kadhaippoma song lyrics translation in english
Tharinina thaa naaa naa, Male : Hmm mmm mm mm mm

You turn as moon & remain there. Nirkiraai.

Dhirana Dhiranam Dhirana, Kaigal Neeti Neeyum Pidikka Kathirukkiren.

Male : Kadhaippomaa

Kadhaippoma, Neengatha ennamaga aanai indru.

கதைப்போமா Anaiyadha Suriyan Agirai, Kadhaippoma Kadhaippoma, #Yesterday I saw you with a different eye.

Nenjam Solla Thayangudhe, Kadhaippoma, Nee Pesa Pesa Kayam Arume.

இங்கே மிஞ்சுதே

ரீங்கார நினைவுகளாக அலையை Yennai naanae ketkiren. When the dawn comes, you appear beautifully in my sky as the everlasting sun. Kadhaippomaa Neengaadha ennam aaga aanaai indru Kadhaippoma Kadhaippoma, Shall we gasp? Unnai Indru Parthadhum, Ennai Nane Ketkkiren, Kaigal Neeti Neeyum Pidikka Kathirukkiren. அணையாத சூரியன் ஆகிறாய் I must ask you If the time comes together#, Kadhaippoma kadhaippoma kadhaippoma Ondraaga neeyum naanum thaan Kadhaippoma kadhaippoma kadhaippoma Nee pesa pesa kaayam aarume, #Shall we gasp, shall we gasp Shall we gasp together? கதைப்போமா Shall we gasp together? Kadhaippoma Kadhaippoma, Kaigal Korthu Pesinale, Nee pesa pesa kaayam aarumae. Oh dream flower, please come, please touch the heart with your hand. Kadhaippoma Kadhaippoma,

You can also find lyrics & meaning for Tamil Songs, Telugu Lyrics, Malayalam, Kannada language music. Even after knowing it is the truth, my heart is hesitating to say. Nee Pesa Pesa Kayam Arume. Noolarundha pattam polae Dhirana dhiranam dhirana Thananam Thananam Thananam Thana, Today you became a memory forever.

Netru Nan Unnai Partha Parvai Veru, Neengadha Ennam Aga Anai Indru, Yesterday I saw you with a different eye.

Netru Nan Unnai Partha Parvai Veru, I’m waiting for you to stretch your hand and catch me.

Neengatha Ennamaga Aanai Indru.

Nedu Neram Kaindhu, Kadha Kadhappu Thandhavudan, Shall we gasp, shall we gasp Shall we gasp, if you continue to talk My wounds will heat#, Adhikaalai vanthal Azhagai en vaanil nee Anaiyatha suriyan aagirai, #When the dawn comes You appear beautifully in my sky As everlasting sun#, Nedu neram kaainthu Kadha kadhapu thanthavudan Nilavaai urumaari nirkiraai, #Remaining for a long time After imparting warmth You turn as moon & remain there#, Unnai indru paarthathum Yennai naane ketkiren Vairam ondrai kaiyil vaithu Yenge thedi alainthaayo, #After seeing you today I as myself Keeping a diamond in hand Where did I search all over?#, Unmai yendru therinthume Nenjam solla thayanguthe Kaigal korthu pesinaale Dhairiyangal thondrume, #Even after knowing it is the truth My heart is hesitating to say If only we can hold our hands together & talk I’ll get confidence#, #Shall we gasp Shall we gasp, shall we gasp#, Thinana thina namthinana Thinana thina namthinana Thanathom thanathom thanathom Thana tharinina thaaraaraa, Thanathom thanathom thanathom Thana tharinina thaaraaraa, Kadhaippoma Song Lyrics Translation + Meaning, Unnodu naanum pona dhooram yaavum nenjile, Reengaara ninaivugalaga alaiyai inge minjuthe, Kaigal neeti neeyum pidikka kaathirukiren, Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Heartbreaker Song Lyrics – Manoj Chinnaswamy & Hari Baskar, Aadi Kuththu Song Lyrics – Nayanthara Mookuthi Amman, Yaar Azhaippadhu Song Lyrics – (Sid Sriram) Maara, Kadhalikkiren Song Lyrics – Dhinesh Nagarajan & Sanjana. Reengaara ninaivugalaga alaiyai inge minjuthe. கத கதப்பு தந்தவுடன் I’m swirling around you like a kite. ஆண் : கதைப்போமா Unmai Endru Therinthume, Nenjam Solla Thayangudhe, Kadhaippoma. Neengadha Ennam Aga Anai Indru, கதைப்போமா கதைப்போமா

Kekka Vendum Unnai, Ondraga Neeyum Nanum Dhan, Reengaara Ninaivugalaga Alaiyai Inge Minjuthe. Male : Ondraaga neeyum naanum dhaan

Kadhaippoma Kadhaippoma, Yavum Nenjile, Kadhaippoma Kadhaippoma, Kadhaippoma Kadhaippoma Song Lyrics Translation + Meaning.

Kadhaippomaa Chorus : Kadhaippomaa Kadhaippoma Ondraga Neeyum Nanum Dhan, என்னை நானே கேட்க்கிறேன் Adhikaalai vandhaal. We have added the English translation for ‘Kadhaippoma Lyrics’ and we hope that it may help you understand the meaning of lovable track lyrics.

Kadhaippoma, Ondraga Neeyum Nanum Dhan, ஆண் : கதைப்போமா.

வைரம் ஒன்றை கையில் வைத்து Noolarundha Pattam Pole, Kadhaippoma Kadhaippoma, Dhairiyangal thondrumae, Male : Kadhaippomaa kadhaippomaa Idharkellam Arthanagal Yenna.

Hmm Mmm Mm Mm Mm,

Male : Hmm mmm mm mm mm Naetru naan unnai paartha paarvai veru Neengaadha ennam aaga aanaai indru If you continue to talk, my wounds will heal. Unnai sutri naanum aada Kadhaippoma Kadhaippoma, Kadhaippoma kadhaippoma. Netru Nan Unnai Partha Parvai Veru,

It's a daily updated site with lyrics to exclusively released Punjabi songs. தைரியங்கள் தோன்றுமே, ஆண் : கதைப்போமா கதைப்போமா

When the dawn comes, you appear beautifully in my sky as the everlasting sun. Idharkellam Arthanagal Enna, Hindi Music. Remaining for a long time, after imparting warmth.

Music by : Leon James. ஆண் : ஒன்றாக நீயும் நானும்தான் Netru naan unnai paartha paarvai veru.

கைகள் நீட்டி நீயும் பிடிக்க காத்திருக்கிறேன், ஆண் : இதற்கெல்லாம் அர்த்தங்கள் என்ன Noolarundha Pattam Pole, Unnai Sutri Nanum Ada, Kadhaippoma, What is the meaning for all this? Kekka vendum unnai Netru Naan Unnai Paartha Paarvai Veru. Nilavaai urumaari. Ltd.

Kadhaippoma Kadhaippoma,

Nee pesa pesa kaayam aarumae, Male : Kadhaippomaa Chorus : Kadhaippomaa ஆண் : கதைப்போமா Noolarundha Pattam Pole.

அழகாய் என் வானில் நீ Tharinina Tha Naa Na.

The distance that I covered with you, is there in my mind. Kadhaippoma kadhaippoma kadhaippoma Ondraga niyum nanum dhan Kadhaippoma kadhaippoma kadhaippoma Ni pesa pesa kaayam arume. Kaigal korthu pesinaalae Keeping a diamond in hand, where did I search all over? The distance that I covered with you, is there in my mind. Shall we gasp?

நிலவாய் உருமாறி நிற்கிறாய், ஆண் : உன்னை இன்று பார்த்ததும் Engae thaedi alainthaaiyo, Male : Unmai endru therinthumae Kadha Kadhappu Thandhavudan,

Unnodu naanum pona dhooram கதைப்போமா Neengadha Ennam Aga Anai Indru. யாவும் நெஞ்சிலே

நெஞ்சம் சொல்ல தயங்குதே Kadhaippoma, (P) 2020 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Kadhaippomaa Chorus : Kadhaippomaa Check it out heart-warming “Kadhaippoma Song Lyrics Translation + Meaning In English” from Ashok Selvan’s hit Tamil movie, Oh My Kadavule (2020) feat by Sid Sriram along with Leon James and Ko Sesha’s soul-stirring lyrics.


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