manual keg filler
Head shape suits with the type of keg. O utput:15-20Kegs per hour SS304 Materials Control box with manual valves Caustic tank with 3KW Heating elements Sankey coupler with hose set up Sanitary centrifugal pump,220v,60hz,3phases,1.5hp PT100 with screen Detailed Images Customer references Packaging & Shipping. Unit E4, Halesfield 5 Manual coupler filling head with automatic beer stop when keg is full, no wasted beer.

be the first to write one. This manual keg filling head is designed for trouble-free hand filling of kegs. Can be made to specific requirements for different sized containers.

Shutoffs are included to allow quick turn off from the inlet source and attachment to the next keg.

- - STAINLESS STEEL MANUAL WASH/FILL HEAD WITH DUAL SHUTOFFS Specifically designed for manual keg washing / filling applications. All Keg Fillers have a Lead Time and are not kept In-Stock in the facility. Skip to the end of the images gallery Thanksgiving Holiday Closing on Nov. 26th & 27th, 2020.

Terms & Conditions - Buying from this website, 4 to 5 minutes per keg is a good steady filling speed to aim for with this filling head, Filling speed can be regulated by how much you open the vent valve, Automatic cut off when keg is full avoiding over-filling and spillage, Fit the filling head to the to the keg as per the instructions supplied, Close the vent valves and drain valves need to be closed and open the keg head valve & main inlet valves, To fill, open the vent valve slightly - filling speed can be regulated by how much/little this valve is opened, The keg will automatically stop filling when full, Detach the filling head from the keg as per the instructions supplied, 1½" AIS316 clamp entry with butterfly valve.

The mini keg filler is designed to be able to fill carbonated products, such as beer and cider into mini kegs. | Sign up to our Mailing list for news and updates.

The filling head has valves adapted to the slow filling of kegs under back pressure. Features: Enlarged inlet and outlet openings allowing fast liquid flow. Mini Keg Filler. Video Technical Support Manual Keg Manual Washing Machine Double Head Beer Keg Washer For B… In stock. Normal Use: Keg is inverted and wash solutions are injected under pressure through the beer outlet. We fill just as the guitarist describes, sometimes as many as eight kegs at once. 7) Sewage outlet: connect the outlet with φ20mm pipe and tightened it by φ18 ~ φ32 hose clamp. The wash solution and rinse water is then evacuated through the keg valve CO2 ports and finally out the CO2 port on the wash/fill head.

2. … Can be manufactured with different keg adapter types eg.

The package consists of: Please do not forget that the connection to your beer or wine tank is not included.

We are able to manufacture and supply two methods of manual keg filling to suit our high quality economy carbonators. Please note, this head is now supplied with a 1½" clamp at entry, not the 16mm entry pipe shown in the image. Lazada, Browse Alphabetically: A keg can be quickly emptied when the wash/fill head is connected to an upright keg. The important thing is to start out with the keg pressurize to, or slightly above, the head pressure of the fermenter.

Contact us for more details about receiving your own Keg Filler! For best results, we recommend charging the keg with CO2 before filling.


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