lunar mansion calculator
You will be an optimistic and liberal person who is powerful, ambitious, adventurous and highly motivated, with a strong personality. You may feel trapped by circumstances at times and feel that the only way out is through spiritual salvation of some kind. The lodge of the Roof is neutral. The 28 lunar mansions follow the phases of the Moon and indicate, according to each day, the good actions to be accomplished as well as those that are best avoided.

Its position on the equator extends over 83°. There also exists another zodiac, the lunar one. Thursday, the Wood element and the planet Jupiter are symbolically attached to this house. The report contains the magical Moon mansion name, number and meaning. During this period, it’s recommended to all to take care of the elderly. This is a sweet nurturing and responsible person who is a true humanitarian and will always provide help and care to the needy and is likely to have a love of animals. Dividing 360 degrees of the Moon's path around the sky into 28 sections, we get 12.857 degrees, or 12 degrees, 51 minutes, and 26 seconds of arc, for the size of each Lunar Mansion.

There will be a need for the Danishtha person to develop the virtue of patience so that your basically generous nature can be used with their ability to see the bigger picture, as you join with others in causes for the greater good. Anuradha people also have the capacity to be great lovers in that you can be gentle and passionate and yet strong and brave as well. Since the solar zodiac is so well established, the position of the mansions in the sky is customarily expressed in signs and degrees of the solar zodiac. The Light Bringer  20 degrees 00’ Gemini – 03 degrees 20’ Cancer.

Find the answers to your question about Planetary Hours and Retrograde Planets. I left aside most of the magical instructions as they do not match the purposes of this particular compilation.

The lodge of Orion is neutral. The lodge of the Star Bird is neutral. You will be a person who will often frequent libraries and bookshops in order to feed your insatiable hunger for information and you may have some writing skills as well. The lodge of the Bended Bow is beneficial.

The Moon of friendship.

Mula. Try Different Quizzes People Are Talking About! Skilled Activities. A Chinese lunar mansion is a very effective astrology system based on the Chinese principles of astrology reading.

We know four lists of the lunar mansions in Pārsīg, Sogdian, Xvārazmian, and Persian. These micro-lessons were designed for busy professionals who have an interest Luck and wealth are there, as well as academic and professional achievements, provided that special attention is paid to the elderly. 20. On top of that people can use this calculator from the comfort of their homes. In the reference that has been made to them in the Hellenistic astrology, they make an appearance as lists of stars of Maximus of Tyre, Alchandri and Haly Abenragel. When the year and the month that searches are selected and "Calculate the 28 mansions of Chinese astronomy" button is clicked, Calculate the 28 mansions of Chinese astronomy is displayed for one month. The magic moon mansion system is very popular and an accurate method of divination. A highly sensitive person, you have a low tolerance for frustration and may find it difficult to control your emotions at times.

16. The closer the moon in the middle, the higher the moon … 16. Tuesday, the Fire element and the planet Mars are symbolically attached to this house. Shatabhisha. You will generally prefer to help or heal rather than pursue material goals nevertheless, you will generally be blessed in receiving what you need in terms of material wealth. However, your quick and changeable nature can mean that you have few firm views in life, which may lead to mental vacillation for you and being a little moody and suspicious at times.

Uttara Bhadrapada. The most important star of each cardinal direction takes the name of one of the four important totem animals of the Chinese zodiac. You will have the ability to research and acquire knowledge at a deep level. Shravana. There is also a caring and supportive side to you and a need to explore you’re natural talents in arts, crafts and metaphysics. Ashlesha. Generally you will love numbers and statistics and may take an interest in numerology. This is a very independent and restless sign that exudes lightness, flexibility and adaptability. Maha means great, so being born here will make you kingly, proud and conservative in general.

Your email address will not be published. It announces bad weather, flu, and burglaries, especially for couples who married that day. Knowing which Lunar Mansion your Moon is in at birth can give you vital information as to your personality, inner driving forces and purpose. Danishtha. Select your preferred date and time format. The lodge of the Well is neutral. The Moon of Splendour. This is a good time for students taking exams, as well as for agriculture. It indicates the hours and seasons, as well as the circumpolar stars (the constellation of the Ladle includes the polar star). The constellation of the lodge of the Beak of the Tortoise is used to protect vulnerable people, such as children, the elderly, disabled people, as well as domestic animals. Even though you enjoy your home, family and friends and are fun loving, you will very much enjoy the freedom of travel. It is likely that you will be a very sensitive person who may experience some setbacks in early life, but will become more successful in later life.


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