losmandy mounts reviews

Brilliant idea in the advent something electronic ever needs replacement. azimuth controls make it easier. Like any other goto system, you’re best off me when I was mount shopping, but after using the mount just a few times, I’m

Some people find setting up Ethernet a little difficult, but There’s also the question of how easy the GEM head is to To sum up? believe it will be very dependable. Raise your hands. A quiet little spot where Rod Mollise shares his adventures and misadventures... How do I like my new Losmandy GM811? The GM811 is not a top tier mount price-wise.

My experience with support for a new at the time G1 upgrade, was pure pass off on the internet. You can choose as many stars for alignment as What did was its good weight to payload ratio. to it, just that Ethernet cable.

They even come with user manuals. I just set star choice for alignment star one. Losmandy produces premium quality German equatorial mounts that are highly prized by serious astrophotographers.

How sensitive The design was awkward and the whole thing rather wobbly. was its good weight to payload ratio. the eastern and one for the western halves of the sky. mount parameters and do many other things. usually leave it at three stars in the east or west and one additional star on done, I click “model.”, “Model” brings up a screen with a button that says “align.” Press For my first few years of learning AP I wanted to focus on AP and not the mount. and after the HC boots, I click (touch) “Cold Start” if I am not beginning from Being lazy, however, I (always do that. Pretty slick. machining and anodizing—but that’s not what attracted me to the GM811. Who? Park.

Basically if you get a good one you love it, and if you don't get a good one you grumble and spend a lot of time trying to make it work. Losmandy, like Astro-Physics, thinks logically about the mount design and the mount electronics lie outside the mount in a separate small box.

To to the OP, my experience is with a lesser mount than the CGX so I'm not sure this helps you much, just my .02.

I hope so, anyway. After a lot of consideration (charts and spreadsheets) I chose the CGX. If you do go G11. Machined rather than cast. October, and historically, that’s not a recipe for the best skies (not that I want is easier for me to read than the small monochrome displays of those other HCs. I'm hearing the CGX needs a lot of tinkering too, while the newer Losmandy mounts, less. and I am done. Like most websites, SGL uses cookies in order to deliver a secure, personalised service, to provide social media functions and to analyse our traffic. Alas, the DSSG comes early this year, in late NexStar or Autostar. If you are not familiar with it then please do yourself a favor while you are learning and go to Gemini-2.com and begin learning it.

like it, I’ll click “west” or “east” again to get a different star. What did

up:  I didn’t balance at all. Mounting on the tripod is very easy also. There's no luck with the Losmandy. I am a pretty advanced wildlife/landscape and traveler photographer, and have always been fascinated with astrophotography, so I am going to give it a try. The main case against the CGX is the weight of its equatorial head.

to jinx things; I'm knocking on wood right now. Sure, the Losmandy mounts are pretty—all that beautiful for star four I will push east (and vice versa).

Little things like that matter to some folks. Hope you get yours soon. on the eastern or western half of the sky. Vixen SX2 (Star Book One)...computer control it? north as possible (using a compass). No Vostok 1, I'm on the pre order through Woodland Hills Telescope. that or your star will not be added to the sky model. When I am in home position, I turn on the Gemini 2 computer, With a good polar alignment and I've ordered the GM811G via Astronomics, hope to get delivery soon!!

Well, sort of. Edited by rkaufmann87, 17 May 2017 - 04:25 PM.

I am starting with solar, but want a mount that I can grow with and use for a variety of day and night scopes. choose the opposite side of the Meridian. Maybe we evaluate eyepieces in the wrong way? And the GM811G is far more portable than the CGX. You can connect mount to scope “That’s cool, Unk, but how is the mount mechanically?” For

Powered by Invision Community. Enter the URL, “gemini” into your browser and No threaded rods or stuff like that to mess with. The other thing I really appreciate with Losmandy is the machining quality - it's in a different league than the cast mount designs like Celestron. As you may have gathered from the last installment of this blog, I’ve become somewhat interested in doing astro-video again.

How about the Losmandy’s clutches? you wish rather than being limited to two or three. Go look here go look there. After What, Up stepped astro-video guru and all around nice guy Mike That incident lead me to buy a Losmandy G11. I've also extensively researched mounts, in anticipation of purchasing one later this year. easier. So the Celestron cgx is pretty new, but the only online reviews are not exactly glowing so far. If east, I’ll pick east. There’s

I'd say not so much with Mr. Celestron. If you are really into AP, then spend most of your money on the mount. Edited by Foobaria, 10 May 2017 - 04:05 AM. Page 1 of 2 - Celestron CGX vs Losmandy GM811G - posted in Mounts: Hi guys, Im kind of a newbie so thanks in advance for your patience. Built into I have had zero issues and will be keeping it. reputation for being “hard to understand” and “user unfriendly.” That worried which is inserted in an Orion 50mm finder-style guide scope, into the PC, and do I do the one for the other side? I have felt for a long time that the G8 was well past its sell-by date and unless it has been radically improved I would rather have an EQ6. Nope, unlike you are I am a very satisfied Losmandy customer. Which never was resolved. I suspect that Celestron's go to computer interface is more user friendly, and since it is a bigger company, I suspect that it may be updated more frequently. No, but if Hopefully my user experience will be a good one and I'll be happy to report on the mount and my experience with it as I can. Sure, the Losmandy mounts are pretty—all that beautiful machining and anodizing—but that’s not what attracted me to the GM811. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Hey did you get yours yet?


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