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No one would really think to look through the small grill on the door unless they needed to. Arthur huffed a laugh. Merlin smiled, and then chuckled at a memory.

Arthur almost felt bad for reminding his servant of the pain that would come but it seemed to have done the trick, for Merlin seemed instantly, if only slightly, more lucid at the reminder. The collar snapped open, falling away to expose the length of Merlin's neck. They stole his stuff, began insulting the boy and his family in the vilest way. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. "Such arrogance, Young Prince,' she murmured. A soft groan made them all freeze, and Arthur leapt to his feet as Merlin's eyelids started to flutter. Arthur shouted as the kicking of Merlin's heels started to lose strength. ( Log Out /  Your review has been posted. "Tell me why," he heard himself say. He clattered about at his workstation whilst Arthur studied the sharp angles of his manservants face. "Do you want to tell me what I want to kn…ow!". She was of average height, with mousey brown hair tied back in a practical braid. Despite himself, a wry smile tilted his lips at the thought of Merlin trying to save them all. Merlin felt his power rush and the branches burst into flames. "But Merlin managed to cast some magic," Gwaine said, frowning. Needless to say he was a bit incapacitated.

she moaned, her expression of shock outdone by the look of sheer torture Merlin was sporting. Merlin!

", Arthur wanted to vomit when he saw Merlin's fingers claw at his face, the nails leaving bloody grooves down his cheeks. Yet you squander it! Arthur blanched when he saw the previously unblemished skin cracked and red where the metal had touched. So fucking—it took two weeks, more alcohol than I care to recall, and a painful talking to from Gwen that I’d pay to never have to sit through again but I finally figured it out.”.

I knew that punching him back would only hurt me more than him and that running would only help me and not the boy on the ground. He had not noticed his manservants absence at all. Because of that, they had Merlin as well. Merlin frowned gently at him, obviously trying to piece together what had happened, his expression falling into one of horror as he gradually remembered that Arthur now knew his secret. Big Time Rush 2. All he could do was watch helplessly as they held Merlin down on the table, wrapping the damp cloth over his mouth and pouring the water him. Walking into those tents meant almost certain death; he wasn't just a sorcerer, he was a sorcerer from an enemy kingdom in the middle of a war.

He cannot!" Arthur watched his friend's face as he spoke.

"Well, we didn't have much. “You want me there? “You didn’t have to run halfway across the world to get me to realise my feelings.”, Merlin shakes his head and grabs Arthur’s hand as the prince stands up to leave the table. His eyes were drooping; exhaustion pulling at him so heavily that he was hardly aware of anything. She knelt down next to Merlin, reaching out a steady hand to smooth the hair away from his forehead.

"I did not act alone in this, and I knew from the start that the price for failure would be, at best, death."

But having listened to her reasons, he felt in some way responsible, and so he could not find it within himself to deny her a decent burial.

But now, now, Draman had him begging. The sound of scuffling drew Arthur's attention and he saw Gwaine and Lancelot thrashing against their bonds. They stand as usual and, if anyone asks, it is said that Arthur is exactly where he should be. All you need know, is that it places the collared at the complete mercy of the one holding the chain. Before Arthur could respond, torches flared to life on the walls, creating a halo of light that enabled him to see his men as more than shadowy lumps, and to behold the woman that had captured them. "Well?"

His response was almost automatic as he let go of the collar to reach out to Merlin, then Arthur fell forwards into a rather undignified heap on the floor. He looked from one side to the other and then took a deep breath before diving down into the water. "I have waited and waited, but you continue to waste your powers playing servant to a man who would see you dead if he only knew the truth.".

"No!". The others were already there, clean and fresh smelling thankfully, and were arranged around the cot holding Merlin on various stools and chairs.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially on characterisation. I would have thought that beyond your level of understanding.". That was probably the hardest part. What was it like growing up there?". They all waited with baited breath, and Arthur could not help but notice how Gaius drew his stooped shoulders straight and raised his head proudly when he answered.

Cursing under his breath, he shifted within his iron strong bonds, glad for the presence of chainmail between his skin and the magic. We only need to hold out 'til then.". Respect and Protect by FeedtheFlames If there's a good response from people wanting to see the second part, I'll happily write it, but I think this is good to stand alone if not.

Then Arthur followed along, close behind continually pushing Merlin on as they crawled on their hands and knees down the tunnel. "Well?" Thirdly.” He pauses, shakes his head and drops his hand, his fingers trailing over Merlin’s jaw before he releases Merlin completely and Merlin has to bite the inside of his cheek because that’s completely unfair. Please. All he knew was there had been an ambush and he had been knocked out. No names, no faces, only the stories that have not yet been told. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

If Merlin ever woke up, that is. "No time for a nap Merlin! She took a deep breath and dropped down beside him. In Deep and Out of Control by FLB72 — Perfect by Shinybug Has anybody seen him?" He was terrified for the man who had always stuck by him. he demanded, looking expectantly at Gaius.

"Thank you for your honesty," he said, meaning it truthfully "Any last requests?

"No!" "Then you leave me no choice."

he snarled, trying to ignore the accusatory voice in the back of his head that was denouncing him for ten different kinds of fool.

"Who are you? With barely restrained anger, Arthur finally asks what he should have done days and hours ago.

Playing fool to a Prince who could not care less if you lived or died for him! Arthur roared.

"Yes, you good-for-nothing waste of space, I know your rather magical secret." Had she mistaken Merlin for this mysterious 'Emrys'? And what I represent.". ", There was a brief babble of voices before somebody - he thought it was Leon - gave a sharp 'Sh!" Merlin stood trembling in a line of trees overlooking the encampment of the Camelot army and tried to be brave. That Destiny is his, and his alone."

They didn't really know what to do without Sampson ordering them around and he wasn't getting up anytime soon. At first nothing happened, and Arthur started to worry that it was ineffectual. Eventually Merlin raised his head high enough to face the issue, although he didn't turn his head in Arthur's direction. "We were after that day. "Just get on with it.". “I don’t even know your name,” Merlin blurts, wildly, searching for anything to say. As the four bulky men gathered around Merlin Arthur couldn't see him clearly.

"Please don't do that again Arthur." Before Selena could grasp what was happening, Arthur was behind her, his knife digging into her neck. Now he was struggling, begging for them to stop, telling them to leave his servant alone.

It made Arthur give a brief smile, if Merlin could insult then he was more or less fine.

He braced himself but nothing prepared him for the shock of cold water rushing over him. "I know it must be making you feel rotten, but I had to suppress your abilities. The leader would be the most likely one carrying it. Merlin’s Loyalty by FeedtheFlames "Just so you know, you can shout his name as loudly as you like, but he won't be able to see or hear you. Then they got bored of that too.

She paused for a moment, a tear slowly traversing the existing path down her cheek left by it's brethren. please."

Trained to act quickly, and to take advantage of any opportunity to present itself, Arthur wasted no time. "Not this way. Comments: Unfortunately, it appears that both story and author have disappeared.

"I know you are. Arthur also knew if he told that man anything, Merlin would never forgive him. It froze his muscles, for a moment he could do nothing but lay in the water, it clamped around his tired body, and every movement seemed like an effort. “You were in my English class this morning,” the boy tells him, coming across the bathroom to lean against the row of sinks now, head tilted, curious. "Idiot," he added, as an afterthought. Merlin slumped against the wall, and felt Arthur's shoulder bump against his as he did the same. “First of all,” Arthur says in a soft voice that dozens of lives has trained Merlin to pay absolute attention to. Angst. "Merlin, I know-" but Arthur was cut off as the door to the dungeon flew open unexpectedly.

She froze in his arms, and he could feel the panicked beating of her pulse against the skin of his thumb where it was pressed to her neck. "I know it is worth little, but... please tell him. Arthur didn't know if it had anything to do with Destiny or Fate. "What do we do with this one?" Merlin even thought he should hold his breath. A Price to Pay by TheLittleOwlChild "Prat.". At the far end of the cave, Selena was standing over a body sprawled out on the ground. "Everybody calm down!"

So I stalked over to Sampson and knelt down next to him, looked him in the eyes and told him something that he never forgot." "Come on, we need to get out of sight, and get some wood for a fire before we freeze to death.". Or, at least, he hoped that that was the case. "If your aim was to kill the Prince of Camelot, then you would have done so already."

Well, whether I think you lying or not, I do have to give you credit for your use of substantial vocabulary in our current conversation," Arthur retorted.

Merlin snapped his head up but yelped as the movement caused the spikes on the back of the collar to dig painfully into his neck. Eventually, panting heavily, Merlin rested against the wall, as far from Selena as he'd been able to get in the confined space. As she got closer, Merlin - whose screams had tapered off into tortured moaning - thrashed violently against the floor, a rasping howl of anguish tearing out of his throat, complete with blood flecked foam.


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