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Scout RegimentSpecial Operations Squad

104th Cadet Corps She can also use the ‘scream’ to attract Pure Titans to her. As the Titan retreats, Jean angrily blames himself for letting Reiner escape death yet again, though Hange assures him it was their choice, thus Hange's mistake. As he is speaking, Jean stumbles upon a Titan slumbering Titan and quickly alerts the rest of the scouts to it.

Annie Leonhart is a graduate of the 104th Training Corps, where she ranked 4th. Jean then attends the meeting to hear Erwin's plan to combat the Titan. [9] Jean was also very cynical about defeating the Titans, believing that humanity has no chance against them.

The new heights of the characters from AOT are:Eren - 183 cm / 6 feetMikasa - 176 cm / 5'9.5 feetArmin - 168 cm / 5'6 feetJean - 190 cm / 6'3 feetConnie - 180 cm / 5'11 feetReiner - 188 cm / 6'2 feetSasha - 171 cm / 5'7.5 feetLevi - 160 cm / 5'3 feetHistoria - ?? Attack on Titan Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. His frame is, as it has always been, relatively small and lacking in muscle but not the definition. [23], Some time later, Jean is selected to be a member of the new Levi Squad assigned to safeguard Eren and Historia. Thanks to Marlo and Hitch, Levi's squad manages to successfully destroy a Military Police checkpoint.

[39], He comes to the rooftop with Hange and Conny, who carries Sasha on his back. Dejected, Jean's mother leaves, and Eren suggests Jean should be nicer to his mother. Former affiliation After hearing the cheers of the civilians, he is one of the first that screams in joy. [22], Though Bertholdt breaks down beneath the weight of his guilt, any possible resolution is interrupted by the arrival of Erwin and the horde of Titans chasing him and the rest of the military. He again jokes with Eren, saying that he should be head-butted by the commandant, prompting Eren to recognize the man in his memories as the commandant. Luckily, Christa arrives with Jean's horse in tow. He first shoots flares in order to keep Levi and Mikasa hidden, before jumping into action with his ODM gear. In the ensuing chaos, Armin tries to protect him. His joke annoys Eren, who criticizes the idea of improving one's Titan-killing skills in order to get a position in the military farther away from the Titans. You must be logged in to post a comment. Jean's mother He is covered in a hood and a cloak just like the other soldiers, so Reiner and Bertholdt cannot discover which of the soldiers is Eren. After Conny and Sasha successfully block off the kidnappers' route out of the forest, Marco is able to determine which of their carriages they are carrying the cadets' stolen goods in, and alerts Jean and Eren so that they can attack. However, while they are working, Jean's ODM gear breaks and he is left stranded in the middle of the city. Upon her death, Ymir was transported to the Coordinate, where she continues to obey the royal family and molds Titans out of the sand. Jean's mother is a stout, middle-aged woman. [39], Jean joins Conny, Hange, Mikasa and Floch in searching survivors in Shiganshina while Eren and Levi stay with Armin and Sasha. Is He A Villain Or Just An Anti-Hero? A premium destination for everything Anime, Netflix, Disney + or Hotstar , Amazon Prime Video & Apple TV + . Jean and the rest of Squad Levi avoid being captured, and camp out in the woods outside of Stohess.

Why Did Eren Yeager Turn Evil In Attack on Titan?

As the squad only has three Thunder Spears left, Jean devises a plan to blow open Reiner's mouth with two, before firing the third into his mouth to blow him out of his Titan's nape.

Jean jokingly questions his abilities, but like the others, he waits for Eren to decide what action to take. She was the first and only Titan to possess the complete power of the Titans.

Attack on Titan Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. How hard of a spoiler is that?

After the drill, Jean confronts Conny and Sasha for stealing his Titan kills. He holds no restraint when it comes to speaking his mind, even when he knows it would not be wise to do so or when it could spark conflict.

Jean Kirschtein ジャン・キルシュタインJan Kirushutain As an average citizen of Trost, she usually wears a simple dress covered by a red apron. Getting thrown at Mike. Will Armin Betray Eren? Species he is currently with the main group of Survey Corps being led by Commander Erwin Smith. Jean tells Eren that his rescue puts him in a tough spot.

Human When Mikasa knocks over the soldier driving the wagon, Jean tells her not to move, rather than taking the opportunity to kill. Jean is left appalled by Floch's insensibility. He was hesitant to accept Armin and Reiner's plan of having the Attack Titan fight for them. On the way, Jean wonders whether abandoning one's humanity is really the only way to win, and whether it would be a victory if Eren did destroy all the Titans. It's -6 feet. When the time comes for the competition, Jean presents his dish: an omelet.

Jean is less than convinced. As in she's 6 feet under the ground. When Jean and Eren are able to recover the cadets' ODM gear, but not Christa, they use their gear to continue their pursuit.

She is the source of the Founding Titan’s powers. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Alive

Or Will Eren Marry Historia?

After Eren manages to maneuver Reiner into an area of town with tall buildings, Hange and Mikasa blind Reiner with their new Thunder Spears, which allows Jean and his fellow soldiers to destroy the armor covering Reiner's nape with their Thunder Spears.

[36], As Bertholdt begins to rampage through Shiganshina, Jean and his squadmates ask Armin to instruct them on what to do. All content cited is derived from their respective sources. Species When Reiner refuses to give up any meaningful information, Hange decides to execute him, but Jean hurriedly argues that Reiner should be kept alive so that his Titan power can be taken away with the Titan injection. Throughout Attack on Titan, the alliance of true heroes have remained gray and ever-changing.

Despite being physically weak, Armin’s indispensability lies in his high intelligence, which results in successful strategy formations and effective deduction. Jean's fellow cadets are concerned by Mikasa's absence, worried that she injured herself while leaving the headquarters.

Poor little malnourished Levi though lol. Jean displays leadership qualities with his level-headedness and sharp ability to gauge situations and take command. Epic Dope is the new home of streaming news, views and reviews. Finally, after telling the whole story, Keith admits that he has no power and that he is just a bystander.[32]. Alive After the graduation ceremony, Jean, proud of his accomplishment and eager to join the Military Police, gets into an altercation with Eren.

The night before the operation, the soldiers are having a special dinner in order to celebrate and prepare them for the operation. IIRC at the end of season 1 he was (in the anime) the one trying to break Annie's crystal, so he is with the rest of the SC. [4], Jean hails from Wall Rose's peaceful town of Trost. Humanity is on the verge of defeat, and he does not think they should go down without trying to defeat the Colossal Titan. Are Armin And Eren Still Friends? 52 comments.

The squad takes a hostage and Jean watches while Levi interrogates him. He is a former member of the Survey Corps who ranked 5th during graduation. With only Reiner's horse present, someone would most certainly need to be left behind.

This enrages Eren and they start fighting and insulting with nobody stopping them. Jean refuses to answer their questions, although he freely admits that he does not expect the military to be able to keep what has transpired covered up for long. Jean later rises to become a commanding officer in the Survey Corps, and leads ground operations during the Raid on Liberio. Episode Pieck Finger is an Eldian who serves as Titan shifter for the Marleyan army under the Warrior programme. According to the Wiki, Jean was 5"7 at the time. He possesses good combat skills and can effectively utilize weapons such as thunder spears and firearms. Shocked and horrified, Jean tries to ask other soldiers if they saw what had happened to him, but is stopped by a nearby nurse who insists that Jean identify the body and continue to work. Having been informed by Armin of Bertholdt's approach, Hange orders Jean and his comrades to retreat before they are caught in the blast of Bertholdt's transformation. Over the course of training, Jean and many other cadets begin slacking off in all areas except for those which will be absolutely necessary to graduate in the top 10, including hand-to-hand combat lessons.

He also tells Levi that he thought it was wrong to kill other people, but now he realizes it was he who was wrong. Although Jean is hesitant, he is quickly goaded into accepting the challenge by Conny and Sasha. Jean and his squad mates target chunks of the destroyed Titan's body, hoping to destroy Rod's human body within.

The squad tries to talk her down, but she punches the captain as soon as she sees him. Expecting Levi to retaliate, the squad is surprised when he reacts by smiling and thanking them.[31]. He has a scowl similar to Eren's but is said to have a long face (a \"horse face\"). Speaking of which, there was a scene, after Historia's inauguration as Queen of Paradis, where Historia punched Levi.

Status Marlo stops her, and Jean tells them that Levi will accept them. Loves to write and sketch about her one true love - Anime! Jean's mother is the mother of Jean Kirstein. [21], At the edge of the forest, Reiner transforms into the Armored Titan, carrying Bertholdt, Eren, Ymir, and Historia on his shoulders as the soldiers pursue them.


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