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They tell us to stay home while her Minister of Health drives out in his car with his mountain bike. And like any addict, when he can’t get his regular fix he will lash out at who he thinks is responsible. Well he certainly was an expert on only idiots crash their vehicles. Wrong! The year has only just begun and already there have been big changes for Woman's Day columnist Kate Hawkesby and her husband Mike Hosking. She simply does not follow through. I would wager my feet and hands he is authentic. He is nothing short of just an abysmal excuse of a publicity seeking nutter who really should have been shown the door by the mainstream NZ media years ago but because of his ‘links’ with the NZ National Party was allowed to stay and quite honestly become a bad smell upon the media society. Hosking's early career was in radio, working on the Radio New Zealand nationwide network in the early 1990s hosting The Tonight Show nationwide, with a music and talkback format. "I don't want to bore you with this, but I had so many things going on that we had to tackle each problem individually with the antibiotics." A country of love, commitment and compassion is quicksand to the likes of Hosking and his ilk. How ironic that they wake from their slumber just in time to crucify Ardern every step of the way when she became PM. The BSA found that the potential harm caused by this broadcast, in leaving viewers misinformed about their ability to vote for the Māori Party, outweighed the broadcaster's right to freedom of expression. Your comment doesn’t really make a lot of sense. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the BSA also upheld a complaint that Hosking's comments about death rates for Coronavirus breached the Radio Code of Broadcasting Practice.

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National never cease electioneering. Jim catches the virus in Spain, returns home, passes it to Alice. Can I add – he is like a manx cat maniacally chasing laser dots on the carpet because he hasn’t got his own tail to chase. Back then I thought to myself “This guy is truly insane. Their models aren’t working out!”. [4], In 2012, Hosking married fellow broadcaster Kate Hawkesby. I don’t find him so but my take has no more weight than yours.

lets look at the stats, [4] In 2003, they were involved in a court case against women's magazine New Idea, involving photos taken by tabloid journalist Jonathan Marshall[6] in December 2002 of Marie and her two daughters. A very keen National Party supporter who has utter contempt for Ardern and all she stands for. But he is ironically doing exactly what you do pal. The ones doing it hard were the enemy and best treated with the contempt they deserved. Today even Nationals “shining slick boy Paul Goldsmith” ( in his hope to the next finance Minister) is using a ‘full political front attack’ against Jacinda now.

I’m suspect of any state owned media, as that organisation is then reliant on the whims of the current govt so critical investigation or opinion is unreliable at best. MEDIA WATCH – Mike Hosking hates Jacinda so much, he’s actually siding... NewsHub Leaders Debate: Patrick Gower won and Judith Collins lost! Oh so well said for all of us kiwis. While Jacinda is all talk about handling Coronavirus she is quick to push through the anti abortion law which kills 14,000 last year. If we look at the US as an example, for every 1% increase in unemployment results in 40,000 people dying (this study has been replicated with the same result in the UK, NZ, Australia, Canada among others). If brain eating Aliens invaded Earth, Mike would be the first to welcome our new flesh devouring overlords and offer his services to help enslave the remaining herds of humanity.

Complaints referred to racism implicit in Hosking's remarks. Soper was at the head of the line waving his pitchfork around with the sexual abuse cover up witch hunt. "I think back to my sick bed, I think of the doctor coming in and giving me the wrong pills, being stuck on the other side of the world," he said.

I have heard that NZME is in a heap of financial trouble at the moment. Hosking first joined TVNZ in 1997, when it began its Breakfast show. [10], In 2013, he was the master of ceremonies at Prime Minister John Key's state of the nation speech, which he also endorsed. Mike Hosking is a reflection of what is wrong with the mainstream NZ media. Names not a good look here either…..B-r-u-c-e. googletag.pubads().definePassback('/9201682/TDB_Extra_Ad_1', [[300, 600], [300, 250]]).display(); Launched on Friday 1 March, 2013, the ‘TheDailyBlog.co.nz’ unites New Zealand’s leading left/centre-left commentators and progressive opinion shapers to provide the other side of the story on today’s news, media and political agendas.

He is a supporter of the centre-right National party and is often openly critical of the Labour-led government. I remember when I worked with him , he maintained as his mantra, with his now usual level of inordinate pride, the intended-to-be sardonic saying of Gordon Gecko in the original ” Wall St ” movie – namely , that ” Greed Is Good” . How will he afford the gas for the Maserati? The talk show host returned to his post at Newstalk ZB this morning and spoke in depth about his "mystery illness" - which still remains a mystery. Just introduced a teenager to offset Greta Thunberg. Input identical to yours is occasionally regurgitated on blogs and always from the same group. Can’t stand the arrogant prick. Mike Hosking is back at work after being struck down by a mystery illness. Quick Read . Sums MH up perfectly. Hey Bomber And all you other JA groupies Can you give an opinion as to when Mike offers balanced opinion to his right wing mantra? https://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2020/04/health_minister_goes_for_a_drive_and_a_mountain_bike.html. Care to try again?

Still the best moment on TV was watching Hoskings live announcing the formation of the Labour NZ First Green government.Not so much a man swallowing a dead rat but more a man forced to carefully chew the dead rat before he swallowed it. I sincerely believe that in general terms, our media contain a disproportionate number of vile individuals with an agenda to misrepresent, ridicule and undermine Ardern. Mike is suffering withdrawal symptoms because the ideological hatred, cynicism and paranoia that he depends on for his radio circus act are in shorter supply at the moment. The worst-case models spouted by the media had little real scientific support, and the real-world numbers are showing them for what they are. his face said it all the horror the shock did you notice he left tv soon after mike the morons bubble world blew up that night. There is a long list known to most of us who fall into the above category. Michael Noel James Hosking IV is a New Zealand television and radio broadcaster who has worked for Radio New Zealand and TVNZ and from 2008 has been the weekday breakfast host on Newstalk ZB with "The Mike Hosking Breakfast". There is a very real possibility that they genuinely just don’t understand sympathy and empathy.

It really bugs him that party politics has largely been set aside for the time being. [18], On 23 August 2017, a month before New Zealand's general Parliamentary election, Hosking asserted that only those enrolled in a Māori electorate were able to vote for the Māori Party.

[4][5] They parted in August 2002. New Zealand, which began in September 2008 on TV ONE.

As soon as it was, Ashley Bloomfield dutifully told us this modelling was why we are doing what we are doing. Got a lot to say, but nothing productive or of relevance is said. If the NZ Herald had any guts, which I doubt they do when all things considered, Mike Hosking and his bimbo wife would be way out of a job by now. @Mike the Lefty – Excellent. Lets remember that it was Mike Hosking who had a go at a female who accidentally hit his car in Parnell(or was it Newmarket)some years ago. These ‘lock downs’ are a global trend ..

The BSA found Hosking's comment could have misled voters. Mike Hosking recovered from mystery illness. And of course the best place for him was on the back of the Auckland buses. The same models that didn’t take into account any mitigation measures, natural immunity, or the actual numbers from real-world experience over seas. These are the positions the morning talkback host has taken, in chronological order. These are the positions the morning talkback host has taken, in chronological order. And National don’t have much of anything right now. ... Email; Mike Hosking is back at work after being struck down by a mystery illness. In 2016 Andrew Judd, the Mayor of New Plymouth, was unsuccessful with his complaint that Hosking's comments related to a local issue were racist, but in 2017, a complaint by the Māori Party alleging he made misleading comments about who was eligible to enrol in Māori electorates was successful. Listened to him on Talk ZB canalling away the cries of those affected by the benefit cuts of 1991. Heather Du Plessis Alann and Duncan Garner. Former TVNZ Staff member, Liz Gunn, destroys Mike Hosking in her Facebook post calling on TVNZ to sack him…. I believe it’s termed ‘making the best of what you’ve got’. A little like his 10 bridges promise. If you can’t contribute but want to help, please always feel free to share our blogs on social media.


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