jupiter transit 2020 predictions

You have to be careful with your relationships as well. This transit also can trigger the chances for loans and other issues from insurance, tax, and PF. So, you will have to take care of this situation very carefully. Please don’t try to break the signals from the universe.

Home | About JayaShree | Consultations | Astrology Predictions | Astrology for Marriage | Astrology Services Kerala | Contact Me | Disclaimer | Sitemap, PM. Above dynamic of Jupiter retrograde in 2020 shows that it will be tricky to make predictions on Jupiter retrograde 2020 but with proper techniques, one can easily draw conclusions on themselves. There will be more work at a career due to the aspect of Jupiter. Divine Technique for Business & Career Progress: Perform Ganesha Fire Lab, This transit would favor education and the students would find themselves progressing well in their studies. You will have interaction with people from far places too that will help you to work in some foreign companies. You will even try to buy a new electronic gadget or travel device. Divine Technique to Improve Financial Status: Perform Jupiter Fire Lab, You may not be able to perform that well in your career, as your productivity and efficiency could be low. Copyright Astrogospel ©2015. You may be troubled by pain in the knees, but you may recover from it soon. It is best to avoid any angry or argumentative behavior with your spouse, which could be affect your relationship. You could instead focus on repaying your earlier loans than taking new ones. You have to understand that Jupiter will be in a slowdown mode for at least three-plus months and during this time whole nation will be having financial issues. The chances of falling in love with someone you knew before look less now. I don’t follow much of Ashtakvarga as I see it gives contradictory results always. In marriage and love, you will have to be careful as Jupiter is not the planet for love and romance.

There will be some chances for people who work in media and publishing as well. Though Jupiter will be in its sign of debilitation, Jupiter’s positives continue to shine through its association with Saturn, which is already in Capricorn. Jupiter will be entering the 10th house and it will be in its debilitation sign for the next year. Your family members will have a lot of needs and you will have to be there to support them. However, you should not simply follow any religious groups. The attempts that you make for making progress may not be sufficient, and you may even lose interest in your daily work chores. • Respect and show kindness to everyone Until April 2021, you will be finding it very comfortable in all the areas of your life, but once when Jupiter moves into the sign of Aquarius, there can be challenges from team settings. It will bring a lot of focus on your work and it will be placed with Saturn for the major period.

When it comes to matters of business, more hassles may perhaps be there. Be careful while social networking. The degree of love and affection that you express towards your partner or spouse may not be sufficient. When it comes to relationships, you may be facing troubles with your partner/spouse and even with other family members. Jupiter will be moving through the twelfth house of emotional issues and losses. You will be like a mediator or a guide in the professional area.

• Help the elderly and the poor This transit will trigger the financial houses for Gemini Lagna/Moon.

For Taurus Moon/Lagna, this is a very important year for foreign travel and career. So, think twice before you apply for any new loans. The elderly members may play an important role in maintaining a healthy relationship in the family. This Jupiter can make you very complacent as well, so you have to be a little more active. There could be unnecessary travel before you get fruitful results.

This is also a year to take part in social causes.

Jupiter Transit 2020 to 2021 Predictions For Taurus: Taurus General. There will be a lot of projects from media and mass communications can be another possibility. Please try to make good contact with the divine energies as the universe is triggering your psyche more than a materialistic factor in your life. Your family matters may not be expected to stay smooth, as you could face many conflicts and obstacles. In general, more efforts may be needed for students to make good progress in academic matters. Jupiter and Saturn both represent discipline and righteousness. This transit may give luck and fortune on various aspects of life. There will be some important events related to your children and youngsters. Jupiter is the planet for magnification and expansion, so you will see expansion at work. You may be a bit less courageous and struggle with communicating your ideas. The critical planetary aspects in this new year is, • Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu will be making conjunction on Dhanushu Rasi between Jan 01, 2020 and Jan 23, 2020. I cannot guarantee or assure you that this transit will be very good for you. The universe is asking you to be slow and wise. You will have to take care of your health as well as wellbeing. A lot of short projects can also be part of this transit. Jupiter will aspect your Lagna and that will bring more chubbiness. You should not overdo anything. There will be a lot of short projects and your physical health also will be important. New projects can come up, but there will be challenges. After April Jupiter will start influencing your home and family. Your wealth matters may not be too good. There will be some significant changes at home and family.

However, more efforts are required from your end, especially in competitive exams and academic contests. That will help you to be happy and stable. This is a very good time for that childless couple who wants a child. There will be new opportunities from media and mass communications too. After April Jupiter will be moving into the fifth house of children and creativity. Order your personalized report to understand how Jupiter Transit 2020 influence key aspects of your lives based on your Moon sign. Jupiter will be transiting the 10th House from Aries, which is considered slightly unfavorable. Read on to know more about Aries Jupiter Transit predictions 2019-2020. You can have power struggles in your team settings. There will be some changes at home and plans for relocation can also come up. as it may get delayed though not possibly denied. You should not forget that Jupiter will be in a slowdown mode for three-plus months and that can bring some delays. This is also a transit to get into romance and marriage. As a student, you need to prepare well for the exams and also take care of your health to give your best. From this position, Jupiter will aspect the 2nd House, the House of wealth, family, speech & voice, worldly possessions, property, clothes, anger and eating, the 4th House, the House of comforts, mother, education, home, land, real estate, vehicles, and luxury and the 6th House, the House of debts, diseases, rivalry, problems, suspicion, defeat, sorrow, and weaknesses. After that from April to September, you will have to be very careful with your team settings.

As long as it stays in the sign of Capricorn, naturally, there will be concerns regarding your career. You may thus feel isolated. Geeta Simplified : Lessons From My Bhagvat Geeta Studies, Upcoming Jupiter Transit In Capricorn 2020-2021 Predictions ( Moon/Ascendant) Please Go Through The Introduction, Rahu Ketu Transit 2020to 2021 From Libra To Pisces, Rahu Ketu Transit To Taurus/Scorpio 2020 Results From Aries to Virgo.


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