lenormand 3 card combinations
(I haven’t worked recently due to an unexpected illness which will be sorted out next month and hope to get my life back to normalcy).

I am reading this as news (anticipated job loss?) Q: What Will Come Of The Project I Just Completed? Hi Lozzy, I bought some lenormand cards and am practising with them. You string them together like little pearls of wisdom and individual words form a sentence.

Because we were in the middle of a major highway, my husband decided to risk driving our vehicle to the nearest gas station to change the tire. The fox I read as teamwork. I started out many years ago using Tarot, but in recent years have been drawn to the more upfront, storytelling nature of the Lenormand, which doesn't have the mythic associations of the Tarot.

We'll take you through working on increasingly complex Lenormand spreads, culminating in the 36-card Grand Tableau. You don’t really need to combine the cards in this scenario, but if you wanted to, the Cross-Tree shows a kind of drain on energy, the Cross-Child possibly you being fairly new or junior and being handed responsibility or pressure, but then the youthful energy flourishing & bouncing back with the Tree-Child. You’d probably need to do a bigger reading to get more in-depth information. Yep, your dreams will soon be achieved for the long term, according to those three cards. These motorcycles are very fast 210 MPH in seconds. Fox + Clover = Smart teamwork + Good luck. Maybe he sees you as a tempting kind of trouble, but…. The Stars card is one of wishes, hopes and dreams; also ambition, fame, high-flying and celebrity. And Café Lenormand is here to help you learn the language of Lenormand. I pulled 3 cards: the garden, the ring and the anchor.

I would very much appreciate your input. Ah, great interpretations, especially the second. Hello, I'm Lozzy, and I'm a huge fan of fortune-telling cards.

But after all the points where counted, they won the season by a very slim margin. Lenormand cards have an upright meaning only, one of the things that sets them apart from Tarot. Think of the situation you want to know more about and shuffle the cards.

Be sure to decide before you ask your question of the cards which of these two ways you’re going to use them. Lenormand is always available to answer your questions. Yes, I pretty much agree with your assessment here. Two cards are most commonly read with the first being the noun or verb and the second a corresponding adjective or adverb. My interpretation was as follows: or a characteristic that gives further insight into the situation. I don’t interpret the Stars as “internet,” personally.

(In the first, btw, I’m not sure I’d read the Fox as teamwork; more, in this context a ‘player’ or something sneaky or wrong happening behind the scenes; it may have been the crash for the other guy was caused by that, but from your perspective that was ‘lucky’).

The company I work for is struggling to stay afloat. With the cards combined, there are lots of interpretations. I am battling to understand the response from the cards but I see that wit regards to the stars it means internet. I said to him, don’t rest on your laurels. This list of Lenormand Tree combinations is designed to help you get started in reading Lenormand.

He may think the “Snake” bit is due to the distance, he may not. Others may shuffle and pull three cards randomly; still others may cut the cards as you would for Tarot and take the top three. As you work with the petit Lenormand, you will learn how to make your own combinations. So you have success or light, hopes, dreams, ambition, possibly fame and this man. I like the method of the cards mirroring each other.

Different readers have different methods for pulling cards: please use the method you normally use and that feels right to you. The symbols are very direct; a Key for the 'answer', for example, or a Book to represent 'knowledge'; a Ship is a journey of some kind, a Snake is a betrayal.

Please confirm your acceptance letter in your inbox to start orientation. There’s a strong sense of restlessness, of flitting about from one place to another, of manifold excitement that happens when these little animals gather together. The Grand Tableau is a 36 card spread that utilizes each and every one of the cards of the Lenormand deck.

With Lenormand, what you see is what you get; it's the particular card combinations that give the story of the reading. 2- Snake The morning started off with reaching late to work, series of escalation mails at office, back to meetings, overload of work with colleague taking sudden off, stress at work. When many birds gather, there seems to be an excited exchange of songs - building up to a constant stream of noise. Thankyou and it was good for the reminder of 1 + 3 being mirrors for more info.. In literal terms it could mean under the stars, but equally it could mean “in your dreams” (not an impossibility with your question!). Copyright Notice - Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy. In other words: choosing to take “the scenic route” in some way.

Ship + Bouquet = A lovely or beautiful trip or journey around that.

My husband is a crew chief on a motorcycle drag racing team. Then I read Cards 1+2, and then 2+ 3 together. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Block/distance—Trouble—Love. Outcome? Just like tarot cards, Lenormand cards are interpreted in combinations. Lenormand's keywords thus become the vocabulary of our vernacular and its rules the grammar. Read the centre card as the core of the situation you’ve asked about.

The question: how does my love interest feel about me? The Tree implies a kind of buzz, a flourishing.) I’d suggest moving on to a more detailed one with more cards.

If you were to ask about the future of your friendship with your current best friend and pulled Woman, Tree, and Book - the story implied by the first two cards would be that of your female friend being a healthy influence and a deeply rooted presence in your life.


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