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Lily, true to Brit­ish tra­di­tion, is an avid walk­er.

The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number For example, the dimension of the space of SU2 instantons of rank k>0 is 8k−3.

The 2019 Breakthrough Prize in Physics was awarded to C. Kane and E. Mele for their work on topological insulators, a new kind of material.

[35] He also studied double points on surfaces,[36] giving the first example of a flop, a special birational transformation of 3-folds that was later heavily used in Shigefumi Mori's work on minimal models for 3-folds. While at Cam­bridge, work­ing on a maths com­mit­tee, Lily met Mi­chael Atiyah. [12] He returned to England and Manchester Grammar School for his HSC studies (1945–1947) and did his national service with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (1947–1949). In 1963 the number theorist E. C. Titchmarsh FRS died, and the Savilian Professorship of Geometry that he had held was offered to Michael, with a fellowship at New College.

In 2013 he told an online interviewer: “I believe in new ideas, in progress. (Image © Anne Purkiss,

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[29], As an undergraduate Atiyah was interested in classical projective geometry, and wrote his first paper: a short note on twisted cubics. The first fruit of the interaction was Michael's recognition that the sheaf theory he had first learned as a brand new subject while they were research students together was the appropriate language in which to describe the contour integral solution of zero rest-mass field equations that Penrose was working on.

Since the eigenspaces of DD* and D*D for non-zero eigenvectors are interchanged by D, the index is the difference. [2][3], During his time at Cambridge, he was president of The Archimedeans. With Dr Alasdair Allan MSP, the Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland's Language, in front of the James Clerk Maxwell statue in George Street, Edinburgh in 2015.

Dr. Atiyah continued to influence young mathematicians to the end of his life, and to experiment with his own mathematical ideas.

Newly wed to mathematician Lily Brown, who gave up her position at Bedford College London to join him in Princeton, Atiyah spent 1955–56 in the exhilarating company of many of the world’s most accomplished young mathematicians. En 2004, on lui décerne le prix Abel, conjointement avec Singer avec qui il avait démontré en 1963 le théorème de l'indice[19]. He was knighted in 1983 and became a member of the Order of Merit in 1992.

Dr. Atiyah and Dr. Singer teamed up with the mathematician Raoul Bott and Dr. Witten, who was then barely out of graduate school. Atiyah's mathematical collaborators included Raoul Bott, Friedrich Hirzebruch[9] and Isadore Singer, and his students included Graeme Segal, Nigel Hitchin and Simon Donaldson.

[11] Atiyah went to primary school at the Diocesan school in Khartoum, Sudan (1934–1941) and to secondary school at Victoria College in Cairo and Alexandria (1941–1945); the school was also attended by European nobility displaced by the Second World War and some future leaders of Arab nations. There are many hard and fundamental problems in mathematics that can easily be reduced to the problem of finding the number of independent solutions of some differential operator, so if one has some means of finding the index of a differential operator these problems can often be solved.

A typical example of this is Rochlin's theorem, which follows from the index theorem. These papers seem to be the first time that Atiyah has worked on exceptional Lie groups. His parents already recognized that mathematics was one of his strengths. An ingenious and elementary solution was found at about the same time by J. Bernstein, and discussed by Atiyah. (Image taken by Knut Falch © Scanpix Norway/PA Images.) This gives a little extra information, as the map from the real K theory of Y to the complex K theory is not always injective.

[3], Other contemporary mathematicians who influenced Atiyah include Roger Penrose, Lars Hörmander, Alain Connes and Jean-Michel Bismut. Dr. Atiyah, who spent many years at Oxford and Cambridge universities, revealed an unforeseen connection between mathematics and physics through a theorem he proved in collaboration with Isadore Singer, one of the most important mathematicians of the last half of the 20th century. He had two brothers, Patrick (deceased) and Joe, and a sister, Selma (deceased). A lecture on monopoles. Students were not exempt—one baffled Cambridge undergraduate recalled going to his supervisor, Peter Swinnerton-Dyer (FRS 1967), to be told ‘Dr Atiyah treats the syllabus with the utmost contempt’. She came from Edinburgh and her Ph.D. su-pervisor was Mary Cartwright. It’s faith.

Figure 10. Atiyah and Bott[98] showed that this could be deduced from a more general formula in equivariant cohomology, which was a consequence of well-known localization theorems.

The local case was worked out by Atiyah and Bott, but they showed that many interesting operators (e.g., the signature operator) do not admit local boundary conditions. They remained lifelong friends—in later years Michael persuaded him as Lord Chancellor to release the files of Operation Epsilon, the surveillance of detained German scientists who had worked on the Nazi nuclear programme. The Es­say, Com­ment­ary, or Art­icle above, un­less oth­er­wise spe­cified, One paper[108] is a detailed study of the Dedekind eta function from the point of view of topology and the index theorem. With Grothendieck, Bonn, 1958 (image from the Hirzebruch family collection; copyright unknown). They showed that the natural map from this moduli space to the space of all connections induces epimorphisms of homology groups in a certain range of dimensions, and suggested that it might induce isomorphisms of homology groups in the same range of dimensions.

Even with the father’s Arab ancestry and dedication to the Arab people, the Atiyah family identified culturally as British. Michael Atiyah at his home in Edinburgh in 2004.

Michael was particularly pleased when Rotblat was elected to the Royal Society and won the Nobel Peace Prize in the same year, 1995.

For example, they show that a head-on collision between two monopoles results in 90-degree scattering, with the direction of scattering depending on the relative phases of the two monopoles.

Il est alors invité pour un an à l’Institute for Advanced Study de Princeton. She died at 90 in March in Edinburgh. [74], As an application of the equivariant index theorem, Atiyah and Hirzebruch showed that manifolds with effective circle actions have vanishing Â-genus.

[25] Atiyah said that the mathematician he most admired was Hermann Weyl,[26] and that his favourite mathematicians from before the 20th century were Bernhard Riemann and William Rowan Hamilton.[27].

Several results showed that the newly introduced K-theory was in some ways more powerful than ordinary cohomology theory.

So, in Cambridge, he began to organize colloquia.

(Written Arabic was the only class he ever failed, he said.). I also wish to thank David Atiyah and participants at the two memorial events in Edinburgh and Cambridge for several enlightening contributions. Selon le New Scientist, Atiyah a produit dans les dernières années précédant sa déclaration un certain nombre d'articles comportant des assertions remarquables qui n'ont pas convaincu ses collègues[21].

These observations constituted an answer in search of a problem, and that general problem was to determine the difference in dimensions of the null space of an elliptic operator D and its adjoint D*, the so-called index of D: The fact that the index was a topological invariant was known to the Russian analysts, but not a precise formula. In October 2016, he claimed[119] a short proof of the non-existence of complex structures on the 6-sphere. To compensate for the lack of active geometers, Michael spent any available time going to Harvard or Princeton or inviting Bott or Singer to Oxford. In 1995, the group and its founder, Joseph Rotblat, were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.).

The closest interest for Michael was topology, represented by Ioan James, also a reader, but Michael, who became a Fellow of the young St Catherine's College, began instead to acquire a group of graduate students, many sent on from Cambridge by Hodge. In the event, it went to the more senior Graham Higman FRS, a group theorist who was already there as a reader. The theoretical prediction of their existence, soon experimentally verified, appeared in 2019 (Kane & Mele 2005), where we may read: ‘These bundles are classified within the mathematical framework of twisted real K-theory … the Z2 index is related to the mod 2 index of the real Dirac operator.’. In 2011 he was made a Grand Officier of the Légion d'honneur. This logical procedure also served as a creative solution to some sensitive internal issues.

The problem remains unsolved as of 2020.[122][123].

The fundamental solutions of linear hyperbolic partial differential equations often have Petrovsky lacunas: regions where they vanish identically.


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