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http://imgur.com/h6f2QRf What do people call police if they want to offend them?

Lord Humungus takes aim with his revolver. I feel like the first movie was setting up Jim Goose to be the antagonist for Mad Max 2. So basically this character dresses exactly like the cops did in Mad Max 1. Lord Humungus is a gang lord in a world still largely ruled by gangs and the main antagonist of the 1981 post-apocalyptic film Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. Personally I don't though and think of 4 more as a reboot of the final chase scene in 2. These are announced by the gang crier - The Toadie. After the Gyro Captain saved Max after he was attacked by Humungus' gang and brought him back to the oil refinery, he changed his mind about driving the tanker.

Now I know what you’re thinking: only Goose rocked the silver helmet, sunglasses, and black face mask, it was a character thing, not a universal look for all the cops in Mad Max 1. More on this later.

Kind of foreshadowing how the world was changing and where that path lead the rest of Max's comrades who continued to think they were the good guys as long as they wore those bronze badges. Which may explain the mask. http://imgur.com/QFhfDCz But my favorite pig symbol from the first Mad Max movie is during the very first scene at the Halls of Justice (the MFP Police Station).

", Wez jumps down and says "I know where's fuel" and kills Humungus with his crossbow. Welcome to /r/FanTheories! The professional wrestling character "Lord Humongous" took his name from the character. Yeah, you could say spiders catch flies in their webs just like how cops catch criminals, but police are supposed to be good guys and spiders are just downright creepy.

Here we go:), While watching “Mad Max: Fury Road” I was blown away by the blatant Christ symbolism and even though I had seen the original Mad Max trilogy dozens of times I decided to re-watch the original films very carefully and look for symbols. He is temporarily put out of commission by the Gyropilot, but soon recovers and activates a nitrous booster to catch up to to Max. (Note from author: I originally posted this article about 3 months ago with my visual evidence hosted on Pinterest. He notably has two castes of warrior which he calls out in the film: "gayboy-berserkers" and "smegma-crazies". The collision kills both Humungus and Wez, who was on the hood of the tanker. Some time in the gap between Mad Max and Mad Max 2 Humungus formed and led a gang of marauders, bikers, berserkers and generally crazy individuals; androgyny is widely exhibited by a significant portion of the group.

https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Suckling_pig,_Lodz(Poland)(js).jpg Pretty obvious, wouldn’t you say? Unaware that Max had turned the tanker around and reversed direction, he rams into Max head-on.

Attacking wasteland settlements. This was a huge problem because Pinterest requires visitors to sign up and log in to view content. Makes sense that cops became Lord Humongous gang, in the comics that were released with Fury Road, we see ex-cops from the first film gunning down people and Immortan Joe's higher up goons are remnants of the military unit he commanded. Great theory! In the night torture sequence, Humungus is seen giving a passionate yet incomprehensible speech. Warlord. According to an interview with one of the writers of Road Warrior, Hummungus was once a military solider who had his face burned to an ugly crisp and had a wife/girlfriend murdered which goes with his statement to Wez "I understand your pain, we've all lost someone we loved.". He acts as one of the main antagonists in the events of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. As far as the strands of hair on Humungus, bald men aren't always completely bald naturally, sometimes the hair comes in really thin and unevenly so they shave their heads for a cue ball look. The original straps were replaced with what appear to be leather straps fastened together with copper rivets. Max is seen juggling apples and bites into one but keeps it in his mouth. The original Lord Humongous was portrayed by Mike Stark, who was tall and physically … So back to the first bad guy we see in Mad Max 2 who looked exactly like Goose, the motorcycle cop from Mad Max 1: characters dressed just like him are EVERYWHERE after Max first sees the oil refinery. Origin New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FanTheories community. Toecutter's Gang Humungus is also an inspiration for the character. He was the leader of a gang of murderous bandits.

Kill the group of the rebels.Take the gasoline and rule over the entire Wasteland. Look, any longer out on that road and I'm one of them, ya know? Lord Humungus | Wez, Cult of the V8 In one wide-angle shot of Humungus’ gang I counted 14 of these guys: http://imgur.com/qyzzwfo These guys are like zombies, as soon as one dies another one instantly appears out of nowhere. Though they are caught in the crash, Max and Feral Kid survive. Max and Feral Kid survive the crash.

Keep in mind Mad Max 1 and 2 were made when most gay men were forced to be in the closet because being gay and anything homosexual related was considered very taboo at the time. It’s also overkill with the police cars, sirens, and flashing red and blue police lights because the cop cars are everywhere too, just check out this collection of screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/YRexm One of the very first bad guy cars we see a close up of when Max first sees the oil refinery is a police car with its lights on. Humungus has a very powerful handgun with a scope, the kind only a police officer would have had access to before the nuclear war.

So the homosexual stuff in both films adds a strong counterculture, edgy, and avant garde feeling, making the ordinary, average viewer feel even more uneasy about the bad guys. http://imgur.com/hIKyeYn Does this suggest that Fifi is literally two-faced?

His reason was "he had no choice." Enjoy! Meaning he acts one way around some people and another way around other people? Humungus' pistol case contains an ornamental skull and crossbones. A terminal crazy, except I've got a bronze badge that says I'm one of the good guys.". However, I think my evidence clearly shows he is Fifi. Humungus is a straight up leather daddy who surrounds himself with assless-chap-wearing leatherboys, not a huge stretch to believe that he's gay as well. Whilst the former is self-explanatory; the latter, which references "smegma", is the word for a combination of exfoliated (shed) epithelial cells, transudated skin oils, and moisture.

Both Max and Goose wear black leather jackets and black leather pants, which are also being worn by the character who looks like Goose in Mad Max 2. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This would ultimately lead to the downfall of Humungus and the presumed disbanding of his gang, as Max takes it upon himself to help the compounders escape, with their tanker of gas. Furthermore, Humungus’ amazing visuals and theatrics were… something to behold. The reason will all make sense very soon. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Lord_Humungus?oldid=4019218. I don't know exactly why they ditched Jim Goose as the leader of the gang (maybe a skinny dude burnt to a crisp just didn't look tough enough or powerful enough? Not only is it logical, there’s visual evidence to support this claim.

Maybe because he was more of a free spirit in Mad Max 1 and it would be out of character for him to be in a leadership role?)

There are indeed homosexual themes in the first two Mad Max movies so this idea is definitely not a stretch. However, two of the compound's occupants defy this threat and in their subsequent (failed) escape attempt, ultimately attract the attention of Max Rockatansky; a former police officer, turned drifter, living off the corpse of the old world. Lord Humungus was one of the more notable characters in 1982 movie Mad Max: Road Warrior. http://imgur.com/oQQQF8H http://imgur.com/lIfl1fw http://imgur.com/d5e0omu Sound familiar? It depicts the death of a child assailed by a supernatural being, the Erlking or "Erlkönig", king of the elves. Two of the compound's inhabitants attempt to escape and though they fail, attract the attention of Max Rockatansky while doing so. Gee, what could that be suggesting…. She pursuaded him to return to Australia, and look for work in Australian films.

i'd love to write something up about all the queer coding in the two movies, as well as 3, but i'm sure someone already has, and i'll just have to add it to my 2090208394902348 item to do list, haha! In males, smegma helps keep the glans moist and facilitates sexual intercourse by acting as a lubricant. Fifi's scarf seems like the kind of fashion accessory a gay man would wear in an 80's movie, and in the shot you posted of him cornering Max on the stairway he is very much getting into Max's personal space while shirtless and enjoying it. Lord Humungus is a gang lord in a world still largely ruled by gangs and the main antagonist of the 1981 post-apocalyptic film Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.

The very first bad guy we see a close-up face shot of in Mad Max 2 wears a black leather jacket, a silver helmet, sunglasses, and a black mask around his nose and mouth. As far as the discoloration and scars on the back of Humungus' head, Fifi could have been close to ground zero of one of the nuclear blasts that occurred between Mad Max 1 and Mad Max 2 and was disfigured from it. :) : https://www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/5i86cs/the_terminator_i_noticed_a_visual_reference_to/. Some time in the gap between Mad Max and Mad Max 2 Humungus formed and led a gang of marauders, bikers, berserkers and generally crazy individuals; androgyny is widely exhibited by a significant portion of the group. He throws one to Goose who also takes a bite and keeps it in his mouth. Humungus attempted to convince its inhabitants to surrender peacefully, stating that no harm will come to them if they turned the oil over.

Case closed, these guys are cops! Occupation His next role was that of The Humungus in Mad Max 2.

http://imgur.com/kgXMK4j Both Humungus and Fifi are bald, they both have athletic builds, and they both have distinctive, raspy voices.


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