niger seed feeder hole size
We're big fans of TAP Plastics - you're our source for most of the plastic we use on internal projects! I've hung it by a water feature in my backyard that finches drink from regularly. The Ring Pull Niger Seed feeder by Jacobi Jayne is designed specifically to use with wild bird niger seed and will attract a wide variety of birds to your garden. Another trick is to make sure you're giving the birds an opportunity to keep clean. These products are a great way to start feeding Niger Seed and will complement your garden perfectly. Niger seed (often called Nyger Seed or Nyjer Seed) comes from an African yellow daisy.

These personality packed feeders make a great introduction to the fascinating world of wild birdcare, with a choice of four colourful models for seeds, peanuts, niger and suet.

I hot glued on pieces of plastic to the front and back. They are easily traversed by the hummingbird's tongue. How To Feed Niger Seed. Niger seed requires a specifically designed feeder. Supplies. Sort By: Showing 1 to 5 of 5 (1 Pages) Show: Ring Pull Niger Feeders. Glue it onto the back right in the centre. Following you on several platforms! I live with my husband, my son, David, in a cozy cape cod style house in Connecticut.

Niger Seed Feeders Food and Feeders. Because niger seed is rich in oil and high in nutrition, it makes it an outstanding food for garden birds all year round. 2. I poked probably 50 larger holes in the mesh, tilting the nail up as to make a small bin for each hole to accumulate the thistle in it.

This type of conditioning is great practice for the wild, where they will have to use these acrobatic skills to feed on their own. Encourage your birds to stay longer with a bird bath to promote good hygiene. Not wanting to admit defeat, I took the feeder to the basement and got a ten penny nail. You might also see Niger Seed referred to as 'Thistle Seed', but they're actually two different seeds.

I like the sticker on the bottle. Niger Seed is a fraction of the size of sunflower hearts, but together they provide a great combo mix to ensure some of our favourite feathered friends remain well nourished. 2 replies 0. tap guy canida. Garden Wildlife Direct © 2020. Only drill holes in the front half of the jar. Live and learn.

See our range of durable, excellent quality bird feeders.

Smart idea.


and I really enjoy your humourous style of writing! Click here to go to the home page and find out more. Niger is a tiny seed and although it will attract Goldfinches and Siskins it requires the feeder to have small slits instead of the normal port holes associated with other feeders. Birds can be quite fussy about Niger Seed and they don’t like it when the seed dries out, or if it’s left out in the feeders for too long.

Thanks for posting. The seed is in a big container since last year, I washed the containers and although there r plenty of birds around the are not coming to my bird table. Cool way to reused a soda bottle! This is such a great idea!


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