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Once he told me to quit asking him questions and ordered me out of the room and to leave him alone. Despite generous attempts by seniors to help him straighten out and come clean, Rinder eventually deserted his church, his wife of over thirty years and his two children and skulked off. He did that to me once when I was driving somewhere and he wanted a lift. Some people never change and Mike Rinder is one of those. I was driving my bike and Mike Rinder had driven past me and he actually knocked me off my bike. When I did see Mike Rinder, my father, he treated me like he did everyone else, with disdain. Now available. The flesh wounds got infected and other ramifications happened. He picked up Taryn and started to shake her hard, yelling at her to shut up. Mike used to call me “chubby” to my face, or comment about me being chubby. I had been Mike Rinder’s Secretary for several months when I witnessed Mike, yelling at a junior and bullying him. Mike would drive like a maniac with our kids in the car.

I want her pain to end.

I was outraged to see Mike Rinder given a forum on a TV show, however small its audience might be. Cult survivor. Mike Rinder barely spoke to me when I was pregnant with our daughter. You belittled and harassed my brother and me both physically and emotionally, while abusing our mother.

I'm writing this from firsthand knowledge, having worked with him for a long period. And I will support her for sure, for as long as it takes. Mike rarely smiled or laughed, unless it was at the expense of others with sarcastic, cutting remarks meant to degrade them. Mike: As your daughter I naturally would rather not be writing this. This was a constant thing, like one time I took the kids shopping with Mike. Writer. When Mike Rinder wants something, he’s as sweet as can be, smiling, sucking up and fluttering his eyelashes like a Southern belle. When I was supporting Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, I had camaraderie with many people from the television show Scientology and the Aftermath. © 2020 Church of Scientology International. Mike Rinder accused me of “doting” on our son. Once, Mike went after one of my friends and tied her up to a rail as a “joke.” I was shocked. That’s Mike Rinder. I may have been blind to it when it was all happening, but I, of anyone…. I kept asking him about this.

I lived in Victoria, Australia, in the 1960s, during the time that openly practicing Scientology was prohibited by a repressive law. I really didn’t understand why my dad wouldn’t come see me. After surgery I underwent extensive treatment in San Diego and Mexico, both medical and alternative medicine, living in San Diego full time. I went to get our daughter from the nursery one night and I was told Mike took her. Mike knew our son got car sick and didn’t care. Mike “explained” to our son that my behavior of caring for him and wanting to spend time with him was not normal and that he should not let me “dote” on him (meaning show him love and affection) or else our son would turn out like me and be a pussy. He was a liar when I knew him, and is still a liar. Benjamin from early on knew that Mike didn’t give a sh_t about him or actually care or show any affection. Mike Rinder had a terrible time dealing with women in a professional setting. I remember him seeing one of my friends and insensitively saying, “She’s pretty.” I can’t think of one time he complimented my looks or said something nice like that about me. Mike Rinder was the most uncaring and nasty person I ever encountered. Like countless abused women, I stayed way too long with my now ex-husband. Later Mike Rinder and I shared an office so I spent many years knowing him. One time we were driving down a dimly lit two-way, single lane country highway coming back from the movies when Mike decided to play “chicken” with another car. We went to reconcile this as a family. While at boarding school different parents would come each week and see their children. I worked with or around Mike for many years. She’s damaged for life. Mike Rinder Blog, Video, Photos, Biography, Pics, Links | Mike Rinder is a former executive of the Church of Scientology who was removed from his position for incompetence and gross malfeasance. Mike was “rushing” to get down a hill and driving too fast. Thank you very much and I really appreciate you being there. I really didn’t. One night our infant daughter Taryn cried in the middle of the night and I didn’t get up fast enough. He eventually was removed for it. He gave me the distinct feeling I had done something wrong, was a bad person, and that he did not love me. I felt traumatized by the consistent obvious absence of my father. After that happened, of course, she needed medical attention.

While working for him in a secretarial capacity he was routinely abusive to myself and others either just straight out verbally as well as physically threatening and abusive regardless of whether you were a woman or man. Whistleblower. He starting driving into the oncoming lane to “beat” the other car. In this age of alternative news, fake news and covfefe tweets, one might get the idea that truth-bending is something new. In relation to Mike Rinder, I can say one thing: I’ve been working for the Church of Scientology for 24 years and in those 24 years I’ve worked in a lot of places. Benjamin didn’t want the clothes Mike picked for him. He never missed an opportunity to make other people feel small and useless, and he did this with great skill. Eventually, Mike had his assistant drive me back. Nearly a decade ago, the Church expelled him for gross malfeasance and has had nothing to do with him since. He just didn’t seem to care about other people. Mike Rinder, my father, was in a rage when he grabbed her and put his body weight and pressure onto her body. On returning, I had one bag of Mike’s that I hadn’t had time to put away for him before getting back to work and it was still in my apartment. I have known Mike Rinder since he was a teenager and we were both young. Bio Media Advocacy Recognition Blog Open Menu Close Menu. The majority of the damage was to her right arm. Ben, our son, spent some time with her and was overjoyed. This daily treatment was exhausting and heavy. My son told me years ago that he was unable to handle the fact that Mike berated the way he looked. I saw it happening. His manner was very unpleasant because he was arrogant and routinely talked down to others. In fact, it was 35 years. Our conversations were really awkward and had no warmth. It is hard to think about it today, years later, because that picture doesn’t go out of your mind—watching my father, Mike Rinder, assaulting my mother. Legal Consultant. To balance the sadness of it, I will try to find some humor in his pathetic behavior. All Rights Reserved. And the paramedic report cited it as “Unarmed assault. Proudly created and updated by Taryn Teutsch, #4 - 10 THINGS

He treated me as his lackey. His associates came to visit and talk to me but not Mike. Mike Rinder Blog, Video, Photos, Biography, Pics, Links | Mike Rinder is a former executive of the Church of Scientology who was removed from his position for incompetence and gross malfeasance.


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