karlovy vary healing mineral water review
The water is 600С hot and mainly used in treatment of children.

Water from the spring is beneficial for the skeletal system and joints.

In the old town (along Masaryka street) you’ll find people walking up and down the pedestrian zone, lined with beautiful colonnades and fountains flowing with spring water waiting for you to stop, fill and taste. Mineral springs are the basis of the spa treatment in Karlovy Vary. Retains the water in the colon to moisten and soften the stool.

The curative water is 470С hot.

This spring is used only by guests of Hotel Spa Zamecky Lazne. Its unique thermal mineral springs and their curative properties have been known for centuries and mainly used for drinking cure.

Drinking cure.

When used in drinking therapy, this water improves function of the digestive system and treats gastritis. #1 Vřídlo Spring is a hot spring (720С) yielding about 2,000 liters of mineral water per minute and gushing it to a height of 12 meters above the ground.

The water also strengthens joints and bones. The spring is situated near the Colonnade, on the premises of the Military Spa Institute.

Unfortunately, this spring situated near Parkhotel Richmond has dried up. The herbs in Yin-Formula are formulated to support and heal the body naturally in response to stress, to decrease spasms, pains, promote the night sleep. All in all, there are fifteen curative mineral springs in Karlovy Vary, each having its own number from 1 to 15.

Karlovy Vary is one of the most famous spa resorts of the Czech Republic.

Pleasure and lightness connected with the balanced content of minerals. The excess fluid also stretches the walls of the large intestine, and stimulates the natural contractions of the intestine, making bulkier stools softer and easier to pass. Locals refer to the famous herbal liquor (380С) as the town’s #13 curative spring.

The water is not absorbed and remains in the intestines.

The spring is situated in the Park Colonnade and has a snake shaped column. The water was an effective treatment for eye diseases, including infectious ones.

Spa doctors recommend drinking this water in the beginning of your spa stay to detox.

Glory to the city brought the healing springs of mineral water, but many gourmets learned about Carlsbad (as Karlovy Vary was previously called) thanks to the famous drink "Becherovka", waffles "oplatka" and the international film festival.

Promotes the growth of friendly intestinal flora.

The total number of registered sources in the city is 132, but for medical purposes only 12 of them are used. | In Karlovy Vary, 13 springs of sodium-bicarbonate-sulfate thermal water with an acidity of pH=6.9 and a high content of carbon dioxide, sulfates and chlorine have been developed and used for therapeutic purposes. KVHMW increases and enhances the effects of a colon hydrotherapy session, by eliminating cramps and spasms and making it more pleasant and effective. All contacts, Search Therefore, the stool becomes moister, softer, and bulkier. #4 Zámecký horní (Upper Castle Spring) is the second Zámecký spring. The water is 580С hot and has laxative properties. Mineral spring water in its pure form is an acquired taste. It is recommended to dissolve the teaspoon of salt in 2 cups of water at room temperature and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach before every colon hydrotherapy session.


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