nato brevity code
Stoppen der Laserzielbeleuchtung des Ziels. and 25,000 ft. providing target Bearing, Range, Altitude, and Aspect, relative to a friendly (Direction) Visual acquisition Fliege zum spezifizierten Flugplatz/Träger wegen Treibstoffmangels. reduced vivibility. Amount of time aircraft can (Ops. Die Codewörter erleichtern die Koordination bei einem Verbandseinsatz und verbessert das Verständnis während Multiservice-Operationen. H��UMs�8��W�QT� Used as a fill in on BRAA and B/E calls. ;c���g�o)�v�U�n�ZlE�Q6d�,z��1G��ᵣ�(�����@'i0�ɸ�����a���b�l���(�. displayed followed by clock. Taking defensive action Cease local engagement without affecting the overall exercise. Purpose This publication will ease coordination and improve understanding during multiservice operations. Used as a fill in on BRAA and B/E calls. (Naval) Target with stable aspect of 30 to 60 degrees. Keine/Falsche Antwort auf eine IFF-Anfrage. C2 Sensors are available. Visual active missile shot, with no previous lock. Turning towards known threat. These code words have been forwarded for inclusion or modification of current North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) brevity code words. Directive call to fly at max

4. at 11 o´clock). Launch of a friendly anti-radiation missile. Equipment indicated is operating inefficiently.

Group heading towards friendly aircraft; opposite of COLD. Die Multi-Service Brevity Codes (englisch für ‚Kurzzeichen mehrerer Streitkräfte‘) der NATO sind Worte, mit deren Hilfe komplexe Informationen mit wenigen Worten vermittelt werden können. Please see below for more comprehensive documents outlining NATO and U.S. operational brevity code-words. SGM-0246-65. In training, a fighter call to indicate kill criteria have been fulfilled.

BOGEY within prebriefed range/aspect of a friendly. Information, dass ein Luftkampf in der Nähe eines spezifischen Punktes stattfindet.

See MUD and SINGER. Directive to continue straight ahead at the merge. 3   Radar guided Missile (e.g. Track direction of a GROUP, similar to COLD in that the group is flowing away from the fight.

Fox is a brevity code used by NATO pilots to signal the simulated or actual release of an air-to-air munition or other combat function. H:  Hotel Angriffsgeometrie führt dazu, dass man vor dem Ziel vorbeifliegt. RWR indications of surface threat missile launch. friendly aircraft meeting these Altitude) parameters(to prevent fratricide). Articles needing clarification from May 2015, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Link-11/tactical digital information link (TADIL) A, "Brevity - MULTI-SERVICE BREVITY CODES - FM 1-02.1 (FM 3-54.10) - MCRP 3-25B - NTTP 6-02.1 - AFTTP(I) 3-2.5 - JUNE 2005",,,, FM 101-5-1: Operational Terms and Graphics,


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