list of professor emeritus in nigeria

14th Convocation Ceremonies: Information to Graduands, UNIZIK POST GRADUATE 2020 ADMISSION NOW OPEN, MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS LABORATORY SET TO BE ESTABLISHED IN UNIZIK, FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ENLISTS UNIZIK AMONGST TETFUND CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE, UNIZIK CONFUSCIUS INSTITUTE WINS 2020 JUNIOR CHINESE BRIDGE COMPETITION, DIGITALIZED STUDENTS-CLEARANCE PROCESS COMPLETED – UNIZIK VC, PROF. ESIMONE, CEO JEZCO OIL LIMITED PAYS COURTESY VISIT TO UNIZIK VICE CHANCELLOR, PROF. ESIMONE, UNIVERSITY FARM WILL SERVE AS A MAJOR SOURCE OF REVENUE FOR UNIZIK – UNIZIK VICE CHANCELLOR, PROF. ESIMONE, TIME CONSCIOUSNESS AND MANAGEMENT KEY IN ACHIEVING ORGANISATIONAL GOALS – UNIZIK VC, PROF. ESIMONE, UNIVERSITY DESCRIBED AS SYSTEM CREATED TO SOLVE SOCIETAL PROBLEMS – UNIZIK VC, PROF. ESIMONE, Fulbright Foreign Student Program, 2021-2022 Academic Year, Faculty of Health Sciences And Technology, Chisco Institute for Transportation Studies, Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology. Comparative Education for Nigeria. At least 20% of the publications should have been in journals with high impact factors. Obanya, PAI (1988) "Towards a Return to Resourcefulness in Teaching" in A. Ogunranti (ed) Problems and Prospects of Educational Technology in Nigeria, Heinemann (1988), Chapter 4. All rights reserved. Professor Shehu holds MBBS (London), IRCF (London), MRCS (England), DPH … This renowned Professor was also Head, Neurosurgery unit Al Adan Government Hospital in Kuwait from 1988-1990, until his retirement in 1995. White paper for ADEA Working Group on Education Sector Analysis (WGESA), Paris, France, Obanya, PAI and Fay Chung King (2005): Evaluation of the Decade of Education in Africa (1997-2006) – African Union Commission – Department for Human Resources Science and Technology – HRST, 611pp. Obanya, PAI (1994) Africa's Educational Map: Where is Nigeria Located? Itotoh, J.0. Maiasan, Ibadan University Press (1981), 210 pp. The appointment shall be for life except where the person is no longer able or willing to continue to perform the duties associated with his office. Obanya, PAI (1979) "Nigeria Teachers' Views on the Functions of English as a Language of Verbal Interaction in the Upper Primary School" Varieties and Functions of English in Nigeria. (1983) The Use of Cultural Heritage in Nigerian Education, National Commission for Museums Land Monuments/Institute of Education, University of Ibadan (1983), 176 pp. Obanya, PAI (2003) "Girls and Women's Education: A Perspective on the Challenges in Nigeria" in Fagbulu, I. and Aderinoye, R. eds. He was appointed the House Surgeon at St. Martin’s Hospital, Bath, England in 1961; and House Physician, Weymouth and District Hospital, Dorset, England 1962. V. Iwuji (1986). APPOINTED EMERITUS PROFESSOR IN THE INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION BY UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN, NIGERIA IN JULY 2014. University of Ife Press (1984), Chapter 17. Obanya, PAI (1982) "Trends in the Training of Teachers for the Lower Secondary School" in Adesina et al. Nigeria, Association Surgeons of East Africa (honorary); Nigerian Society Neurological Sciences (President neurosurgery section 1988), Nigerian Medical Society, Association Physicians of Nigeria, Association Physicians of West Africa, Pan African Association Neurological Scis. Institute of Education, University of Ibadan (1970), 25-32. Obanya, PAI (1975): "Relationship Between Self-Concept and Performance in Achievement Tests of French" West African Journal of Educational and Vocational Measurement (1975), 39-44.

And Obanya, PAI (1986): An Evaluation of the FIPESO Programme on the Structure and Content of Secondary Education in Africa. Obanya, PAI (1974) "Towards History of Higher Education in Nigeria: A Review Article" Canadian Journal of African Studies: 8/1 (1974), 159-162. Obanya, PAI (1998) "Non-Formal Higher Education" in Higher Education in Africa, UNESCO-BREDA (1998), Chap. Obanya, PAI (1972) "Student Teachers' Attitude to Teaching" Ghana Journal of Education (October 1972), 1-10. Education and the Nigerian Society, Ibadan University Press (1981), 155-163. In Ezewu (ed). Obanya, PAI (1977) "Assessing English Language Achievement Economically" English Language Teaching Journal: 31/4 (July 1977). Obanya, PAI and I.0. 1-11, Obanya, PAI (1998) Higher Education for an Emergent Nigeria (50th Anniversary Lecture, Faculty of Education University of Ibadan-Nigeria) Heinemann Educational.

Obanya, PAI (1985) Socio-Economic Issues in the Introduction of Productive Work in Education ----. He had his Training at the Medical School, University College, Ibadan. Obanya, PAI (1975) "French Language Curriculum Research and Development in Nigeria" Audio-Visual Language Journal: 13/2 (1975). Obanya, PAI (1977) "The Nature, Direction and Extent of the Drop-out Problem in the Nigerian French Language Class" Educational Research in the Developing Countries of the Commonwealth: Vol. Obanya, PAI (1978) "A Longitudinal Study of Some Nigerian Students' Attitude to the Study of French" Bulletin d’Information BASE (1978) 12-1 S. Also published in A. Bamgbose (ed). Obanya, PAI (1979) "Types and Functions of Tests in Language Teaching" in Ubahakwe (ed). The definition of Emeritus /Emerita Professor is an honorary title that may be given to a full professor who retires in good standing. 4.3 The application shall be discussed at the Departmental Board level where it must receive a majority vote of approval by all departmental Board members. Obanya, PAI (1977) "Les Écoles du Nigeria et les Problèmes de Langues" Recherche, Pédagogie et Culture: 31/6 (1977). The Teaching of English Studies, Ibadan University Press (1979).

4.9 Professor Emeritus shall be listed on the Convocation Brochure and shall be presented to the university community at a convocation ceremony. ): Fifty Years of University Education in Nigeria -Evolution, Achievements and Future Directions, University of Ilorin/National Universities Commission (2010), 553-581, Obanya, Pai (2010): Bringing Back the Teacher to the African School, UNESCO/IICBA Series on Teacher Education, Number 1, Obanya, PAI (2010): The Response of Higher Institutions in Africa to the HIV and AIDS Epidemic – a synthesis of four sub-regional studies in sub-Saharan Africa, AAU/SIDA , 2010, 42pp, Obanya, PAI (2011): “Re-profiling Teachers and Teacher Educators”, The Moulder: Journal of School of Education, Alayande College of Education, Oyo-Nigeria, 3/1, 1-18, Obanya, PAI (2011): “Investing in Quality Education in Africa” Education International –Africa Region (EIRAF) – Report of the 7. Obanya, PAI (2007): “Western Financial Influence on the Quality of Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa” H. Reinersten (Ed.) al.(eds.) Obanya, PAI (1984) "Field Editing in Curriculum Development" Report of a Workshop on Book Production Techniques. Degree Programme".

Obanya, PAI and P. Okpala (1985) "Reading and Writing Habits of a Group of Primary Six Pupils in Ibadan" Nigerian Journal of Curriculum Studies: 3/2 (1985), 101-109.

ACO/Malawi Institute of Education (1984), 87-93. Obanya, PAI (1978) "Student Teachers' Attitude to Teaching and Response to Training Programme" Ghana Journal of Education: 4/4 (January 3l 1978), 27-30. Obanya, PAI (1976) "Second Language Learning Out-of-School" ITL-Review of Applied Linguistics- 31 (1976),15-26. Obanya, PAI (1981) "Measuring the Talent for Language Learning" Journal of Language, Arts and Communication (1981), 1-9. Obanya, PAI (1995) "The African Teacher of the Twenty-first Century", International Journal of Educational Management: 9/2 (1995), 4-9. (eds.) Bulletin de la Fédération Internationale des Associations d'instituteurs (Dec. 1992), 29-34. 179-197. Teaching and Research would be anchored on the needs of the Nigerian and International society generally.The future begins here.

Language in Education and Society, University of Maiduguri Press, 2000, pp.297 –, Obanya, PAI (2000) “Harnessing the Possibilities of Distance Education for the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Programme” Education Today: A Quarterly Journal of the Federal Ministry of Education – Special Issue on Distance Education 8/3 (December, 2000) 35-40, Obanya, PAI (2000) “Hindsight and Foresight in the UBE Planning Process” Education Today: A Quarterly Journal of the Federal Ministry of Education—Special Issue on UBE, 8/2 (September, 2000) 38-41, Obanya, PAI (2000) “Books!


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