marlin 336 vs 1894 44 mag
Thanks, $700 give or take. The Model 94 Traditional models are available chambered for the .30-30 rifle cartridge and the .44 Rem. By law and international convention, for a firearm to be sold in the US, it must meet the pressure limits established by SAAMI. I figured any modern rifle has to meet SAAMI specs.

I have owned both pre and post 1964 Model 94's, and I can testify that none of the 1964 manufacturing shortcuts affected the rifle's function or accuracy.

12 gauge doubles are still pretty heavy, but if 410 kicks a lot, that might be worse. It was very floppy, had quite a bit of creep, and the re was a rough hitch before breaking at 6lbs. The 336C is currently produced in .30-30 and .35 Remington. :). The 336 Cowboy is chambered for the .30-30 Winchester and .38-55 Winchester cartridges.

Long range capabilities. It will reach out and "touch" an antelope!

Didn't keep'em long.

How can I tell if it had a safety, and someone had it removed..? All of this adds up to an impression of solidity and quality that inspires confidence. When the bolt is all the way to the rear, bits of debris (snow, twigs, and the like) could theoretically drop into the action.

An (originally) unintended benefit of this design is that it makes scope mounting a snap.

Part of the fun is beating the pards that crap on my Henry Big Boy!!!

I’ve taken numerous deer and hogs with it, and have never lost one.

As near as I can tell from a distance, the internals are similar to each other, i.e. Back when I was testing out their new extractor claw, Ranger Point Precision was also nice enough to send me one of their front and rear sight assemblies to try out. I started this topic because of the very highly quality of our Henry Frontier. The aiming line and medium aperture of the RPP rear sight, The two parts of the front sight aiming triangle. There is no separate screw to keep the adjustment in place, and that could be a good future improvement to make.

Then with the Marlin, there were a couple TOP NOTCH smiths who could also set them up for, And then there was also the Widder mods that put a good exorcisim (sp) on some of the Gremlins.

they do make one with a side gate now. Everybody had to laugh. But both rifles are best known as deer and black bear rifles chambered for the ubiquitous .30-30 Winchester cartridge, in which role they are unsurpassed. Serving Him,

The checkered version is the Traditional-CW, which sells for about $40 more than the uncheckered version and about $40 less than the Marlin 336C. The Henry will not shoot fast, but it is a fun gun. The sights were super simple to adjust, and stayed put once set. The trigger can be had in either blued or stainless, depending on the look one is going for.

The trigger on my early-00’s Marlin was just adequate. Use BP or sub and cut short to fit can be very comfortable for children and ladies. I’m no expert on either rifle, but lack of a loading gate would be a major pain in the @ss to me! I liked the Stoeger, but got completely burned with a new one. Never had a Marlin '94/.44, though I've wanted one. were wizards with the 92, 94 Marlin, 66 and 73's.

shots more reasonable, but at 100 yds. Some few companies do make some .44 mag ammo that is in excess of SAAMI limits, and they label it as such. So that red herring won't hunt. elevated it way above the Henry BB without spending a lot of extra funds.

It would average about 1.5 minute of angle (MOA) groups at 100 yards if I did my part, and occasionally shoot a 1 MOA group. These did not affect function, but cheapened the look of the rifle and were not well received by the buying public. There are a few Marlins, no jams ever seen, nor complaints heard.

The lever is also placed well toward the rear of the receiver.

I have a Stoeger 20  that I use for a loaner to newbies. Some use actions that have been modified for use with revolver cartridges, and others are inferior economy models. Elevation adjustments are made via a hex screw that puts tension on the top of the barrel and moves the main body of the rear sight assembly up and down. West (Wes) Fargo slicked my Rugers. I've seen them priced anywhere from $700 to a grand.

While they are ok, mine started to hang up in the tube and the edges on the back of the hollow follower started to degrade somewhat over time. The lever action Marlin 336 and Winchester 94 are the two best selling sporting rifles in history, with millions upon millions sold in over a century of production. I already had a Vaquero, so I bought the rest of the Vaqueros, Single Six and Henry Frontier for trainers, the Marlin and the Stoeger, waited forever, then the Stoeger died. Copyright 2019 Malfunctions are almost unheard of. We have given you a variety of answers including stuff you did not ask. Perhaps it is just marketing, but I get the impression Henry is trying hard to produce quality guns.


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