nancy pelosi ice cream fridge
I would hope that if Pelosi has a $24,000 refrigerator, she also has an ice cream maker somewhere in that chef’s kitchen. But Pelosi’s freezer is stocked so that’s what is important. She continued talking but Goldberg cut her off. They’re losing everything because of this crisis. Yet the out-of-touch elitist Nancy Pelosi went on James Corden’s show from her Ivory Tower to show off her stockpile of gourmet ice cream. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, and more. Pelosi appeared on Monday’s episode of “The Late Late Show” with James Corden, where she slammed President Donald Trump’s handling of COVID-19 and then showed off her ice cream collection. var iframe=window.parent.document.createElement("iframe");iframe.src="";iframe.height="0";iframe.width="0";"display:none;visibility:hidden";window.parent.document.body.appendChild(iframe); Column: Best president for Black America since Lincoln? Pelosi made an appearance on an episode of “The Late Late Show” with James Corden when she was asked to share something from her multi-million dollar mansion. #LateLateShow, — Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) April 14, 2020, The California Democrat joined comedian James Corden on his late-night show Monday and showed off how much ice cream is in her freezer in addition to wondering how Trump’s base could still support him after his response to the pandemic….

“I too am scared and worried about the body bags in refrigerators in New York City.

Let’s go to Trump Tower and see what kind of refrigerator he has.”.

That’s a fridge too far. Mine just happens to fill up my freezer. “They’re traps,” she said.

Cristina began writing for The Gateway Pundit in 2016 and she is currently the Associate Editor. Democrats won $320 billion in new funds to that depleted small business loan program, which was about $70 billion more than the infusion that McConnell sought.

Yet Pelosi refused to replenish the small business loan program, and now it has run out.

People are losing their livelihoods. Leave it to Nancy Pelosi’s refrigerator to force them back into old habits. SHARE to make sure Pelosi doesn’t get away with this in November. People are losing their livelihoods.

“I was trying to let you finish because we’re trying to go, but finish your point,” Goldberg replied. But what is Nance doing? Mine just happens to fill up my freezer. There are two sides to every story...we tell the side you WON'T hear on the mainstream media.

Not so much. “I was trying to let you finish because we’re trying to go, but finish your point,” Goldberg replied.

Got a tip? I don’t make the rules of politics, this is just how it works.”, “Trust me when I say this, it will play very well in the middle of the country,” McCain added before pivoting to an attack on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). The Speaker praised her party for blocking a bill that would have provided more funds to small businesses.

How about both? She continued talking but Goldberg cut her off.

While Americans Line Up At Food Banks – Video Shows Pelosi Flaunting Her Gourmet Ice Cream And $20,000 Freezer, Adam Casalino is a freelance writer, author, and blogger.

Now libs, we already know what you’re going to say. Well, over in the media sector occupied by “The View,” panelist Meghan McCain criticized Pelosi for falling into a media trap. Indeed, in the political Twitter-sphere and punditocracy, as media guru Marshall McLuhan declared way back in the pre-internet era, “Seeing is not believing, believing is seeing.” What you don’t see in the fireworks over Pelosi’s ice cream are the quiet but effective negotiations she was conducting with Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to achieve something Trump says he loves: a good deal.

Hourly workers have been sent home.

'The View' hosts argue over Nancy Pelosi’s show of ice cream in expensive refrigerator. Probably not that many, huh? Flanked by a pair of luxury sub-zero refrigerators and sporting a stylish orange scarf type thing, the Speaker of the House beckoned cameras to take a look as she slid open the freezer door below. “No, it’s fine,” McCain said tersely, proving that the hosts don’t have to be in the same room for things to get incredibly tense. They’re losing everything because of this crisis. “Nancy Pelosi needs to put her $13 pint of ice cream back in her $24,000 fridge and get to work passing the small business relief folks desperately need,” said National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Spokesman Michael McAdams. But taking our frustrations out on Pelosi’s ice cream?

Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Come on our show.”, At the same time, Behar called the ad “another distraction,” adding, “OK, it doesn’t look good maybe, she’s got an expensive refrigerator.

People in San Diego, San Antonio and Philadelphia (just to name a few places) were seen lining up for miles at a food bank.


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