nfl mascot salary

The median Dog Kennel Owner has a base pay of $58,958. Coming from college and high school sidelines, waterboys can be a crossroads between the equipment crew and training crew. So, while football fans can be hired for this job, finding a team that will pay that kind of money could be tough. ", According to ESPN, Quy will not return as a supporter liaison once fans return to games. The average pay for a Dog Groomer is $30,155 per year. CompanyAverage salaryPet Care Plus Kennel Assistant 5 salaries$12.19 per hourDoggie Care Resort Kennel Assistant 6 salaries$12.16 per hourDOG RESORT Kennel Assistant 5 salaries$12.00 per hourThe Dog Ranch Kennel Assistant 5 salaries$11.87 per hour6 weitere Zeilen. When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Groomer at PetSmart can expect to make an average total pay of $22,417 . Hourly pay at Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. ranges from an average of $8.78 to $17.27 an hour. Get a personalized salary report! According to, NFL waterboys make $53,000 on average.

You might want to sit down before reading this: the average salary of an NFL waterboy is a whopping $53,000 a year, according to are unpaid or work as stipend interns, per, but the full-time water and towel boys are considered part of the training staff.. With that said, the average phlebotomist salary is $32,230 per year as of January 30th, 2017 according to According to NBA G-League, players start at $35,000, although this can increase with experience. The average pay for a Dog Kennel Attendant is $9.87 per hour.

Commission. The typical PetSmart Store Manager salary is $69,980. TIL Waterboys in the NFL make an average $53,000 salary : todayilearned. That's more than most of the below-the-line talent featured in this story and twice as much as the average actor, who earns $52,000, according to SAG-AFRTA.

While some NFL waterboys make a salary of about $53,000 year, most are unpaid or stipend interns.

GoFundMe receives over $140 million in donations per month.

The average pay for a Dog Walker is $30,009 per year. As the NBA embraces different training and nutrition strategies, teams are utilizing waterboys in different ways.

Dog Warden Salary. Salary information specific to animal massage therapists is not currently available. However, a team spokesperson confirmed to ESPN's James Olley that "Gunnersaurus is not extinct and will return to action when fans are allowed back at matches.". A Yard Driver earns an average wage of $15.88 per hour.

How much does a Kennel Assistant make in the United States?

Arsenal fired several team employees, including Jerry Quy, the man who has played Gunnersaurus since he was first introduced in 1993, as part of its cost-cutting measures.

Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 10 years' experience in this career.


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