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6. It's a scary truly Listener Tales edition this week, kids. We have threatened to share your listener tales of true crime and general spookiness for over a year now and we have finally done it. 2. The strange, tragic murder of Hallie Illingworth is fascinating for one big reason, and that reason is saponification.

Part 1 will cover Gacy's life up until his first 2 murders. After Christine and Lea’s troubled childhood, they went to work for the Lancelin family and grew very close with each other, we all know how that “us against the world” thing goes. It may remain just that: A mystery. Come on in, you got this far and we are in this together.

Luckily, he is dead than dead now, so we can tell you all about it. Trigger warning: There is a lot of mentions of sexual assault and one mention of sexual assault against a child. In this crescendo, we will take you through his final murders, his 10 year downtime and his eventually resurfacing and capture.

Come on in! The questions keep piling up while the answer pile stays thin. Rejoice with us and also get super bummed out because it has been 25 years since the world lost a certain musical icon. Did Kurt die by his own hand that day in his Seattle greenhouse, or was someone else behind the shotgun?This case is a real mystery....or is it? I feel like he's so gross, you should hydrate. It is one of those cases that provides more questions than it does answers. Contains spoilers. When she was found with 98% of her body covered in burns, the mystery of her murder began. If you can’t attend the newly scheduled date for your show, contact the venue or the ticket seller. This pig took the lives of 33 young, teenage boys and he did it in some of the most disturbing ways imaginable. While her parents helplessly looked on, she slipped further and further into his grasp until finally, he snuffed her out in one of the most gruesome murders to date. but unfortunately, the answer has yet to be found. Alaina is an autopsy technician with a passion for science, true crime and all things creepy.

In Part 1 we will talk about the disappearances of Annie McCarrick, Jojo Dollard and Fiona Pender. You may know this name from a larger scandal but Crystal Mangum went down a dark path that ended in jail time. Tonight is a tough one, guys and ghouls. We wanted to release the first episode of Scream!

In 1933 The Papin sisters brutally murdered two members of the family that they worked for, for seven years. In the Summer of 2014, Derek and Maria Broaddus found themselves faced with this very dilemma and the details were a real, living nightmare.Follow us on Instagram: our website: www.morbidpodcast.comCheck out our Patreon:


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