lady ice game
Might waste 5 hours trying to beat it.

The shadowing and models were all fitting, and the game itself is very comfy.

Congrats! Thanks for playing! Девушка с холодными руками!

It's recommended to wear them ;), If you find any issues with the game, please let me know in the comments :). I just played the game.

Have to be honest, i haven't beaten it, like everyone. 7 mins. didnt know how to keep her from getting me ll :D, The bad lady touched me! But I may adapt the idea into a full game in the future, with a different name! Whatever you do... stay out of the dark!Lady Ice is a local myth, some say she can travel only through darkness and take away poor souls into her Great Storm. And to be so good in being made in only 48 hours is quite an impressive accomplishment.

However if you wanna see me get jumpscared and rage, check this out!! 'I shouldn't have to look sexy to be a good rapper': Meet the women of the Rap Game UK, Every question you ever had about female ejaculation, answered, Coercive control: 'I was 16 and thought it was normal'. Great game overall! During her spell, you cannot light your candles, leaving you vulnerable and lonesome in her dark world. The teen with autism who taught himself classical music and opera.

Not more.

Should be fine now. Nonetheless I shit myself, Thanks a lot!! In this first-person horror-survival title, which scored in the Top 5 Games in Asylum Jam 2016, you must avoid the Lady Ice as she envelopes you in darkness with nowhere to run. Keep your candles lit to stay safe, as she cannot reach you in the light.

4 mins.

Lady Ice #BlackLivesMatter ‘No Silence’ OUT NOW on all digital platforms | The Rap Game Uk BBC contestant. Not many games get my stress levels up like this one did and the jump scares were just right. I think, i am the second ever person to beat this game.

I probably just wasn't doing something right, but I always died in the first dark spell she used! Renting while disabled: ‘Being in a wheelchair means I pay double the rent’, 'Dating other people brought us closer together'.

From my knowledge only a few youtubers have completed it (can't speak for other players who don't post their progress online) but it's still a brilliant thing! Whatever you do... stay out of the dark!

My recommendation to anyone considering this is to just PLAY IT! Very good job on this game! You also unlock retro mode which pixelates everything, its really great. :)Thank you so much for playing! That issue should be fxed now (>_<). Now i can fully play lady ice redux! The best strategy is to slowly but without stops circle around the whole room, big circle. Nice job!

- FreeGamePlanet, "Lady Ice marks another people-pleasing entry from Nyar." very freaky XD good job on making all these games :D, I literally had a heart attack with her first appearance, so thank you for that!

I will probably do another playthrough of it then! I look forward to playing your other stuff.

In the video I talked about the candle not being able to go out, etc. I made this game for a game jam (in under 48 hours) so that's why it's really short. Overall, great game!

But this is a super simple game that was made right, you have your little bit of story in the beginning, your own concept for a creature and just the right amount of jump scares. Loved this game even though I feel like its extremely difficult. The difficulty, i love challenging and difficult games so it being hard is a plus.

Turns out I'm a stupid poop and left a debug switch turned on. Who else beat this game before me? Really glad you enjoyed it :).

In this first-person horror-survival title, which scored in the Top 5 Games in Asylum Jam 2016, you must avoid the Lady Ice as she envelopes you in darkness with nowhere to run. THIS GAME CONTAINS BRIGHT, FLASHING SCENES, "A tense little game that will really make you fear the dark!"

It's very intense too! Mm!!!

Its no wonder this game won an award! But be wary - she can cast her spell of darkness. The Rap Game UK: Lady Ice v J Lucia. The gamepad controls are included in the README.txt!-- Good job on the game though! This was very scary! Kudos! Hoping to have similar things in the Redux version! The gamepad is not supported in menus and does not have appropriate UI text, but can be used to playthrough all of the game!

Lady Ice: Redux has limited support for the Xbox 360 PC Controller.


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