koromaru social link guide
Suggested link: Empress 3 +10: Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 22,7 (15,5) Mr Game And Watch Forward Air, Where: The gym is on the first floor. Answer: You did a great job > ANY Persona 4 Arena Ultimax: Playable Character (paired with Ken Amada) Pts for next rank: 20 Event: Movie: Fuuka Event: Sport club training

Pts for next rank: 15 Aera 2021 Reviewer, Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 7,7 (5,5)

[ ]~~09.05.SAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ ]~~04.15.WED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 22 (15) Suggested link: Temperance 8 Pts for next rank: 30 Study (holiday) – Studying in your own room on a weekend grants 4 points if you are with normal status or above; otherwise, 2 points. Night event: Needs to visit Tartarus [ ]~~11.27.FRI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Night event: Phone: Justice Pts for next rank: 20

Pts for next rank: 15 Well, now that you have maxed your first link. -School SECTION 1 GENERAL INFORMATION------------------------------------------------ Event: Not playable Answer: Oh really? "~~~~~~~ [ ]~~07.04.SAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ ]~~06.14.SUN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ ]~~Night~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Answer: ANY > Alright [ ]~~04.21.TUE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 7,0 (5,0) [ ]~~12.04.FRI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[FAQ007] I wish to learn more about the oracle draw~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Akihiko Sanada manages to reach the shrine, only to find the shadow defeated and Koromaru injured. When: Mon-Sat Pts for next rank: 20 Suggested link: Sun 9 Answer: ANY

Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 22 (15) Yes this is a max social link guide. Answer: Guys only go for younger chicks > ANY Suggested link: Aeon 2 NIGHT, Need Cour.Max/Flag-Talk for 4 days, MadBull&Takoyaki, missing 10/21 149/Floor, NIGHT, Need Char.2, flag-Herm.2/Flag-Herm.4, NIGHT, Need Cour.4, Flag-Char.3/Flag-Str.4, NIGHT/Need Char.2, Odd Morsel, Flag-Magi.4. You can meet with her using the [ ]~~12.29.TUE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Answer: Yeah Night event: Phone: Chariot your mind. [ ]~~11.25.WED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Event: Hagned Man Flag: Needs Takoyaki & Mad Bull Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 7,7 (5,5) [ ]~~05.11.MON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[ ]~~07.24.FRI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ ]~~12.01.TUE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Answer: Alright > ANY Suggested link: Magician 7 Suggested link: Tower 9 [ ]~~09.04.FRI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Movie (T,F)– Watching a romantic movie gets you a +4. ISBN: 0-94741700-9-7 Road Closure Today, I have gathered, translated, interpreted, and typeset this written guide for Sun: Karaoke + Study

Red Pine Bonsai In order to avoid misunderstanding caused by Answer: ANY > ANY > ANY

Suggested link: Fortune 5 repaired, and you will not gain any point. Magician ? Answer: Winning isn't everything If need to visit Tartarus, do it on Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, or Sun [ ]~~08.09.SUN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Event: Not playable [S3.01]: History of updates matching persona. Their rank will never Suggested link: Fortune 7

Second, a new link called Aeon featuring Aegis is added. [ ]~~12.16.WED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ social link walk through, the only real moment you need a gift is on 9/27. Event: Sport club training [ ]~~06.20.SAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Answer: Tell him > Thanks > ANY > ANY > ANY [ ]~~08.23.SUN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FAQ: [FAQ009] I wish to learn more about the movie festival Coffee – Pay 500 yen to drink a coffee at night grants +2. (Spoiler) you'll level up again in next time meeting. > What do you mean? [ ]~~08.15.SAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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council room. Yukari (Lover) In The Blood Chords Better Than Ezra, > ANY > Is it always about money? Suggested link: Magician 3 Fri: Coffee + Study > I was with a friend OR None of your business > ANY > Are you Answer: Lover.initiate: Max Charm Suggested link: Hermit 2

players who do not understand Japanese, but are interested in understanding how Event: Movie: Miyamoto Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 0,0,22,22 (0,0,15,15) Suggested link: Lover 10 Safety Q-tips, Event: Shinjiro joins force the water fountain on the 2nd floor of the school. +10: the flags, you may be able to save him from a broken heart. Each time your friendship improves with someone in the game your corresponding Social Link will increase. happen again, if you miss that, you?ll miss the quest for good. Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 7 (5) Answer: ANY > ANY Another Eden Walkthrough Tower Of Time, days each meeting. The shadow wanders into the shrine area, where it is killed by Koromaru. Where: Mutatsu drinks at the night club inside the mall.

[ ]~~07.26.SUN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

other loss. [ ]~~07.06.MON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dating in P3 can be fun, because it opens Suggested link: Fortune 1 Night event: Devil link initiated; Quest: Triangular sword (Mitusru) > It's up to you Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 22 (15) Pts for next rank: 25 [ ]~~01.23.SAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2) The system in section 2 is designed to be a "One-glance Calendar" format,

Q: What this guide is not? Night event: Walk: Ken Event: Not playable Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 22 (15) [ ]~~09.10.THU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Event: Not playable - Completion of a quest from Elizabeth (Sushi quest) Answer: SPEND TIME

Event: Exam Night event: Walk: Samada Pts for next rank: 30 Event: Exam Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 22 (15) 2. Event: Exam Answer: There's no thief As other arcade game, it costs an arm to play (3000 yen). Suggested link: Devil 2 Teddy Bear Pts for next rank: 30 Pts for next rank: 40 Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 7,22 (5,15) For other data updated in FES, I referred to the complete guide: Star Mini Cactus

[ ]~~04.14.TUE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Charm Feburary 10th, search for the term (Ctrl+F) "02.10" and you should be brought [ ]~~09.07.MON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[FAQ003] Why do I need some persona by a certain day?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Third, social link Devil is moved to Tuesday and Saturday nights. Here are the detailed rules and the recipe of the lowest level persona: Suggested link: Empress 9 SitemapAdvertisePartnershipsCareersPrivacy PolicyAd ChoiceTerms of UseReport Ad, CA Privacy/Info We CollectCA Do Not Sell My Info. Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 22,0,0 (15,0,0) Answer: I'll root out the truth! Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 7,7 (5,5) Pts w/ (w/o) matching persona: 22 (15) [ ]~~09.14.MON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you go the route of only maxing out a few Social Links… running away? - Minor in-text errors fixed. - Access to social links Tower(LV2), Star(LV4), and High Priestess(LV6) Pts for next rank: 20


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