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The commentators themselves appear to have no knowledge of Nen,[58] not even the ones overseeing Floor Master matches. Nen [5] While this method is primarily used to attack, it can also be used to propel oneself[105] or to cast an effect pertaining to another Nen type remotely.

● 2- Transmuters are whimsical and prone to deceit. [53] A licensed Hunter may not reveal the existence of Nen to those who do not know about it, although it is possible to relay this information in times of emergency. And this system proved correct when I did character analysis: *Killua Zoldyck: INTP (Transmuters as xNxP), *Kurapika (RED EYES): INTJ (Specialists as IxTx), *Leorio Paradinight: ENFJ (Emitters as ExxJ), *Hisoka Morow: INTP (Transmuters as xNxP), *Chrollo Lucilfer: ISTP (Specialists as IxTx). [35], Some activation requirements are common to many, if not all, Nen abilities with similar effects. An effort is also required to maintain the shape of the bubble. Debut

There are multiple types of mind control: If a student causes some other effect during their Water Divination, then that student is a Specialist or Special (特(とく)質(しつ)()()()()()()()(), Tokushitsu). [3] This amplifies the user's physical strength and durability and provides a large pool of aura for any advanced techniques or individual skills they decide to use, albeit at the cost of expending said aura. The time the aura bubble can be maintained afloat reflects the strength of one's Ten. An experienced user of Nen can judge the location and relative strength of their opponents through reading the output of their aura. Self-imposed stipulations that are harmful or potentially so to the creator, such as willingly limiting the use of their senses, can increase the power of their Nen, and of their Nen abilities in particular.

[24] On the other hand, body type and sex are unrelated to one's potential,[25] while it is possible, though not definitive, that age affects the speed of one's learning.

[87] Nen users can be told apart from regular people due to their stronger reaction to the En user's aura. There are six types of aura; every individual is born having one of these six different aura types.

However, the output is a factor that can vary with training. [35] An activation requirement can be so common that it is given a name, as is the case for Marking (マーキング), which establishes that a teleportation ability can allow the user only to "jump" (移動(ジャンプ) transfer) to a location they had already visited in the past. It teleports the player[62] to a privately owned island which does not appear on any map.

The student can proceed to the next level once they manage to launch themselves a few dozen centimeters; otherwise, they keep practicing for as long as they can maintain the handstand.

[116] By resorting to Limitations, a Conjurer can take their ability a step further and materialize objects with properties that come even closer to exceeding human capacity, although they still cannot surpass it. as 特) could be broadly defined as anything that does not belong in any of the other five categories, making it the vaguest Nen type. [5] Therefore, Enhancers are able to greatly increase their physical attack and defense and are best suited for melee combat. [28], After acquiring a working command of the basics, a student is introduced to a series of advanced techniques that often combine and/or derive from the four Major Principles.

Observant (S) / Intutive (N): Observant individuals are highly practical, pragmatic and down-to-earth.

[87] There are exceptions, however: Zeno Zoldyck, one of the most powerful assassins alive, is able to extend his En up to a radius of 300 meters (328.084 yards),[80] while the Chimera Ant Neferpitou has an irregularly shaped En and can extend a tendril up to 2 kilometers (1 mile, 427 yards, and 8.0064 inches).

Once maintained, it creates a shroud around the user that feels similar to standing in a lukewarm, viscous fluid.

Hatsu is used to project one's aura to carry out a certain function, creating a special and unique paranormal ability[5] that is colloquially referred to as a "Nen ability" (念(ネン)能(のう)力(りょく)()()()()()()(), Nen nōryoku),[81] or simply "ability" (能(のう)力(りょく)()()()()()()()(), nōryoku). This exercise is meant to develop the student's ability to feel their own aura.

It is also unknown whether doubles are considered Nen beasts or a separate subcategory of Nen ability. One typically learns this process slowly and gradually through meditation. I'd say Transmuter is the closest and Enhancer is the least closest. [126] It seems that a Specialist's manifestation of Hatsu during Water Divination reflects their character and may thus give some insight into the general direction in which they might or should develop their ability,[84] since Hatsu is profoundly affected by personality,[127] although the information received this way is vague enough that it is impossible to pin down just what kind of ability a Specialist has already developed through their results during the Water Divination test.

Thoughts (T) / Feelings (F): Thinking individuals focus on objectivity and rationality, prioritizing logic over emotions.

[16] The amount of aura surrounding the user's body during Ken is about 10 times higher than during Ten. They won't tell you anything important on them, and refrain from being close friends, but, because of their natural charisma that draws others, they are always surrounded by many people. Extroverted individuals prefer group activities and get energized by social interaction.

Emitters are impatient, not detail-oriented, and quick to react in a volatile manner. The data I collected of real life people also prove this statement (but I can't give names). Reinforcement Nen plays a crucial part in combat, and as such, one's affinity for said Nen category is a factor of paramount importance. "Be careful, as Transmuters are fickle. This is important information that I concluded with decent amount of gathering: Enhancers: Determined, Strongly resolved, Simple, Straight-forward, Selfish, Transmuters: Whimsical, Unpredictable, Deceitful, Masking, Unique, *Conjurers:*High-strung, Stoic, Observant, Cautious, Serious, Specialists: Individualistic, Charismatic, Unattached, Different from others, Complex, Manipulators: Logical, Advances at own pace, Cares for own, Ambitious, Indifferent, Emitters: Impatient, Volatile, Hot-Blooded, Impulsive, Non-detail-oriented.

Parasitic type abilities are similar to curses and are often conjured. The exercise terminates either when a student manages to break 1000 rocks in a day, in which case they are ready for the next level, or when the stone they are holding shatters. [60] In 1987 a total of 100 copies was released by Marilyn Inc. They are mental exercises akin to meditation that strengthen one's force of will.

Aura from all parts of the body has a tendency to flow together, producing one mass of energy. [112] According to Izunavi, without that added risk, the ability would not have worked.[29]. Abilities with similar effects to Judgment Chain are Genthru's Countdown[129] and Knuckle's Hakoware,[91] and like the former they require an Exorcism to be removed without the caster's consent. However, since Nen could be extremely disruptive to society, it was deemed unsafe to include it as a publicly-known criterion and an official part of the Hunter Exam, and is therefore known within the Hunter Association as the "Secret Hunter Exam". Biscuit instructs them on which proportions of their aura to focus on which body part for 30 minutes, three times a day. Transmuters are whimsical liars and they're prone to deceit. Me either.

Transmuters and Conjurers have more reserved personalities which manifest in their tendency to change their aura into something of personal importance and use. Of course, INTJ will occasionally have emotional outburst too. Nen (念(ネン) or ネン, Nen—lit.

"scattering/collecting type") abilities gather something from multiple targets through several agents.

On top of the aura consumption, the repetitive movement puts stress on the student's focus, causing their aura control to become less and less precise. On the other hand, when it comes to pursuing their own goals, they do not listen to what others might have to say about it. [5] Aura usually decreases in intensity very quickly when it leaves the source body, but adept Emitters can separate their aura from their body for long periods of time, over long distances, and still be able to maintain it and its functions. A student who has mastered this level is able to knock an opponent back a dozen feet with an Emission attack. [8] Once it has been learned, it will never be forgotten, much like cycling and swimming. They act without the host's awareness or control, defending him/her and, in rare cases, attacking. According to him, a way to differentiate between Nen users and non-users is that the outline of the former's iris, when looked at from the side, appears discontinuous. [28] However, it has proven to suffice to see thin layers of aura[66][70] as well as to perform Water Divination correctly. An affinity for Transmutation (変(へん)化(か)系(けい)()()()()()()(), Henka-kei; abbrev. When applied to real life, it is possible to get the correlation of the M-BtI and Nen; I'm a Specialist who has a M-BtI of ISTJ.

[28], The first meditation exercise[51] has the aim of ascertaining the student's natural potential.

What exactly factors into potential is for the most part a mystery, but it appears to be predominantly a congenital factor, since statistical estimations about its rarity can be made and evidence points against it changing over the course of one's life.

[8] Nonetheless, this is by no means the only way to force or, more appropriately, semi-force, the Aura Nodes open: the same result can be achieved through "indirect attacks", non-violent or even beneficial uses of aura on a non-user, such as through healing, lending, or absolutely first-class Manipulation abilities.

[8] Regardless of their level, it is advised Nen practitioners train their Ten and Ren daily,[70] since they are the foundations of all advanced techniques. Upon learning one's own aura type, a student of Nen can set about learning to apply the technique in a unique way that suits their personality, which can develop into a unique skill.

[129] Certain abilities have interchangeable requirements, such as Leol needing to either know the name of the ability he wants to borrow or see it in action,[154] or a photograph being a satisfying replacement for the target of Lovely Ghostwriter if they are not present in person,[123] which increases the user’s chances of success.


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