neo paganism for beginners

It's' also difficult to be outside on a moonlit night and not feel a bit of magic as the moonlight streams down.

Read reviews and order this book from the online book store. If we interpret Paganism to refer to any form of polytheistic, pre-Christian religion, then Paganism stretches back to the beginning of history (c. 3000 BCE), and even further beyond that. Because this is more of a “do-it-yourself” religion than book religions, we often end up with a lot of the people that are no longer welcome in churches, a synagogues, or mosques for a variety of reasons that then choose Neo-Paganism. In part, it may be because it has long been part of magical tradition (especially Wiccan) that the kind and strength of one's spells should be correlated with the phase of the moon for maximum effectiveness, with the full moon being the peak time for active, change-making magic.

Eventually, you have to interact with like-minded folks who share your struggles and understand your beliefs and your choices. If you are new to Paganism or are just interested in finding out about Paganism, this page is for you. For example, most Wiccan traditions, Asatru, and ADF arc all Neopagan. Instead, there are several things you should think about doing. As a non-centralized., word-of-mouth religion, Wicca expanded and diversified slowly, prompting many others to look to pre-Christian polytheistic religions as inspiration for developing the modern religious beliefs and practices which we now collectively term Neopaganism. Are you light, dark, or grey? If you're not sure what you should read, check out our Beginner's Reading List. Africa. Neopagans today usually have special rituals on each of these days as well Wiccans intertwine their God and Goddess with the cycles of nature -and the wheel of the year, with the Goddess represented as the earth and the God represented as the sun} her consort. With all this explosive growth; however, have come some growing pains.

Are you more drawn to Discordian, Asatru, Neo-Shamanism, Neo-Druidism, Green Witchcraft, or Feri practice?

Hook up with real people - they're out there, even if you can only reach them online at first. Book Review: Empowering Your Life with Wicca, Getting Unstuck – Pagans Restoring Their Path, Autumn Stoneflower - Neo-Paganism, Healthy Living, Family. While other religions may meet in groups more often (e.g., weekly), for Neopagans much of their religion is more personally-oriented, woven throughout their daily life and not requiring others to practice.

Next, go online again and get the basic background for each specific type of Paganism that catches your eye to see which really interests you. It was in the early 1950s that Gerald Gardner in England created the first (and still most popular) form of modern Neopaganism, doing so after the last British Witchcraft Act had been repealed in 1951.

Many Wiccans, for example, worship the goddess as Mother Earth, and most other Neopagans have strong environmental concerns.

These are my recommendations for people who are new and want to learn more. Figure out what you believe.

So go online and research different Pagan paths or Wiccan traditions, just to get some specific names.

Clearly, if industrialism continues on its current course, there will be few such settings available soon. Neo-Paganism and Wicca are religions. There is, of course, much lore concerning the moon. it is fairly common for Neopagan groups to meet for companionship or ritual during the time of the full moon. It's a good foundation to build your studies on, and will better help you determine what road your path will eventually take. Exactly which energies are used may vary - one Neopagan may work with the energies of the Earth, while another may use personal psychic energy, and yet another may use the classical four elements (earth, air, fire, and water). A ripe collection of wisdom-fruit from people who really live their Paganism. The fates of such religions throughout the world differ widely, but by confining our focus to Europe it can be said that the r…

The Cauldron is an active, friendly virtual community for members of Pagan religions and their friends, featuring an active message board, and over 8 megs of articles, book reviews and other Pagan information. It used to be the case that many who came to ADF did so after years of experience with other forms of Neopaganism such as Wicca, being drawn to ADF's special emphasis on scholastic foundations, true polytheism, and devotional excellence. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A last belief almost all Neopagans hold is that of the ability all humans share, to one degree or another, to manipulate energies and cause changes in the world.

In fact, it is usually weeks until successful magic has its intended effects (sometimes longer for more difficult workings), and the effects usually appear 'coincidental.' Designed in thirteen steps, this collection of material will give you a good starting point for your beginning studies. Think of it as a foundation upon which you can build later, when you're ready. It's important to be aware of some of the misconceptions and myths about Wicca and modern Paganism. If we interpret Paganism to refer to any form of polytheistic, pre-Christian religion, then Paganism stretches back to the beginning of history (c. 3000 BCE), and even further beyond that. Find what works for you and do it!

A Brief History OF Paganism and Neopaganism used factual material from Margot Adler's excellent survey of Neopaganism, Common Forms of Neopaganism draws from the. The common aspect of all, though, is that such energies aren't normally perceived in everyday life, yet may be used by someone skilled to accomplish changes in one's own and others lives.

Autumn Stoneflower has been a practicing Neo-Pagan for over 20 years. The alt.pagan Internet newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions list describes Neopaganism quite well as "attempts of modern people to reconnect with nature, using imagery and forms from other types of pagans, but adjusting them to the needs of modern people.". Of the so-called Great Religions of the World, Hinduism (prior to the influx of Islam into India), Taoism and Shinto, for example, fall under this category.

The concept of 'working with' gods and goddesses is in some ways an inherent part of the Neopagan belief in polytheism. That means you have an opinion on how something works and that will help you better find the path that’s right for you. Don't worry — you're not alone! Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Such acceptance is often an attraction for people with 'alternative' sexual orientations and people who have generally had a variety of unsatisfactory experiences with other, more rigid religions.

The effects just seem to fall into place wholly and naturally, but exactly as intended. ... A final note about meeting Neo-Pagans and Wiccans in real life. In the past few years, increased interest in Neopaganism and the easy access to information provided by the Internet have combined to allow anyone interested in Neopaganism or Druidry to find our web site, subscribe to some mailing lists, and send in their membership form all in the same day. Some Common Neopagan Celtic-based terminology for the celebrations held on each of those occasions includes Yule (winter solstice), Imbolc, Ostara (spring equinox), Beltaine. Your next step is to get connected. The term 'Pagan' comes from the Latin paganus, which appears to have originally had meant "country dweller," "villager," or "hick.." The early Roman Christians used 'pagan' to refer to anyone who worshipped pre-Christian deities, and the word came to have strong derogatory connotations in the following centuries, though it has been reclaimed in part by Neopagans in the latter half of the 20th century. Many Neopagans maintain personal altars, for example, at which they meditate or offer daily. or spells. Almost daily we get someone who is new and wants to know about Wicca or Paganism asking what they need to do.

Admittedly, people are going to have to read this, but I’m not giving you full books to read. It has always been associated with the night, and hence hidden and more psychic, magical things. As mentioned in the previous section, the first and still most common form of Neopaganism is Wicca. Unlike Wicca, which arose out of post-war England and was heavily influenced by Western esotericism, Neo-Paganism is more a product of the 1960s American Counterculture and the feminist and environmentalist movements of the 1970s. Such magical energy use can certainly be focused for less benevolent purposes, such as for harming or manipulating others.

Once you've done that, you can really get busy. While occasional works concerning ceremonial magic occurred in the period between 1700 and 1900, it is only at the beginning of the 20th century that any form of Paganism. Reading generic Pagan/witchy books will leave you feeling like it's all just one big melting pot of gooey tree hugging goodness. Are you interested in a specific type of Wicca? Paleo-paganism refers to the original tribal faiths of Europe. The two are usually archetypal representatives, the god of male-ness and active force, and the goddess of female-ness and receptive force.

Another natural cycle commonly celebrated by Neopagans is that of monthly full moons. Not all of them will be of interest to you, and you might even find one or two of them hard to understand. For those who are interested, I will include articles about those in the future.

This is not to say that Neopagans are in general opposed to technology, in fact there are quite a few who are very techno-proficient (sometimes called 'techno-Pagans'). There is no right way to worship in Wicca or Neo-Paganism. In Wicca, for instance, most traditions are based on duotheism, two deities, namely some kind of god and some kind of goddess. If so, great... but if not, ask yourself why. Other Neopagan traditions may be duotheistic like Wicca, or fully polytheistic. Of course, in some sense one might consider this pragmatic, as Neopagans tend to prefer to have their rituals and ceremonies out of doors and in natural settings- as the ancient Pagans did themselves in most cases.

Are all of these questions too much or too specific for you? In particular, the times of the solstices and equinoxes, and points in between (to make eight) were of great importance. What parts of the book seemed ridiculous? It seems clear that the Ancients held special regard for certain times of the year, especially those associated with planting and harvesting. Neo-Paganism for Beginners. After all, this is a great way to build up your personal reference library! Indeed, to most Neopagans all things are divine in one way or another, and Neopagans are known to strive to accept difference and diversity, especially in areas of sexuality. Reading generic Pagan/witchy books will leave you feeling like it's all just one big melting pot of gooey tree hugging goodness. This usage is commonly termed magic or 'magick,' and is the basis for spells, or the structured use of energy to accomplish specific effects, such as healing, prosperity, and protection. For instance, to follow a Druidic path you can't self-initiate, because it is an organized group with strict rules of advancement and titles to go with each level of achievement, so if you want to practice as a solitary, find a path that works better for people flying solo. Are you more drawn to Discordian, Asatru, Neo-Shamanism, Neo …


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