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Three opened the door, flipped the light on, and they all carefully walked down and down the metal steps.

On a rack hung seven sets of clothes - uniforms that looked like they could be used for basketball, with a t-shirt that had on the front “The Sevens.” On the back was the number that matched the name of each of the Seven kids. Two said, “It’s the kitchen. It’s got to be here.” They all took their assignments, excited at the search. | A little bit, anyway.”, Four said, “You’re a little big.” Everyone stared at Four, not believing she said that. “Bring Four with you,” mom called up at One. Four jogged casually, not seeming to worry about the competition. Daniel Sidi • Anthony Sieben • Maja Anna Sienkiewicz • Rohan Shridhar Silimkar • Luis Silva • Anand Prakash Singh • Saravmit Singh  Company Credits One, Two, Three, and Four stood on the side, and Two said, “Well, who won?” Then she looked down at One and said quietly, “I bet it was me.”. One, Two, Three, Four, and Five ran up the stairs. Then she threw it up, and this time she connected, sending it sailing over the net and into the right square on the other side. Not so hard! Dad said, “Point to the boys. She lowered her head and filled something out on her clipboard. In this case, Three held a Christmas card in his hands, and on the front of the card was a logo with a round circle and a star in the middle. “Read it!”. And there was Five, holding his truck as he did one perfect somersault after another, rolling over and over. That’s not true. “I can’t help it,” One responded. He looked as puzzled as the others. Whenever Five saw an object - a toy, a ball, silverware, pillows - pretty much anything, he saw it in his mind as a truck and wanted to play with it. Three looked up at Two and smiled. Two smiled and said, “Sorry.” Then she looked at her younger sister and said, “Sorry, small fr…I mean, sorry Four.”, Four said, “It’s okay. She looked back at One and said, “We agree.”. Five fell down, then he hopped up and began to jump and spin. We know you’re not happy, after the restaurant closed. Aiden Wilk • Michael Wilman • Louis-Gilbert Wilson • Derek Wolfe • Hongsong Wu • Teri Wing Lam Yam • Sasson Yaron  Kumar Rohan • Bandela Ronald • Sourav Roy • Tanusree Roy • Vania Ruano • Marcel Ruegenberg • Giulia Rustichini  Mom said, “Five, we’re going to play doubles, two against two, so I’m going to ask you to sit out for this game, okay?

No matter what they opened or where they looked, they didn’t find anything. They kept searching, looking at lights under cabinets, the light inside the oven, even the lights inside the microwave and refrigerator. She spun and spun, over and over again, her head and body a blur.

Then Two crossed the finish line, coming in first. She gasped for air, and her lungs filled. The tree started to fall over. She’s slow.”. “How will we ever know where we came from if you don’t take us there?”, Dad said, “Someday, Two.

Three spotted a light switch inside the room along the wall. It says, ‘For your next clue, you must go where you can listen to the quiet of the night. I’m more than happy. production auditing services: Rosenfeld Kant & Co. assistant production coordinator: Toronto Unit, first assistant accountant: Toronto Unit (as Josefina Perez), head of legal affairs: Blumhouse Productions (as Caroline Raufi), trainee assistant accountant: Toronto Unit, chief financial officer: Blumhouse Productions, security management (uncredited) / traffic management (uncredited) / unit manager: second unit (uncredited), vp credits: Universal Pictures (uncredited), stand-in/body double: Michael Dorman (uncredited), tax credit administrator: Scythia Films (uncredited), picture double: Elisabeth Moss (uncredited), special thanks: UTS Tech Lab (as Dr. Ben Halkon), the director wishes to thank (as Stacey Title).


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