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I have since done that. https://www.instag... Today we're celebrating #WomensEqualityDay and the accomplishments of all the wo... Today is #NationalDogDay!

Phone Hours: M, T, W, TH, F The wife of a fisherman in Whittier, Alaska, paid twice the standard fee of $26 after her husband received an email that stated his permit could be renewed with a fee. IF YOUR USCG (CERTIFICATE OF DOCUMENTATION) IS PAST 30 DAYS BEYOND ITS EXPIRATION, IF, AND ONLY IF, YOUR USCG (CERTIFICATE OF DOCUMENTATION) HAS PASSED 30 DAYS OF EXPIRATION, YOU MUST REINSTATE YOUR DOCUMENTATION. Your documents will be processed and screened for any omissions or errors by our private company's documentation processors. This company presents itself as the USCG and it is NOT. Happy #NationalAviationDay!

The charge on her credit card statement coupled with unreturned calls from the third party provider tipped her off that the transaction was not legitimate.

The offer is misleading and deceptive. Billings, MT 59102-4771. Email this Business (800) 535-8570. Show us yo... #OTD in 2005: #HurricaneKatrina made landfall-- one of the largest Coast Guard r... U.S. Coast Guard Hawaii Pacific is live now! The website bore all the markers for an official domain except one: the non-official site ended in “.us” instead of “.mil.”

USCG/National Vessel Documentation Center While they may have never stated – I don’t remember – that they were The Coast Guard, they declared that they were the Documentation Center, and that they posed as if they represented the government. When I tried to cancel the transaction, unable to. USCGC JOSHUA APPLEBY is taking over our Instagram this week! They made claims about my documentation being in effect that only a representative of the government could state for certain. US Vessel Documentation is the World's largest US Coast Guard Documentation Processing company, and the first to offer an application process that's 100% “These are legitimate companies similar to the DMV [Department of Motor Vehicles] that have satellite offices open on the weekends and after hours. THIS APPLICATION IS FOR U.S. COAST GUARD DOCUMENTED VESSELS ONLY. Type of a scam Online Purchase Boaters using these websites can end up spending three times the standard fee, and Coast Guard boarding officers will not accept their vessel’s documentation as valid. I explained to them that I had received a renewal notice, and that I wanted to speak with somebody about correcting my record since I had paid for three years. For additional information, call us at … The truth is that vessel documentation can seem confusing and opaque even to people who have spent most, Have you tried to access a Coast Guard portal online only to find that it doesn’t work all that well? The process of getting the right documentation for your vessel may seem difficult or even confusing. Maritime Documentation represents themselves as the actual Coastguard website for Boat Documentation renewal. I sent Chase Visa a letter from the United States Coast Guard, confirming they do not represent the Coast Guard and my doccumentyation was never expired. They’ll give you your tags, but it’s going to cost you twice as much because you’re paying for their service,” said Russell Hazlett, commercial fishing vessel examiner for Coast Guard Sector Anchorage. I filled out the required information and paid the requested $450 thinking this was the cost of reinstating my documentation (I had never had to do this before) (USCG charges $83 for the same service). Established in 1983, proudly assisting vessel owners in documenting and registering their boats. IDPARedirect Commercial Vessel Compliance Office of Investigations & Casualty Analysis. The services they provide are legal, but the certificates issued are not deemed in compliance. Once you know that, we can help with the rest. When I pressed to send, it said my doccumentation had expired and there was a $400. I called them out on it within a few minutes of pusing the submit button, they wouldn't refund my money, they would speak about this issue. This company charges $75.00. 960 likes. That’s what a documented vessel number can do. They took my $225 for a three year renewal, and they did submit my renewal for 2018. It was when she entered “coast guard renewal scam” in an online search engine that she realized she was not alone. What a scam! All Times are Eastern Time (Standard or Daylight Savings, when applicable), Primary: (304) 271-2405 That’s not just you.

Capt Michael Healy, USRCS, 1896. IDPARedirect Commercial Vessel Compliance Office of Investigations & Casualty Analysis. You should therefore contact the National Vessel Documentation Center before relying on such information. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO COMPLETE THE CERTIFICATION BECAUSE ONE OR MORE OF THE ITEMS LISTED ON THE CERTIFICATE OF DOCUMENTATION HAS CHANGED, PLEASE CONTACT US AT INFO@MARITIMEDOCUMENTATION.US. Safety Alerts Marine Casualty Reports Merchant Vessels of the United States additional fee. Don’t miss the dual commissioning o... Join U.S. Coast Guard Hawaii Pacific for the dual commissioning of U.S. Coast Gu... See ya' later! Type of a scam Online Purchase I figured, it was the Coast Guard and the doccumentation was on my boat, they wre right?

I clicked to pay it! So, I thought it was the coast Guard. https://www.instag... Today we're celebrating #WomensEqualityDay and the accomplishments of all the wo... Today is #NationalDogDay! I would have to communicate with their billing via email. Our private company will submit your documentation to the proper authorities, and you're done! Maritime Documentation Center is a third party private agency that handles USCG Documentation processing to NVDC.

TO ENSURE THAT YOUR RENEWAL APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATE OF DOCUMENTATION IS PROCESSED IN A TIMELY MANNER WE ADVISE THAT YOU SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION 3 DAYS PRIOR TO ITS EXPIRATION DATE. “It looked like a Coast Guard site, but when you scrolled all the way to the bottom, the site claimed in the tiniest font they are not affiliated with the U.S. Coast Guard,” said the librarian. NO CREDIT BACK OR REVERSAL OF THE CHARGE! If you know any contact information for Maritime Documentation Center, help other victims by adding it! It will also be necessary to order an Abstract of Title to confirm the details shown here, obtain data about the most current owner, and identify any liens or mortgages.

Sure, if you anchor, you won’t drift too far away. They then asserted that they made no claim to be from the government. A librarian in Naknek, Alaska, filed for her husband after she received an official-looking letter marked “reinstatement courtesy notice” from a website offering documentation services.

Does it seem confusing as to whether or not you would want to document your boat? We make sure our fellow shipmates stay safe during drills and actu... #OTD 1994: The Coast Guard icebreaker Polar Sea and the Canadian Coast Guard Shi... Head to Coast Guard Alaska to follow along with Buoy Tender Roundup this week! Your yearly certificate will … Application Process for the National Maritime Center (NMC). This previously had been free, but recently there has been a service charge. Having problems with Maritime Documentation Center?

For the second year, I have received a misleading renewal notice from the organization listed above. USCGC JOSHUA APPLEBY is taking over our Instagram this week! THEY GOT ME TOO. (U.S. Coast Guard photo) International Maritime Organization Inspections & Compliance (CG-5PC) National Vessel Documentation Center Marine Safety Laboratories International & Domestic Port Assessment. Depending on your vessel and your circumstances, the Maritime Documentation Center makes it possible, Have you been struggling to find the information you can trust about foreign vessels?

The renewal notices appeared official.

As time keeps moving, so too might your documentation. This company sends you notices in the mail making you think your vessel registration is expired.


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