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He encouraged science and military tech, including one time when he offered a fat sack of gold to help fund a guy named Hezarfen Ahmed Celebi undertake the longest unpowered sustained flight history had ever seen, sailing 15 miles across the Bosporus on a homemade glider.

Traian Stoianovich (1 January 1994).

[17], If Ayse was his only concubine, it is possible that it was fear of lack of male issue that prompted the sultan to take another, for his sons all died in infancy. 2. 107 and 312. He supposedly walked the streets of Istanbul in plain clothes and used his mace to execute anyone he caught using tobacco. He took care of it quickly, though, and by 1633 Murad had banned all tobacco, alcohol, and coffee from his empire. First, Ahmed died for some reason. Son of Ahmed I and Mahpeyker Kösem Sultan

Leslie P. Peirce (1993).

ISBN 0521200946. ISBN 978-0-195-08677-5. Murad IV gave them the finest weapons, saddles and Kaftans and ordered his forces to accompany the Mughals to the port of Basra, where they set sail to Thatta and finally Surat.

His favorite weapon was a huge mace, which, according to legend, he wielded effortlessly with a single hand despite it reportedly weighed 60 kilograms (132 lbs). For someone with such strong feelings about smoke, James I amazingly didn't ban tobacco altogether, though.

ISBN 978-0-195-08677-5.

While the Ottoman Turkish Empire still ruled an expansive swath of Asia and Europe in the early 17th century, things had really started to go downhill since the good old days of Suleiman the Magnificent gleefully riding a babe-laden chariot from Ankara to Vienna on a freeway he'd paved with the corpses of dead European infantrymen and the bloody remnants of nonbelievers and infidels. Pissed off by all this bullshit but not really knowing what to do about it, the army revolted yet another time in 1632 (for those of you keeping score at home, that's the fourth time they've stormed the palace in the last two paragraphs), broke into Murad's courtroom, and beat the Grand Vizier to death right in front of the 20 year-old Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. His favorite weapon was a huge mace, weighing more than 60 kg (132 lbs), which he wielded effortlessly with a single hand. As we shall see, Murad would grow to become a pretty strapping dude, but at the time he was declared Sultan Murad IV in 1624 he was only 11 years old, and because nobody really wanted some pre-teen punk telling them what to do a bunch of incompetent ultra-corrupt noblemen locked Murad up and spent the next nine years running the country into the ground on his behalf.

Press, 2010.

He hired architects from India's Mughal Empire (you know, the guys who built the Taj Mahal) to come build amazing structures in Istanbul.

Luckily for smokers, this restriction didn't last too long.

Pope Urban VII's papacy began on September 15, 1590. Excommunication.

Leslie P. Peirce (1993). Ibrahim would go on to plunder every jewelry store in Istanbul, assemble a harem of 280 of the fattest virgins he could find, drown most of them in a river, and finally be deposed after the army got pissed, stormed the castle, and whacked him out.

He refurbished the mosque in Mecca.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Mughal-Ottoman relations: a study of political & diplomatic relations between Mughal India and the Ottoman Empire, 1556-1748. Anti-Indian racism aside, James also warned of potential dangers from second-hand smoke and lung damage in addition to making a much simpler argument against tobacco smoke: it stinks. Two birds, one stone. It ended with his death from malaria less than two weeks later. Early American colonists may have been making some nice loot selling tobacco, but that doesn't mean they were totally in favor of using it.

Mustafa, affectionately known to Turkish history as "Mad Mustafa" (which sounds more like the moniker of a late-night infomercial used car salesman than the name of an Emperor), is a dude who's primary claim to fame is that he was always surrounded by a pair of naked servant girls and that he frequently broke into hysterical laughing fits where he'd start cackling uncontrollably to himself for absolutely no reason at all even if nobody was talking to him (which, to be fair, I might do as well if I was constantly accompanied by twin Slave Leias). It is not right to keep such people," and exiled him to Algeria – a fate which, honestly, is actually a lot better than simply choking him to death with his own contraption. [16], It is possible that Murad had only a single concubine until the advent of the second, or that he had a number of concubines but singled out only one as haseki. Links:A Death a DayMad MonarchsFascinating Then he recalled Abaza and had him executed.

Murad IV made Pope Urban VII look like a pushover, too; his punishment for breaking the ban was death. Скоро след това здравето му се влошава и умира през 1640 г., само на 28 г. Geni requires JavaScript! "Sorry guys, I don't meant to piss in your mochachinos here but this is an espresso-free zone. The New Cambridge Modern History. 6.

TIL that Sultan Murad IV was the strongest ruler of the Ottoman empire. In order to ensure that his rules were being followed, Murad was famous for going out into the city in the middle of the day, dressed in normal robes, and carrying a sword under his clothes. 4. French smokers head to the doctor...for more smokes.

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It should also be mentioned here that when Murad had a few too many he'd sometimes get a little carried away. : todayilearned Half brother of Abide Sultan; Džihangiras; Hasanas; Osman Osmanoğlu; Genç Osman Ottoman Sultan, II and 4 others; Şehzade Bayezid House of Osman; Şehzade Huseyn House of Osman; Huseinas and Hatidže Sultan « less.

When asked about his victory, the last Turkish Sultan to personally lead an army on the field simply looked wistfully into the air and remarked, "Trying to conquer Baghdad was almost more beautiful than Baghdad itself.". R. Faulder.

Mental Floss: Happy 102nd birthday, sexist smoking ban!

Murad IV was born in Istanbul, the son of Sultan Ahmed I (r. 1603–17) and the ethnic Greek[1][2][3] Valide Kösem Sultan. The Ottoman Empire : the classical age, 1300-1600. [citation needed]. It is not surprising that in the eight years of life remaining to him he was to become perhaps the most feared and terrible of all the Ottoman sultans."

Husband of Safiye Hatun and Ayşe Hatun He was especially known for his exceptional strength in wrestling - capable of fighting several opponents at the same time. p. 262.

to add some feats for Murad; his battle armoury was weighs around 100 kg(220 lb) Strong enough to lift a 100 kg(220 lb) man with single arm,walk with effortleslly with capable of wrestling 200 lb wrestlers at the same time, have a mace that weights 60 kg(132 lb) which he used it with single hand effortlessly,

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Another time some annoying chicks were singing really loudly and really badly so he had them all tied into sacks and thrown in the river.

Brought to power by a palace conspiracy in 1623, he succeeded his mad uncle Mustafa I (1617–18, 1622–23). It is said that the officers of Murad arranged a sort of tableau, in which the heads were struck off one thousand captives by one thousand headsmen at the same moment, and that Murad IV enjoyed the sight.

Murad IV was the Caliph of Islam and the 17th Ottoman Sultan from 17 September 1623 to 8 February 1640, known both for restoring the authority of the state and for the brutality of his methods.

On yet another occasion he saw some perverted asshole climbing onto the roof of his house to try and look into the Sultan's harem (the place where his hundreds of hot girlfriends lived) so he drew a rifle and sniped the would-be Peeping Tom from a hundred yards away. The City of Peace held out for about forty-five seconds before Murad IV personally knocked down the door by throwing his mace at it like Thor's Hammer punching through a sheet of construction paper, storming his troops through the breach and putting the entire Persian population of the city to the sword.

Murad IV himself commanded the invasion of Mesopotamia and proved to be an outstanding field commander.


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Urban VII's crackdown is considered to be history's first public smoking ban. When he wasn't rampaging naked through the streets drunkenly decapitating people, Murad IV was also a poet, a calligrapher, and a lover of art and science.

Father of Kaya Sultan House of Osman; Safiye Sultan House of Osman; Sahra Sultan House of Osman; Zeynep Sultan House of Osman; Rukiye Sultan House of Osman and 8 others; Gevherhan Sultan House of Osman; İsmihan Sultan House of Osman; Şehzade Ahmed House of Osman; Şehzade Süleyman House of Osman; Şehzade Mehmet House of Osman; Şehzade Alaadin House of Osman; Giulbahar Sultan and Hanzade Sultan « less

Although buying cigarettes wasn't legal in 15 states, cigars were a booming business. Scarecrow, 2003.Tezcan, Baki. Murad's swords.

Hari, Johann (2015). Connecticut followed suit in 1647 when it dictated that citizens could only smoke once a day, and even then one couldn't be a social smoker, since the law dictated that smokers could only burn one when "not in company with any other."

He was only 11 when he took the throne. Repeat offenders earned themselves an execution.

Roemer (1989), p. 285 Akın Alıcı, Hayata Yön Veren Sözler, 2004 Tarih-i Na'imâ Vol.

The sultan had a famous quote about the fall of Baghdad: ("Trying to conquer Baghdad, was almost more beautiful than Baghdad itself."). In 1604, James wrote the treatise "A Counterblaste to Tobacco", and true to form for early 17th century pamphlets, the king didn't pull any punches, writing, "What honour or policie can move us to imitate the barbarous and beastly maners of the wilde, godlesse, and slavish Indians, especially in so vile and stinking a custom?

), mailed his ears to his family in a box, released Ahmed's brother Mustafa from prison and made him Sultan instead. Davis, William (1922). Retrieved 2006-09-12. New Rochelle, N.Y.: Aristide D. Caratzas.

107 and 312.

That was kind of the last straw. During the siege of Baghdad, the city withstood the siege for forty days, but was compelled to surrender, and the bulk of the population were butchered by the conquerors, in spite of the promises which they had made to spare them. [5] He ordered execution for breaking this ban. A ferocious and inexorable resolve to be the master in his own house would henceforth dominate his actions. Abaza went in, plundered some towns in the Ukraine, and as he was doing that Murad bought off the Tatars and gave them a shitload of gold to sack Moscow just to be dicks.

They could still smoke, but they would have to buy their tobacco from an apothecary.

Some of them are Meydanı Mosque, Bayram Pasha Dervish Lodge, Tomb, Fountain, Primary School, Konya Serefeddin Mosque. He brought in plenty of slaves and money and military glory, suffered no negative repercussions from the Poles, and found a semi-legit reason to do away with a malcontent. Mental Floss: 10 who made a fortune during the Great Depression. His reign is most notable for the Ottoman–Safavid War (1623–39), of which the outcome would permanently part the Caucasus between the two Imperial powers for around two centuries, while it also roughly laid the foundation for the current Turkey - Iran - Iraq borders. The Macmillan Company.

All rights reserved. States butt out of the tobacco business. In the early years of Murad's reign, he was under the control of his relatives.

Balkan Worlds: The First and Last Europe.

Cambridge Univ.


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