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Pierce Harrington Full Name EMP Generation: In Lab Rats: On The Edge, Leo and Taylor discover that if they combine their laser spheres, they are able to make an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) or a powerful bigger sphere that can disable any electrically charged object it touches. • Later, Leo gets ready to go to the movies with Janelle, but he sees a note on the door from Adam, Bree and Chase, it says that they went on the mission because they want to save the world. • Original channel

Jake Chambers (, He has a smartphone assistant named Shelly which he talks to on his phone.

Announcer • •

He gets bionics in his leg in due to his injured leg getting crushed. Tyrel Jackson Williams When Adam, Bree and Chase fight about why they're not going on the mission, Leo tells them the truth, that they don't make it to the future. (Missin' the Mission). Editor's Note: There's a detail above which is been placed twice and I removed one of them but it seems someone has placed it back, wanted to know why place that detail twice when one is enough, and if you wanted it to be it's own separate point why leave both there which, makes a person read the statement twice instead of once. Dr. Evans His intelligence and problem-solving skills have come to play in several instances. Leo also begins to create his own inventions rather than breaking his step-dad's (Scramble the Orbs), though they have ended up causing damage.

Leo even says he has to stop himself from taking Douglas out five times a day. Tecton • Variety television critic Brian Lowry knocked the series' one-hour premiere for failing "to exhibit basic elements of coherence" and for featuring "too many lapses in logic". Tasha is Leo's mother.

(, He saved Donald's life by transferring his energy into him. "Lab Rats" by DJ Lunar and B.I.A

Dr. Gao He prefers roast beef over turkey on his sandwiches. •

However, Leo doesn't have the best relationship with him, even admitting he's not all that good. Horace Diaz Hair Color

• • They do argue and insult each other sometimes, but in the end, they'll be there for each other, no matter what. She also doesn't like the four plus Donald spending time in the lab. Douglas is also the creator of Leo's bionic arm. Number of episodes

(, Leo can speak Spanish and Chinese, but he's not proficient in French, as he mentioned that he doesn't do well in that class. Leo is mad at Adam, Bree and Chase for not listening to them. He claims that he always opens his Christmas presents early. In You Posted What?! • Leo is the first sibling not to have been invited to his own birthday celebration. Bank Rep

Flo But this doesn't stop him from mocking others for being short. Appearances Season 4 Bionic Dog Leo's Crush Shelly [[Image:{{{image}}}|center|220px]] Information Full Name Shelly Nickname(s) Shelly-welly (Leo) Gender Female Family Romances Leo Dooley (formerly, due to her being destroyed) Production First Episode Bionic Dog Last Episode Bionic Dog There hatred for each other grew when Trent became the gym teacher at Mission Creek High.

Robo Perry His knowledge allowed him to get promoted to a Mission Specialist. Williams also co-starred in the 2014 Disney XD television film Pants on Fire. Announcer Resides in Clayton Harrington Leo and the Lab Rats became friends easily and Leo had to save the Lab Rats for a numerous amount of times. He wears brown pants (even though Leo from Season 3 and up no longer wears that style), and has a watch on his left arm.

Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. But when the time is right, they will help each other out in any way they can. He was sent to warn Leo and Donald to not send Adam, Bree and Chase on the mission to stop the particle collider, because the room crushes them once they complete their mission. (.

Adam Henderson Agent Reed

Future Leo (2019 Leo) is the future version of Leo Dooley, because he is 7 years older than the original Leo.

They insult each other a lot and bicker too. • •

(, Leo is greedy and likes money as he wanted "combat pay" to keep Marcus busy in, He does not like art shows and finds them boring as seen in. However, in Rise of the Secret Soldiers, Leo accidentally revealed his secret to an angry mob of protesters. Leo, as Mission Specialist, is maturing in a higher stage. Wasting my life playing video games finally paid off. Alistair ?, Douglas recreates Leo's right arm with bionic technology, replacing damaged parts of it with bionic components.

The second being Chase. (. Tasha cares about Leo, as she didn't want him to go on any missions in Forbidden Hero because she didn't want him to get hurt. Jake Chambers

This might be because, unlike every other bionic people, he is not genetically engineered, having received his bionics only as a prosthesis.

Leo Francis Dooley

Ship Captain

However, the pilot was reshot, with the changing of the name to Lab Rats, and the addition of Bree, the only girl of the group.

He gained a bionic arm in You Posted What?! • • It has been seen in several episodes Bree has helped Leo in most problems.

Bree is Leo's adoptive step-sister and step-cousin. Janelle (girlfriend/wife in alternate timeline)Danielle (ex-crush)Shelly (ex-crush)

He brushes his action figures hair before battle. Leonard Francis Dooley (, He's a deep sleeper. Leo is Taylor's former archenemy. Kavan Family Like Marcus, she has a lot of bionic abilities, which also includes Adam, Bree, and Chase's, and is extremely hostile to him, always looking forward to destroying him. • Black In Season 1, he showed his loyalty to his siblings by staying with them despite the possibility that he could be hurt (Rats on a Train); by sacrificing his date with Janelle--and ultimately, his safety-- when the possibility of them dying became imminent (Back From the Future); and by keeping their secret of using their bionics at school despite its end result of him not being able to go to an event he's been looking forward to going to (Mission Invisible).

Agent Gordon (Parallel Universe)

• Though his siblings' bionics were revealed to the world, Douglas urged him to keep his bionic arm a secret.

Gamma Girl Broadcast

The Incapacitator Chase Henderson

Original run

He was the team's Strategic Mission Specialist. Janelle Adam DavenportBree DavenportChase DavenportDonald DavenportPrincipal Perry (frenemies)Eddy (frenemies)Leo Dooley (past counterpart)Mr. President •

Bank Rep • He meets the Lab Rats and introduces them into the real world and takes them to school. Upon Donald's request, he kept watch over his siblings, especially when they were around Marcus (Speed Trapped).

He was attached to them soon and treated them as his own siblings. Lexi •

He thought this was a good nickname until. Spikette They have a close relationship and are always there for each other. Mission Creek, California (formerly)Davenport Bionic Academy (currently) • They try to warn them that the room is about to collapse, but they don't hear it, so Leo pushes Adam, Bree and Chase out of the way and gets crushed himself. Affiliations (Smart and Smarter, Not So Smart Phone and Spike Fright) Leo and Bree both get trapped in a wall by Eddy in the episode Human Eddy. • Occupation Adam Up 18. Otis Douglas also lives with Leo and with the others of The Davenport Household since Donald has allowed Douglas to stay at The Davenport Household until they went to Davenport Bionic Academy.

Tyler James Williams Adam, Bree and Chase come to the lab, Chase asks Donald why he won't just let them go on the mission, but Donald still doesn't want them to go. FBI Agent

Kate Ever since Douglas introduced Daniel to the Academy, Leo could relate to Daniel a lot, as he shared much of Leo's same experiences of feeling wanted in his family, and was reckless with his bionics much like Leo was when he first received his bionics.

Leo saved his life by using his energy transference ability.

Back From the Future (Spy Fly) She claims that she wants him to follow his responsibilities as she does with herself.

• By Season 3, he's about the same height as Chase. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. •

In a possible future seven years from the present (Back From the Future), Leo and Janelle are a couple.

Kaz Kaz (, Because of his lacking body, Leo is very and almost unrealistically weak. Leo Francis Dooley (birth date unknown) is the son of Tasha Davenport, the adoptive son of Donald Davenport, the adoptive brother of Adam, Bree, Chase and Daniel Davenport, the nephew of Douglas Davenport, and the grandson of Rose Dooley.

Skylar Storm

Male Antagonizing Leo, deceiving the Lab Rats. Leo Doody (Previous School, Perry)Punk (Spin) Slob (Kerry Perry) The real criminal, Bionic Freak, Kerry (Perry), Mission SpecialistThe Lab Rats' manager (formerly), Bree Davenport (Bionic Step-Sister/Cousin)Chase Davenport (Bionic Step-Brother/Cousin)Marcus Davenport (Bionic/Android Cousin)Donald Davenport (Step-Dad)Douglas Davenport (Step-Uncle)Tasha Davenport (Mother)Rose Dooley (Grandmother)Unnamed GrandfatherUnnamed Biological Father, Adam DavenportBree DavenportChase DavenportDonald DavenportPrincipal Perry (frenemies)Eddy (frenemies)Leo Dooley (past counterpart)Mr. President.


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