mac progress bar stuck at 100 catalina
A Safe boot will prevent your Mac launching unnecessary programs and login items at startup.

Copyright© 2020 iBoysoft. Or you can't enter the password at all because the Mac freezes at login screen and the mouse won't move.

Reset SMC when Mac Mini, Mac Pro and iMac stuck on loading screen. Another case is that the startup is not encrypted by FileVault or APFS feature.

In this post, you'll know how to fix if the iMac or MacBook is frozen on the login screen. It depends on if you have enabled FileVault to encrypt your startup drive. How easy is it to recognize that a creature is under the Dominate Monster spell? Terraforming Mars using a combination of aerogel and GM microbes? It could get stuck on a screen that you have never seen before, like a folder with question mark at startup. Providing recovery key if you have created on before. Normally, Mac would show an Apple logo at startup when it finds your local startup disk. Most of the time a force reboot might fix the problem, but it might be worse if the Mac computer won't boot after the latest macOS update.

Can enter internet recovery but also stuck after download from internet completed. Your Mac shows an Apple logo when it finds your local startup disk, which is a startup disk built into your Mac or directly connected to your Mac. Probably, the Mac won't past the Apple logo or login screen because of file system or disk errors.

Not sure how long this will last. Cannot enter recovery and cannot enter disk utility by cmd+r 2. After a normal reboot the iMac loaded until the bar reached 100%. The situation looks like this: macOS Catalina has completed the install, and after you restart your Mac it is stuck on login screen.

Before heading to erase the Mac hard drive, please make sure you have backed up your data. Hi All, My iMac (2011 mid ) high serria stuck in Apple loading bar in 100% progress. It would be helpful to recover lost data from the unbootable Mac.

It also does a basic check of your startup disk. So, to confirm it, you can boot the Mac into Safe Mode. Mac won't accept password or you can't enter password in sign in screen. When your Mac is stuck on loading screen, you cannot shut it down from the Apple menu. If you succeed in turning off FileVault, you can restart your Mac normally. It fixes 'Mac stuck on the login screen' issue after (or before) entering the right password.

But the MacBook Pro's login screen may not appear or gets stuck.

If you are not one of the situations above but see a folder with question mark on the Mac, you can simply reinstall the macOS to reset your Mac.

Fortunately, in macOS High Sierra or later, an APFS snapshot is saved before installing any macOS update.

Probably, you have tried out all the solutions above, but the Mac keeps getting stuck on login screen. As startup continues, you should see a progress bar or indicator , with or without the Apple logo.


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