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Before being executed in the streets, Marielle Franco was executed on the Portuguese Wikipedia. yeah he says that all the time is that like huzzah or something , and asking the favela denizens to stand up against the army is unreasonable, ostensibly the army is there to take the gangs out, why would a narcotics dealing organization care about civil rights, “Tough guy, how many women have YOU protected thus? © 2020 Open Society Foundations, some rights reserved.

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She was elected. She had just left a meeting with Black activists (pictured above). The change that we wanted to see in our institutions was embodied by her. It’s seen as encompassing both the “a” and the “o”. We must connect our struggles in the U.S. to those in Brazil. Ecocity Builders Even looking at our reaction to Marielle’s execution – although we, especially the black women, could all have remained stuck and taken a step back from the struggle – we had the completely opposite reaction to that attempt to silence what Marielle represented,” Benicio says. The current line of investigation is that the purpose of murdering Marielle was causing furor and indignation, and deviate the attention to this murder:, That was the real target, someone deeply involved in funk music and drugs, rival of the people who hired the “Escritorio do Crime” (something like “Crime Inc.”). That led to a White backlash and a rightwing resurgence that toppled the government of Dilma Rousseff. There is a growing movement, however, to dismantle prejudice and create a future where all Brazilians are truly respected and able to flourish. Much happiness to you and your wife. “Brush up on your math grojo and quit making excuses as to why the remaining men of Maré failed to protect this woman! ( Log Out /  That is reassuring, that they took her death seriously. Like me, Marielle was just 38 years old. WhatsApp +55.21.991.976.444 on about your day, ask yourself: How likely is it that the story you just read would have been produced by a different news outlet if The Intercept hadn’t done it? And while you’re at it, go get a life, … loser! Marielle worked with Freixo between 2006 and 2016, when he ran as a candidate for mayor and she ran as a candidate for a councillor for the first time. Nothing was taken. Since Spanish is still a living language, it is still undergoing changes, including borrowed forms and terms from other languages such as English. …There was nothing more liberating in my life than to feel and recognize myself, neither as morena nor mulata: SOU NEGRA (I AM BLACK)! background: '#828282', [33], In March 2019, police arrested two suspects, former members of the military police allegedly tied to a vigilante militia, for the murder. In the United States, nearly 1,200 people were killed by police officers in 2017. In an interview last year Brazil’s minister for racial equality, Elio Ferreira de Araujo, attributed the change to growing pride among his country’s black and indigenous communities.

Four black women were elected to public office in Brazil after her death including three to the Rio State Assembly. Marielle’s work was essential for the Human Rights Commission. During Marielle’s first campaign for city council, we started doing roundtable conversations with children and teenagers in the most underserved public schools, with NGOs, and with grassroots activists because Marielle believed that Brazilians would not vote for a black woman from the favela. We wanted to take action so that we could set the record straight and continue building on Marielle’s work to empower a new generation of Marielles. According to the Rio de Janeiro police, the direction of the nine shots supports the hypothesis that Franco was assassinated. [3] Franco had been an outspoken critic of police brutality and extrajudicial killings,[5] as well as the February 2018 federal intervention by Brazilian president Michel Temer in the state of Rio de Janeiro which resulted in the deployment of the army in police operations. She vehemently challenged the impunity surrounding extrajudicial killings of Black youth by security forces and, two days before her killing, had denounced the police’s role in the killing of a young Black man named Matheus Melo. “We have spoken out, more and more. Speaking at a black women’s empowerment event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, councilwoman Marielle Franco evoked Audre Lorde, the black American lesbian writer, to a packed room.

— on the Cidade Partida (Divided City) program on Canal Brasil. Why did the usually testosterone laden men of Maré (Rio) noticeably shrink in the face of being treated as mere chumps as a whole by the police and transferred the responsibility to a single Black sista?

“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her chains are very different from my own,” Marielle Franco said to the mixed crowd of activists fighting to build a better life in the South American country.


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