lg wt1501cw disassembly

3 In Stock. Already ordered? We can help. email once verification is done. Lid hinge pin receptor (MEF62462103) broken, Top loading washing machine displayed "tE" error. Your Account. Your search term must have 3 or more characters. Refer to the detailed Warranty information delivered in your product packaging. LG WT1501CW Outer Tub Ring-Cover - Genuine OEM. All rights reserved. After cycle completes there is still some detergent and water left. We will notify you via Find commercial appliances and electronics from LG for your business and help make life good. The bearings in the clutch/transmission were worn out to the point that the direct drive motor rotor (what you see when you turn the washer on it's back and look underneath) was rubbing on the motor stator core. Not sure what part you need? Checked all hoses for clogs cleaned them out and problem still existed so it was time for a new pump and since I was in there I replaced the drain hoses as well. WT1501CW Clutch Assembly Warranty ... I’m out $120 plus my own labor time to replace. Choose a location for the file being extracted (using default location should be fine). $32.89 Over 100 In Stock-+ MORE INFO. This video demonstrates the proper and safe way to disassemble a washing machine and how to access parts that may need to be tested and/or replaced. Saved $ 400.00 in the process. Email. Locate the downloaded file.

"leaking", "pump", "broken" or "fit". Step by step instructions on how to replace a Clutch Assembly for LG WT1501CW won't spin #AP5675941. You will be taken through a CertCapture request form.

Genuine product manufactured by LG. My only concern was that the part was mailed with poor packaging, loose in the box and the shafts punched holes in it during shipping. The rumbling kept getting worse until finally there is a metal on metal scraping sound. "belt" or "pump". ©1999 - 2020 AppliancePartsPros.com®. Our new AI powered chat bot service is here to help 24/7 365 days a year. $60.89 . All brand logos are trademarks of their respective owners. LG Washer WT1501CW / Repair Parts. Conducted research on web, and via direct contact with AppliancePros where a diagnosis of replacing the water inlet valve and cleaning the sensor tube would "most probably" (80%) handle the issue. This part is known as a pulsator cap or washplate cap, and is designed for your LG washer. I had all the tools to do the job except the 38mm socket which I bought at an auto parts store. LG sent technicians four times, but they keep saying the washer works fine. Repairing an LG top-loading washer? WT1501CW does not clean clothes clean. Start doing it yourself with the confidence that comes with 100+ years of experience. LG Get product support for the LG WT1501CW. In the case of an HTML file, once unzipped, you should see one FILE and one FOLDER. • Cleveland, OH • March 15, 2016, How to Replace Water Level Pressure Switch, We are Safe, Secure, Dependable and Trusted, Wt5001cw clutch/transmission faled; rumbling seal noise and metal scraping, LG washing machine would not shut off cold water during rinse cycle, WT1501CW Will not stop filling with water. Click the download link and choose SAVE when prompted (trying to run a .zip file will go on endlessly without ever completing the task).


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