mulga parrot for sale
Age: Approximately 3 Months Old The powder-coated metal cage should be a large one, perhaps a minimum of 24”w by 18”d by 24” h, and you should also have a play gym with chew items and assorted toys. Species: Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure Some breeders stir in wheat germ oil. It would be relatively rare to own a single pet Mulga Parrot, but in the event that you do, be aware of the bird's need for exercise to fight obesity, boredom, and aggression. If you have a female that is constantly over-producing eggs, consult with a vet or another breeder to put a stop to the behaviour  You may be able to save some of the excess eggs or babies by placing them with foster parrots. ©2020 by Tail Feathers Brisbane - Feathered family raised for families. Breeding Mulga Parrot’s Sexing Mulga Parrot’s With breeding pairs, be respectful of the Mulga Parrot's somewhat aggressive yet reserved nature, and provide housing that allows your pets to feel safe. These are playful and gentle birds, with great colors and lovely musical calls. The core of the diet is usually a high quality small seed mix. The female is duller overall but, not to be completely overlooked, she has a bright red shoulder-patch. Birdsville / Petsville – Bird & Small Animal Specialists. In general, the Mulga is the more western bird, while the Red-rumped is found more to the east. It's a worth a little trouble to keep those gorgeous feathers gleaming. Psephotus varius Natural Distribution and Habitat . The Mulga uses a dry, scrubby grassland habitat. Diet for Mulga Parrot’s. With his yellow forehead, dab of a scarlet crown, yellow shoulder-patch, and orangey-red lower belly, this flashy bird is  the jewel of the aviary. In general, the Mulga is the more western bird, while the Red-rumped is found more to the east. Soaked, sprouted, or milkyseeding grasses should be offered regularly. Many Baby Parrots are available. Mulga Parrot. You want to interact with your pet every day to keep it socialized, so make it practical for the two of you to be together. More information coming soon.

Connecticut. You should provide richer food in the breeding season, perhaps eggfood, special bird breeder's mix, or even live food. I will special order that companion for you, raise and train it in my home. Pair of Mulga parrots also known as the many color parakeets available 2 years.Mulga Parrots are a pretty rare species here in the USA, and are great birds, alot of fun and easy to work with.- they get even more colorful as they age!) Americanlisted has classifieds in Waterbury, Connecticut for … They love to bathe, both in clean sand and in water, so provide them with the proper shallow “puddles” of sand and dirt to allow them to do so. Seed-Sprouted seed-Millet Sprays-Greens and vegetables-Fruits-Vitamin supplements-Grit-Medication. More information coming soon. Found in store, for more details call Birdsville 9667 2555. Hand Raised Blue Throated Conure Information, Hand Raised Major Mitchell Cockatoo Information, Hand Raise Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Information, Hand Raised Purple Crowned Lorikeet Information, Aristopet Worming Syrup Plus Praziquantel For Ornamental Birds, Passwell First Aid for Sick and Injured Birds, Tropican High Performance Granules for Parrots, Tropican Lifetime Formula Granules for Parrots, Tropican High Performance Biscuits for Parrots, Tropican High Performance Granules for Cockatiels, Tropican Lifetime Formula Granules for Cockatiels. When setting up the aviary, bear in mind that this sun-loving species doesn't tolerate being cold and damp. Housing: Male Mulga Parrot feeding on what looks like berries (photo courtesy of M. Eaton) [Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary, near Cunnamulla, QLD, June 2019] Male Mulga Parrots drinking water (photo courtesy of M. Eaton) [Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary, near Cunnamulla, QLD, September 2017] Lateral view of a male Mulga Parrot drinking from a leaking water tank Contact me on 203-683-8389

The adult male Mulga Parrot is a multi-coloured bird sometimes described as “green,” which utterly fails to capture the way this striking bird may look green in some lights and turquoise in others.

Waterbury, Like most Australian grass parakeets, the Mulga Parrot isn't terribly difficult to feed right, but the birds do tend to become obese if you don't watch out. It is easily distinguished from the equally colorful Red-rumped Parakeet, P. haematonotus, because the Mulga has a greenish rump, while the male Red-rumped has, as you might guess, a red rump. Although reportedly rather bold in the wild, they may have a tendency to be nervous and aggressive in captivity, except in a large flight, so they are rarely held as single pets. You should also supply a chopped salad heavy on seasonal fruits and vegetables, with plenty of chopped greens supplied.


These are parakeets. Price would be 60$ for 2 birds. Breeding birds should be kept in pairs, in a large aviary, probably large enough to walk into. Appearance: They are too nervous and flighty for small flights, and they are too territorial toward other birds or pets to share, so you should plan for a large aviary for each pair of Mulga Parrots. for sale, Pair of Mulga parrots also known as the many color parakeets available 2 years.M. However, if she keeps over-producing, her life is likely to be short, so consider such tactics as removing the nest box. 2 birds for sale Name: Sruthi Bairam - user reviews Posted: 12/30/2019 Phone: 2036838389 E-mail: Email this seller Location: Charlotte , North Carolina Hi , I have 2 birds for sale with cage . High fat seeds like sunflower should be restricted or not given at all if the birds are overweight. I... Mulga parrot (aka many colors parrot Mulga Parrot females sometimes lay over-sized clutches, straining their bodies. The Mulga uses a dry, scrubby grassland habitat. Found in store, for more details call Birdsville 9667 2555. You may want to ask your vet or breeder about whether to offer calcium or other supplements, but bear in mind that calcium may not easily be absorbed without access to either natural sunlight, full spectrum lighting, or vitamin D3. The Mulga Parrot is one of two closely related endemic Australian species of Psephotus grass parakeets. Join Our Community. You'd probably be the only one with these guys around! for sale Sex: Unknown At This Time YOUR NEXT BABY BIRD & PARROT ARE GETTING READY TO WEAN ONTO PARROT FOOD ~ RESERVE YOUR BABY TODAY !!! (No harsh chatter from this species, though none of the Psephotus parrots are known as "talking birds" so if you are looking for a "talker" these are not the sort of bird for you). Temperament: Friendly... SUN CONURE BABY ~ GETTING READY TO WEAN ONTO PARROT FOOD ~ RESERVE YOUR BABY TODAY !!!

In your area, Blue Crown Conures (aka The Paulie Bird) cost $750+ in pet shops. Create a account to save favorites, leave a review for your breeder or list your aviary. The Mulga Parrot is one of two closely related endemic Australian species of Psephotus grass parakeets. You can offer a high quality pellet, but if the birds will not eat it, you may have to instead prepare a high quality multi-grain or cockatiel “birdie” bread.

A list of Mulga Parakeet for sale. These birds would make a fine pet or breeding project. The Mulga Parrot is a spectacular endemic Australian grass parakeet that is a highly regarded aviary bird because of its beautiful plumage and its determination to breed.



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