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In case you missed it, please see my endorsement: I Endorse Jo Jorgensen for President.

Her support for libertarian candidates goes back as far as the 1980 presidential election in which she voted for Ed Clark. As expected, Jorgensen advocates for privatizing the healthcare system. What is the Libertarian Party, and what do they stand for? "That's because they have to actually fight for their customers. Jorgensen will remove the Department of Education. Jorgensen also criticized Kamala Harris, Democratic Vice President nominee. Jorgensen's presidency will tackle any policy that cripples economic growth. Below, we'll share information gathered from Jorgensen's campaign website. The underlying principle of the Libertarian party is individual rights. Former Partner, President, and Owner, DigiTech, Inc. PhD, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Clemson University, 2002. She also serves as the national marketing director for the Libertarian Party.

Read our, Andrew Harnik / AP; Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images, Sean Drakes / Getty Images; Mandel Ngan - AFP / Getty Images, Mary Beth Brown: One of the Most Important Vote Counters in America Repped Drug Trafficker Celis-Acosta, Top Pollster: Fox News' Arizona Call 'Should Be Retracted' as New Results Show Trump Gaining Fast, Trump Campaign Requests Recount in Major Battleground State, Trump Secures Key Victory in Battleground Ohio, GOP Flips 2 House Seats as Dems' South Florida Woes Continue, Vegas Odds Make Stunning Swing in Trump's Favor as He Builds Momentum, Biden Campaign Attempts To Spin Florida Loss Into a Positive, Election Program 'Issue' Tallied Only 2 Votes for GOP Candidate, 33 MI Counties Thought To Be Using the Same Software, Surprise Twist Leaves Nancy Pelosi as Election Night's Big Loser, Morning Update: Two Key Battlegrounds Deadlocked, Trump Holds Sizable Lead in Another, Multiple Arrests Made as Election Night Unrest Hits Seattle. One of her most notable policy proposals is to “fix our unsustainable Social Security system” based on a plan similar to CATO Institute’s 6.2 Percent Solution. RELATED: Top Pollster: Fox News' Arizona Call 'Should Be Retracted' as New Results Show Trump Gaining Fast.

The biggest decisions in the world start with what truly matters to the people, not whose golfing. She opposes many Democratic and Republican policies.

Jorgensen is a married woman. Together, they campaigned in 38 states, with her speaking on over 300 radio shows. #jojo2020 #teamjo #votegold, — Jo Jorgensen (@Jo4liberty) May 25, 2020, With real pressing issues that every day Americans care about, it’s important we address those above petty political rivalries that don’t help the people. Many Democrats believe mail-in ballots should be available to make voting safer for all Americans. Finally, she received her Ph.D. in industrial/organizational psychology. "We cannot wait for government bureaucrats to decide who lives and who dies. Dr. Jo Jorgensen is a lifelong member of the Libertarian Party. Unsurprisingly, many Republicans disagree with Democrats. It's irrational to think that politicians could make promises about social security you're entitled to decades from now. - Jo Jorgensen. Jo later married and moved with her husband to Texas after graduating from college. Reduce/abolish taxes: Individuals are entitled to private property and the fruits of their labor. In 1983, she started her own software sales business. "But, at the same time, get rid of the opportunistic people hijacking the movement.". She gravitated toward the Libertarian party after hearing about its values on talk radio in 1979. Government stifles innovation. She receives at least a $90,000 salary. Jorgensen supports mail-in ballots with a caveat. You also agree to our. It’s entrepreneurs who take ownership of problems, create solutions, and serve humans far more effectively than any government ever could. Minimize it and block any action that deepens the federal deficit. They made it illegal to use any other. Information Cradle reports Jorgensen's estimated net worth at over $2 million. She has two daughters. 3. “I want to shout from the rooftops that we do not have a free market system in health care and how if we tried free markets, they would work,” Jorgensen explained in an interview with Reason. He has written for various entertainment sites and volunteered in PragerU's influencer program.

Also, Lyft and Uber are improving air conditions. Perhaps enough voters will find voting for Trump or Biden distasteful enough that they embrace this third option. Only it is known that the married couple is blessed with two daughters. I am married to and know tons of Mexican Americans. they have to compete.". Also, Jo loves walking her basset hound, Gertrude, according to an interview. "Being Libertarian means being on the side of the people," she explained, "not the side of special interests, lobbyists and bureaucrats in D.C.". Jeremy “Spike” Cohen is the Libertarian Party’s 2020 Vice-presidential nominee, running with Dr. Jo Jorgensen, the LP’s presidential nominee.He promotes a vision of common-sense Libertarian solutions that will make us all more free, safe, and prosperous. Dr. Jo Jorgensen is a lifelong member of the Libertarian Party. She was married to her husband, whose name has not been revealed by her. Here are key points from her presidential platform: Jorgensen is committed to bringing our troops back home. She will also empower charitable organizations to help individuals. Then, they were unable to keep up with demand. "In both of those fields, the quality has gone up dramatically.


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