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the “Memory Wars” decade that followed the 1988 publication of, Add There is no evidence for the existence of repression. I believe my source was one of many Tom Nugent articles I've read.

“There were police officers, there were other clergy members, there were local business owners, there were politicians that all were part of this network.”. of memory to uncritical regurgitation of recovered memory claims. [From Cathy's obituary at findagrave: As many religious did in the turbulent 60's, Sister Joanita (Cathy) requested permission to take a sabbatical from the Order. so that they had no current knowledge of a horrific childhood. bit of folklore ever to infect psychology and psychiatry.

June 1, 1969: Letter from Cathy explaining decision to leave Keough.

Edgar lived 1-1/2 miles from the Carriage House Apartments. dissociated herself — severed herself from the experience, put the entire We must first note that many parishioners recall Joseph Maskell as an "exemplary priest." Read the PA Grand Jury report.

I know one of the girls that he abused when he came to Ireland and there's not a doubt in my mind that her memories are clear. He was removed from the ministry because of sexual abuse toward female students at Archbishop Keough High School between 1969 and 1975.

"He used to say with a smile, 'We're sacristans. Maskell also chaplained for the Baltimore County Police, the Maryland State Police and the Maryland National Guard. Fall: Cathy Cesnik starts her junior year at St. Augustine High School.

Victims having to go through the worst moments of their lives over and over again, having to "prove" themselves to everyone. You have abused your power as a reporter. Spring: End of second school year Keough is open. I have no family. Evidently, the faculty at Brown University publishes in the Journal of Un-reproducable Results!

(Maskell begins first year at St. Mary's Seminary in Roland Park. Fall: Charles Franz starts 7th grade at St. Clements School.

Some people meet death with open arms.

Jean recalls confessing to Magnus that her uncle had urged her to let a dog lick her sexually, and that the dog later died. Caplan dismissed two “recovered memory” lawsuits against Maskell, we found several Seton Keough alumnae who did not rely on “recovered memories.” One in particular, a nurse, told a particularly striking and credible story. As I'm sure you can tell by her middle name, Marilyn Cesnik Radakovic is Cathy's little sister, therefore a full-fledged member of The Keepers team. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the thekeepersorigins community, Press J to jump to the feed. Wow. Maskell warned Jean that if her policeman father ever learned "what was going on," Maskell would do the same thing to her father, but with a loaded gun. NETFLIX’S latest documentary series, The Keepers, examines the case of Sister Catherine ‘Cathy’ Cesnik, a nun who was murdered after disappearing in Baltimore on November 7, 1969.

Maskell was known to host an improvised mass on the hood of a jeep, or and/or cheering up troops in the rain, or walking over to a county police sta­tion with one of his own pistols to tar­get shoot with the boys. Maskell finishes 6th grade. The priest’s sister Maureen Baldwin also continues to defend her late brother. Repressed Memory Epidemic: How It Happened and What We Need to Learn from It. [In the Keepers, Charles says that in May of 1967, his mother went down to the Archdiocese and went straight to the top and said, "Father Maskell is abusing my 8th grade son." My father was the killer, and my mother was one of the victims.

I was lucky.

“We said we were going anyway. - I think that "Brother Bob" was either Bobby Schmidt or Joseph Maskell's brother, Robert, who was a police officer.

Cathy met Gerry Koob when he was an intern at Keough. grade at St. Clements School. And Freud SCARY!!! That was one of the most disgusting and disturbing articles (and comments) I have ever read. abuse, fomented by this misguided, pseudoscientific form of psychotherapy. According to Maureen Baldwin, her brother was so intent on becoming a priest that he never had a date in his life. Most young "The number and range of people who have accused Maskell of abuse is quite large and you ought to be completely ashamed of yourself for heaping more abuse on a group of people who have seen more than their share in one lifetime and have to continue to put up with abuse from people like you. "I always wondered if he was going to revolt at some point," Heim says.

As bad as cliffhangers are in non-fiction demanding honesty and sensitivity, pulling a bait and switch is far worse. I won't be watching anymore of the Keepers as I don't find these women's stories credible. Spring: Charles Franz end of first grade year at St. Clements School // Maskell ends second year at St. Mary’s Seminary.

They KNEW. He goes on to say, I am from Pittsburgh. This is the start of Maskell's first year as school chaplain and counselor at Keough. by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis, this “There are things that have the ring of truth, even if they are Earlier, I had already started to wonder about the contemptuous tone towards the value of "corroborating evidence." Still, I can imagine some of them slipping up. As one of them says in the Lucky for the prosecution that the media does not stay current on such topics or has the energy or inclination to be concerned about the possibility of someones innocence.

(Maskell's sister Maureen is born in 1942).

My sister and I witnessed the same murders.

Did anyone witness what happened? I mention all this to show the hypocrisy of the Arch of Baltimore for teaching theology to the masses and yet allowing these monsters to exhibit their evil deeds on numerous children over decades. On another occasion, she says Maskell held an unloaded gun to her head and pulled the trigger.

She taught English literature and oversaw the school's Drama Club. What could they possibly think? The websites at cite a variety of scientific articles clearly showing memories being repressed and corroborated.

An anonymous police source, known as Deep Throat, claims that when the boxes were exhumed in 1994, they contained original photographs of girls with their breasts exposed and profiles of high school girls.

The Catholic Church is to blame. “Are the priests hurting you?” the nun asked gently. Spring: Cathy Cesnik finishes her freshman year at St. Augustine High School. A true documentary does not mean the science behind it isn't junk. This is a true documentary. ", This is absolutely untrue. “I thought they were literally praying for me,” she said. 3 - it was someone else so far unidentified. 230, we have the right to delete without warning any comments we believe are obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable, whether or not such material is constitutionally protected. These therapists believed that they could help their clients unearth Maskell is running a sex ring of Catholic School girls. “I didn’t get a look like that until years later interviewing violent offenders, “ says Schwaab, “talking to someone who’d murdered somebody.”. November 17: Cathy Cesnik was born in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. Maskell's older half-brother Tom - who would become a cop served in the army until 1944. Its disheartening to think that journalist , who I thought were supposed to be impartial, have their own agenda when it comes to certain segments of the population like politicians, union leaders and the clergy, any derogatory remark is acceptable as long as it's aimed at them. (the first blockbuster book about repressed memories and satanic ritual abuse). Even if overwhelming evidence is later presented that exposes the lie, people will still believe in the lie, especially if people who are invested in the lie keep promoting it (confirmation bias).The only way to destroy a hoax is to immediately and vigorously attack both the hoax and the people responsible for it. or actions.

The more sure they are, the further they are from the truth. Following the abuse I asked someone who that man was and he answered a "student priest", years later I learn that that student was Maksell. Ask yourself, whom is to blame?

The Second Vatican Council called between 2,000 and 2,500 bishops and thousands of observers, auditors, sisters, laymen and laywomen to four sessions at St. Peter's Basilica between 1962 and 1965. “I've People trying to cover it up. It should come as no surprise that many more survivors have come forward following the release of The Keepers, and Gemma Hopkins is encouraging every single one of them to report their abuse and seek compensation. Was it a false memory?

Do psychologists care about hard data anymore? And thank god their time has come. As I walked by the cabin I heard the laughter from peers while Simms played strip poker with the children. Sometimes the priest used repetitive phrases — “I only want what’s best for you, just what’s best for you,” one woman recalled him saying — to coax them into talking. Smyth- Rhode Island), Bishops( Gelinaue), Cardinals, (Law), nuns, and lawyers will rot in hell. FWIW, charges were dismissed when the court-appointed psychiatrist determined (correctly) that the accuser was not credible.

According to a letter, Cathy wrote in June of 1969, June of 1967 is when she began to feel that living the way she had been living as a nun was not the right way for her. The prevailing sentiment seems to be summed-up nicely at: Just two weeks ago, Teresa posted a link to a podcast she participated in on The Keepers Official Facebook group, so she isn't staying silent. Despite being 73-years-old, Nugent is still listed as a writer/editor on LinkedIn and currently resides in Hastings, Michigan. She saw Maskell for counseling sessions during which "he was praying that I would stop being bad. Photo of Senior Class Officers. Maskell also serves at Our Lady of Victory in 1969.

We had statements from several police officers that the church pressured city police heavily when Father Gerard Koob and other Cesnik intimates were being questioned about her disappearance. Spring: Cathy Cesnik finishes 4th grade.

A lot of fingers pointed at Gerry Koob since the release of The Keepers, particularly due to his romantic relationship with Sister Cathy and his bizarre choice of words, but the claim that he might have been "Brother Bob" is nothing but speculation. She refused, but the two continued to see each other regularly and exchanged letters. They generally don't get it until they lose one of their own and see the widespread destruction for themselves. terrified. Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins, as having a “blind spot” about

Maskell starts 5th grade. Everyone's on FB. Spring: Maskell victims Jean, Deb Silcox and Lil Hughes end their freshman year at Keough. Maskell finishes his Sophomore year of high school. Maskell starts his Junior year of high school. Maskell finishes 5th grade.

// End of Maskell's fifth year at St. Mary's Seminary.

Yearbook Photos. April 13: Maskell's 19th birthday. After hear­ing his invitation to light up, they'd smoke until they got dizzy, spinning their tales of parental misunderstanding, or boyfriend problems, as the priest would nod appreciatively and take notes.

Cathy starts her third year teaching at Keough.

Ad hominem attacks do not prove your points.


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