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The human running the Jack Torrance YouTube channel is a young woman being possesed by Jack. Soon after the video aired, Jack Torrance went dark for two years.

There’s only one way to find out what will happen to viewers brave enough to send in their responses, but this looks to be starting a new chapter for the channel in more than a few ways. Two years ago, the found footage was replaced with a series of four “modern” videos of someone exploring a house containing some of the items featuring in previous videos before switching back to found footage again.

The channel gradually started uploading videos, restoring Super 8 and VHS tapes for digital consumption.

After getting his bearings, Jack Torrance directed Nocturne to a gazebo through a new video upload, leading to a deaddrop containing a gift: a clown figurine featured in a prior video. Next, Torrance guided Nocturne to a drainage pipe for a second deaddrop, a Happy Birthday bag filled with hastily scrawled notes saying “I’m Sorry”, paired with a bag containing two vinyl records, and a black cat figurine in honor of Nocturne’s online persona. Invitation to Dance: The Return of Jack Torrance

Jack Torrance is a found footage horror ARG first published on Dec 29, 2011 about found tapes from an estate sale.

The effort that some creators put into building their world and the effort taken by their audience to solve the ARG’s mysteries make the experience so interactive it’s fascinating to watch unfold … when they’re done well. I saw one other person receive theirs and they got a different picture with a toy gun of some kind. The ARG started in 2011 when the creators began uploading strange videos to the channel, claiming that they were from old VHS tapes that the uploader had purchased. This week people who wrote to Jack Torrance are receiving packages back. Rather than showing a full story … It ended so far with a curse placed upon Nick and Us the Viewers, and revealing Jack to have a P.O box (PO BOX 170372 Austin TX 78717). The one who waits with lens ripe and eager, Repeat: Invoke, Invoke, Invoke, Invoke, Invoke, Invoke, Invoke, Invoke. The final stop on Nocturne’s found-footage driven scavenger hunt? You’ll see why I find ARGs so addictive.

Now cut the twine and separate our pawns as I have found you now in spirit. Changing Partners: Mind if We Cut In?

But both of those experiences are planned well in advance, as a key feature of gameplay. Do as I ask, so that I may be with you. Night Mind was taking his life in his hands by going there to investigate this. This ARG is one that is slightly less story-based and is more just an eerie atmospheric one. The reason Jack Torrance is engaging with Nick to such a high level is because in all honesty he’s the reason anyone is still interested in this ARG (in English speaking countries at least).

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The channel gradually started uploading videos, restoring Super 8 and VHS tapes for digital consumption.

Back in 2011, the YouTube channel Jack Torrance purportedly purchased 10 boxes of old footage and vintage records at an estate sale held in a barn just outside of Austin, Texas. It’s because they are a terrific example of modern day myths relayed through technology. During multiple livestreams on the Night Mind channel, viewers chimed in to let Nocturne know that Torrance uploaded a new video, or added a new community post.

It’s Night Mind’s magnum opus: Jack Torrance: Fully Explained. I know where you are in flesh, but we must now meet on another plane.

As always, my hat’s off to Night Mind, who is in my opinion the best internet detective when it comes to horror ARGs.

Please subscribe to Night Mind’s channel, too.

To summon one with enough influence you must first present the aged offering I have provided you. Nocturne received his response in the next video upload, with a corrupted message embedded in the video description answering “it is calling will you answer”.

With this first chapter concluded, Jack Torrance looks to be opening up the experience, inviting more people to dance, with a call to action even more direct than the vague “Find me” that kicked off the events of the past two weeks. NIGHT MIND AND THE ULTIMATE ARG: JACK TORRANCE Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog often ask me why I make so many references to ARGs (Alternate Reality Games) and feature tie-ins to some of them in my blog posts. After securing a turntable, the clown figurine found a new home. In a video response, Nocturne explained that he interpreted that title as a challenge to the players to find the mysterious uploader, and that he was up for the channel. But that wasn’t the end of BEN’s story. For the past two weeks, Nocturne and Torrance engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse. My eyes in the dark see you now, always.

If they agree, clutch our entwined objects and recite my words.

Jack Torrance (played by Jack Nicholson) is portrayed in a less sympathetic manner in the 1980 film. To follow along with Nick Nocturne’s explorations of creepypasta, follow him at Night Mind. It’s because they are a terrific example of modern day myths relayed through technology. The video below features the ultimate example of this niche artform. “In ballroom [dance], they used to say, and forgive the gendered reference, the gentleman proposes the step, the lady decides whether or not to accept. The only clue: in the descriptions of one of the channel’s final videos, the phrase “help” was spliced into the copy of the video description. You will not survive this if you do no show reverence. 1:46 am NIGHT MIND AND THE ULTIMATE ARG: JACK TORRANCE. During the livestream when Nocturne was recounting these events, Jack Torrance’s channel uploaded one final video concluding this particular dance: Super 8 footage of someone setting the messages Nocturne received in the coffee canister ablaze, while the cat figurines watched on expectantly in some form of candle-lit Satanic ritual.


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