equipment weight, which will be helpful anyway. Choose the katana as your starting weapon and the odachi as your secondary weapon.

For swords, the key stat is Heart, so the first step to any katana build in Nioh 2 is to raise your Heart as quickly as you can. This should be deleted. Morning Light – Enables you to attack while getting back on your feet after being knocked down. As for your sword itself, you should once again go with whatever suits your playstyle rather than whatever has the best raw damage. Higher Toughness results in less Ki being lost when you block, which can be even more important than sheer defense depending on your playstyle. Veteran 2 Passive Medicine Man: I Increases elixir that can be carried by 1. This Nioh build primarily focuses on PVE and uses axes as the primary weapon and spears/kusarigama as the secondary weapons. You need to combine it with the Battle Focus which decreases the amount of Ki used while attacking. If you’re having difficulty with elemental attacks from enemies, try to invest a little into elemental defense, but stick to these three stats most of the times. This is to enable the set bonuses as well. Fart build. A ninja build that utilizes the bonus from the Iga set but allows you to have more freedom with your secondary weapon and do massive damage.

Bonuses you want on your Katana are +% Melee Damage, +% Ki Damage, and any other bonuses that benefit Mid Stance as that is what you will use primarily for this Build. Adept 2 PassiveIncantation Mastery: I Increases Onmyo magic capacity by 1. The Sword has a very fast attack speed, as well as powerful High Stance combo. There are three types of skills in total i.e.


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