mullins feist pedigree

My dogs have produced a few champions but most was never competition hunted. I had a fiest one time that would tree, but he wouldn't bark.

I use to have one that was a great little dog. I just LOVE my feists!!!! In NKC they are all registred as one thing but they can be any small dog that meets the size and conformation requirements. Outdoor Hub, LLC (d/b/a Carbon Media Group), 3290 W. Big Beaver Rd. Ive got the Galla Creek site bookmarked. Atomic Feist will range between 15" to 17" tall at the shoulder and weigh between 17 and 26 pounds. Apparently, its bred into them to bark up a tree, kindda like there are treeing walkers and running walkers, and pointing labs. I got a pup a few weeks ago that is supposed to be a mountain feist but Im new to squirrel dogs and was wondering what the difference is between the feist breeds. He could be anything from a rat terrier to a small bred mt cur. My Mullins Stock run between 25 and 35 pounds.

He could be anything from a rat terrier to a small bred mt cur. If you have papers on your dog and a pedigree, you can hunt the lines up and see what your dog actually is as far as lines go. :smack: Goggle this site they are in Arkansas they might can help you I would post link but it want let me. Find Wolfdog Puppies For Sale on Pets4You. However, if you don't have any paperwork on it, you cant tell just by the name of mtn feist.

At 3 months that is all you really need to do. I only pleasure hunt but I believe in this line of feist. Some will have "Stand Up" ears, which is preferred, and other's ears will break over at the tips. Get 1,000GB of photo storage free. Maybe play tug of war with a squirrel tail.

They are quite entertaining!!!!! Come join the discussion about optics, trails, clubs, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Basically I think they are actually more like family lines instead of breeds. Congrats on your dog....double what Ramill said. My Mullins Feist female is a little smaller at 22 pounds. Thanks. This is a list of all the pedigrees currently in the system. He was called a mountain feist. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Person told me it was because he was a mountain fiest and not a treeing fiest. If you have papers on your dog and a pedigree, you can hunt the lines up and see what your dog actually is as far as lines go. Make your own pedigree or Prototype a Pedgiree. From this page you can view, print any pedigree and search for sibling / progeny. There are many breeds of Feist that have been established over the years and each are individual and hunt a little diffrent from other lines. "Course, I'm no expert. I finally found a book that I had called Squirrel Dog Basics and it said pretty much the same thing that you did ramill. Mountain Freist, Treeing Feist and Mountain Treeing Feist are perty much a catch all name for any of the small treeing dogs. Feist Squirrel Dogs2 male and 3 femalesBorn: 7/5/2017Mullens, River Run, and Taz BloodlinesPure Bred FeistAll are treeing hard. Pedigree Database. Most importantly the Atomic Feist are bred to be Squirrel Dogs. I think the breed is pretty well the same, just depends on the bloodline they are from and what they have been bred to do. They can be a little larger also.

Actually we have raised squirrel and coon dogs as far back as the early seventies but never kept track of our squirrel dogs pedigree until 1992. Suite 500, Troy, Michigan 48084 USA. You can search your pedigrees using the search box below. My Mullins Feist female is a little smaller at 22 pounds. Im registered there but I cant find the answer over there either. However, if you don't have any paperwork on it, you cant tell just by the name of mtn feist. He has lots of information on there about feists and also about training. Some like the Baldwin, Mullins and Mullins Stock seem to me to be a little more cur like than terrier like. Even when you dont' get to harvest any squirrels, you cant go to the woods and come back in a bad mood!! Posts: 2,677 Squirrel My buddy hunts a Feist in Scott Co. Mountain & Treeing Feist Squirrel Dogs has 19,749 members. FB, check out squirrel dog central they have some great info on fiest. We have been raising this strain of Mountain Feist since 1992. A forum community dedicated to Arkansas hunters and enthusiasts. :clap: Thanks for the information. There ARE however, actual breeds of Feist!!! What ever breed it is, it is probibly gonna be alot of enjoyment for you!!!

Their colors will vary from brindle or red with white trim, black and tan to anything in between. There are Beaty Fiest, Baldwins, Denmark, Thornburg, Mullins, Mullins Stock and many more!!! JavaScript is disabled. These pedigrees can be used when you place classifieds on GUNDOG CENTRAL or linked from your own website. The ones called Mtn Feist seem to be more terrier like while the so called treeing feist are more like small curs.


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