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Robert Reid edited the Abbeville Medium and served in the state senate.

BALTIMORE, Oct. 16—John W. Hemphill Jr., an assistant news editor in the Washington Bureau of The New York Times, died early today at The Johns Hopkins University Hospital. Gonzales; Joseph Pulitzer's plan to establish a school of journalism at Columbia University; experiences of Robert G. Hemphill as a teacher in Monroe, Georgia; Grover Cleveland; the presidential election of 1904; M. Storey's opposition to Harvard's giving Henry Cabot Lodge an honorary LL.D. John Hemphill (not to be confused with canadian actor or the comedian of the same name) is an American actor. Brother of Henry Hemphill; Alexander Cowell Hemphill; James Hemphill, Jr.; Johnson Hemphill; Margaret Hemphill and 3 others; Mary Hemphill; Nancy Hemphill and Nathanial Hemphill « less. A native of Anniston, Ala., Mr. Hemphill graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1962 and attended law school there for a year before joining The Nashville Tennessean. The library may require up to 48 hours to retrieve these materials for research use. Along with religious correspondence, there are letters discussing: naturalization laws in force in 1807; Aaron Burr's expedition; anti-Masonic meetings in Alabama in 1820; nullification sentiment in South Carolina in 1832 and anti-nullification sentiment in North Carolina as expressed in a letter from 1833; pro-slavery views; resignation of Thomas Cooper as president of South Carolina College; movement of slaves through Augusta, Georgia, in 1834-1835; expedition of 1836 against the Seminoles of Florida; affairs at South Carolina College; abolition petitions in Congress in 1836; attempts to link Charleston with Cincinnati by rail; presidential campaign of 1840; Catholic support of Temperance in Philadelphia in 1840, and other aspects of the Temperance movement; movement of John Hemphill to Texas in 1838 and his elevation to the supreme court of that state in 1840; African Colonization Society; John Hemphill's service with an expedition against the Mexicans in 1843; encounter with Sam Houston and his wife in 1845; sending of missionaries to Liberia; establishment of a mail steamship line from Charleston to Havana; Calhoun and Clay in 1849; Erskine College and Erskine Theological Seminary; Stockton, California, and vicinity in 1851, as described by Robert King Reid (he and John Y. Lind had gone to California from South Carolina. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. He then was editor of the Richmond Times Dispatch, 1910-1911; editor of the Charlotte Observer, 1911; on the editorial staff of the New York Times, 1912; was Washington correspondent of the Philadelphia Public Ledger; and was editor of the Spartanburg Journal for five years. ...dryx (born Hemphill), Margaret Howe (born Hemphill), Nancy Lanning (born Hemphill), Johnson Hemphill, Nathaniel Hemphill, James A S Hemph... ...dryx (born Hemphill), Nancy Lanning (born Hemphill), Johnson Hemphill, Nathaniel Hemphill, Margaret Howe (born Hemphill), James A S Hemph... ...endryx (born Hemphill), Margaret Hemphill, Nancy Hemphill, Johnson Hemphill, Nathaniel Hemphill, James A Hemphill, Alexander Cowell Hemphill, william and agnes badgley family Web Site.

There is additional genealogical information about the Hemphill family in an Information folder in the Rubenstein Library reading room. Matthew Linn, of Greencastle, Pennsylvania.

He moved to the Washington Bureau the next year. Hemphill was a longtime player with The Second City troupe's Toronto cast, he was a writer for SCTV as well as appearing in supporting character roles.. He migrated to Pennsylvania, and eventually went to Hopewell, South Carolina, as a minister in the Associates Reformed Presbyterian Church.

He became ill and entered the hospital on Aug. 23. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni.

True of Flushing, L.I. Robert Reid Hemphill's brother, James Calvin Hemphill, was born in Due West, South Carolina, on May 18, 1850. He first married Jane Linn, daughter of his professor, the Rev. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

As a reporter for that paper, he covered local and national political stories, racial disturbances in several Southern states and major criminal trials. The Hemphill family patriarch was Rev. John Hemphill (1761-1832), a native of Ireland. John James Hemphill. ...ill), Margaret Hemphill, Nancy Lanning (born Hemphill), Johnson Hemphill, Nathaniel Hemphill, James A S Hemphill, Alexander Caldwell Hemp... Sep 1 1827 - Pickaway, Ohio, United States, May 30 1885 - San Joaquin, California, United States. Dies at 32; A Times Editor in Washington. The first several letters of this collection are largely those of the John Hemphill (1761-1832). See the Francis W. Dawson Family Papers, also held by Duke's Rubenstein Library Library. Gilder with Varina (Howell) Davis; the Ogden Movement; Ludwig Lewishon; Men of Mark in South Carolina, edited by James Calvin Hemphill; Booker T. Washington; race relations in the Mississippi delta in 1905; St. Andrew's Society of Charleston; William L. Hemphill's experiences as an engineer in tin mines in Bolivia; meeting of the Southern Immigration and Industrial Association in Birmingham in 1907; Uncle Joe Cannon's Boot Fund; George Harvey; Joseph Pulitzer; R. Goodwyn Rhett; William Howard Taft; the American Commission to Liberia in 1909; Everett G. Hill's views on Jefferson Davis; the history of Liberia and race relations there; William Jennings Bryan; "yellow journalism"; W.E.B. Researchers must register and agree to copyright and privacy laws before using this collection. The volumes include: a journal (author unknown) of a trip to Europe in 1905; letterbooks running from 1887 to 1903; scrapbooks of newspaper clippings from 1887 to 1916. For other related

Catalog. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. His son William Ramsey also became an A.R.P. Other papers include invitations and calling cards; other miscellaneous printed material; several boxes of copies of editorials and speeches; and bills and receipts. minister. He died on December 28, 1908, at his home in the section of Abbeville called Fort Pickens, and is buried in Melrose Cemetary, Abbeville. The latter portion of the collection includes quite a number of letters from William Howard Taft and Daniel H. Chamberlain, both of whom were friends of J.C. Hemphill; from Mrs. Francis W. Dawson I; and from various members of the Hemphill family. A longtime player with The Second City troupe's Toronto cast, he was a writer for SCTV as well as appearing in supporting character roles such as Happy Marsden, Wesley Wilks, Willem DeCooney and Dr Ryne Thurman.. John Hemphill Jr. James Calvin Hemphill married Rebecca M. True on November 19, 1878. The copyright interests in this collection have not been transferred to Duke University. ...ill), Margaret Hemphill, Nancy Hemphill, Johnson Hemphill, Unknown Hemphill, Unknown Hemphill, Nathaniel Hemphill, James A Hemphill, Alex... James Hemphill, Sr., Sarah Ann Hemphill (born Cochran).

(1909). Wood; segregation in Balitimore and Washington; prohibition; World War I; League to Enforce Peace; the Alexandria Gazette; Josephus Daniels; the American Motion Picture Corporation; the life of Daniel H. Chamberlain; and John Sharp Williams' description of Key Pittman.


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