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He takes the name Johnny Colini. "Johnny Cool" is an entertaining enough gangster saga with Henry Silva in the titular role. Johnny Muddled might be a more apt title. Don't have an account? It becomes necessary. Greatly enjoyed this fantastic film from 1963 with plenty of cameos of Marc Lawrence, Elisha Cook Jr.,("I Wake Up Screaming"), Telly Savalas,"Kojak", Joey Bishop (Comedian) and Jim Backus, (Mr. Magoo), I finally got to watch Johnny Cool for the first time today and i was so surprised how great this movie is, i can honestly say its way way ahead of its time and had me glued for the entire 101 minutes. I blow a bit hot and cold with Henry Silva, but he is pretty good in this. There's an odd moment when Silva meets Sammy Davis Jr. at a crap game and Davis gives him a weird little grin. Sort of a rat pack movie without Frank & Dean but with Sammy and Joey this movie exudes cool- it ain’t Point Blank but it doesn’t try to be. As is Elizabeth Montgomery, who I can only recall seeing previously in Bewitched (not the Irish pop band). Henry Silva seems like a menacing presence to many reviewers but to me he seemed intimidated by his shot at the big time. Some cameo support performances from Jim "Mr. Magoo" Backus and Sammy Davis, Jr. make an interesting and dark gangster story. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. All the films from my exploitation lists, bundled into one mega-super-list-to-rule-them-all! If a Lana Del Ray song was a movie this would be it.

Good locations throughout, including many shots of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles & Las Vegas in the early 60's.

"Johnny Cool" is a pretty cool movie, with not a lot of depth but a lot of superficial stuff to keep you engaged. But he can't touch Mort Sahl's cameo for cringeworthiness. Once again i have no problem in giving this a 10/10 for enjoyment and pure talent..

Johnny Colini: In your hills you have been a glorious success, we’ll now see what you do with a mountain, America. Has an incredibly long set-up that ends up not mattering much by the end. Check it out. It was one of the more gripping movies I have ever seen. A deported gangster trains an Italian convict to take over his operations in the U.S. Henry Silva Elizabeth Montgomery Richard Anderson Jim Backus Joey Bishop Brad Dexter Wanda Hendrix Hank Henry Marc Lawrence John McGiver Gregory Morton Mort Sahl Telly Savalas Joan Staley Sammy Davis Jr. Elisha Cook Jr. John Dierkes Frank Albertson Katharine Bard Steve Peck Joe Turkel Elvia Allman Robert Armstrong George Cisar, 103 mins   The acting is almost uniformly true. IMDb This movie has really complicated my feelings about Elizabeth Montgomery. A work in progress, with many films still to add.

| Adopted by the deported gangster Marc Lawrence in Sicili, he's sent to America to take over all of his former businesses, wiping out the current managers if necessary. The bad guys are complex and heroic deeds few and far between. It seems that the old Giordano is dead and he's now been re-christened 'Johnny Cool'. I made this for myself but I thought others might find it useful.

Great actors...Elizabeth Montgomery, Henry Silva, Jim Backus, and Telly Savalas to name a few. Venerable Robert Armstrong shows up as a mobster and has a couple of deliciously cheesy lines which he seems embarrassed by. His purpose for Johnny is to send him to America to be a one man killing machine--to kill all the mobsters Colini blames for the exile.

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Reliable heavy, Henry Silva, assays the title role; a simple Sicilian country bandit who's enlisted against his will to carry out an exiled mobster's vendetta against his betrayers in return for inheriting his criminal empire. Sahl plays a gangster who faces death with such laidback indifference that you expect him to give us a couple of quips about cold war politics before he exits. The last vestiges of Telly Savalas' hair clinging desperately to the back of his head as he screams at an out-of-his-acting-ability-league Henry Silva forever.'s just the beginning. killing off various mobsters without caring about collateral damage. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. Johnny Cool is up there with the BEST of the classics and it deserves to be presented to us completely restored to be enjoyed forever. | And not a bad little showcase for a few Ratpack members either. Each time she appears the film slows down to a drag. Enter Elizabeth Montgomery as a bored socialite who wants some some excitement in her life and boy does she get it. Every film listed in the Film Noir Encyclopedia 4th Edition: Classic Period by Alain Silver, Elizabeth Ward, James Ursini and…. And the ending's a killer (pun intended). Johnny Cool, that was quite an unintelligible mess, says Amilcar. As a child, he killed Nazi soldiers and soon he's the local mob boss--but he' strictly local. Way grimmer and grimier than its Rat Pack adjacency would suggest. and the Terms and Policies, Its starts with a great building foundation from the old country and then gets right into the gangster style it very well succeeds at. Even with it’s a more groovy sounding title. Young Salvatore Giordano kills a Nazi soldier during the war. Cool. Johnny Cool moves along at a bloody and violent pace. And actually once it gets going, you can see in "Johnny Cool" a surprising sense of nihilism and some pretty violent executions as Johnny Cool carries out a string of hits for a mob boss with each kill it's own set piece. 1963

I missed the first 5 minutes of it. If anyone has a good copy can you please let me know..Thanks. Comparisons aside, this is a slick slice of thick-ear hardboiled crime, aided by a snappy Billy May score and Sammy Davis Jr. theme which adds to the sense of pace and rhythm engendered by William (BEACH PARTY) Asher's snappy direction. TMDb Silva's Johnny is one creepy character! This is a really cool gangster film featuring a much under-rated Henry Silva (Why Hollywood didn't use him more is beyond me!) It caught my eye because of Elizabeth Montgomery. One of the American mob bosses is Telly Savalas, and both he and Silva would later star in many of the great 70's Eurocrime films. I highly recommend this movie. Even so, I enjoyed it and would watch it again if only to marvel at the talent of Silva. Useful . Exile gangster Johnny Colini grooms him, fakes his death, brings him to America, tasked with killing Colini's enemies, and told that he's the heir apparent.

Darien 'Dare' Guiness (Elizabeth Montgomery) notes that he's not Colini whose nickname is Johnny Cool (Henry Silva). Director William Asher did all those Beach Blanket movies but this one is surprisingly violent and mean-spirited for the early 60's and doesn't hold an ounce of cuteness.


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