is bullseye admissions legit

I think that eventually, there will be an increase in the number of private institutions that give certifications in various trades. If your system works for you, that’s fine, but keep in mind that your population is being slowly replaced by Islamic colonists so there may come a day not too far in the future when you’re not so happy with this arrangement.

I also remember, one of the best teachers I had in school had finished studying in Sorbonne, I do not know if that was the reason but he had convictions and character.

White men need to stop bitching about what is killing them. So the hell with college.

All that could happen because one man who abandoned in orphanages all his children and only when he went to publish ‘Emile’ he searched for the only child of his that could have been located, his last son, was believed and taken for seriously on the subject of child-rearing and education. Can’t pay for college, serve in the military. “They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying, lobbying, to get what they want…but I’ll tell you what they don’t want: “They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. That’s why a lot our your grandparents were the first in their families to go to college. At least he gives some excuses for hiss lack of rationality… by throwing the fault to language (as-a-whole) or to the reader for not looking to the work as-a-whole. In response to anyone saying things like "admissions officers love 'trauma porn' " or "sob stories are the way to go, anyone saying otherwise is lying" or anything else disgusting like that: No. So you get to swim through a burgeoning sea of increasingly mediocre twats who’ll work for peanuts, to get noticed. You test in to high school, you pay for high school, and if you don’t get in or can’t afford it you’re looking for other work.).

I can’t though, the moment I am able, I will do it, there is no reason fighting for a dead cause. That gets rid of the problem of bookstores selling used books which won’t get the professor new royalties! I have a cousin who’s in high school, his mom wants him to go to college but his dad wants him to learn a trade.

89% Upvoted. It actually saved taxpayers billions to do it this way plus makes it less confusing for the student borrower who may have ended up with 6, 10 or even more lenders at the end of their term.

As a people we failed to see our mistakes and continue to do so.

Surely watching “Animal House” and then see someone hand you their resume that says you have a Bachelors in Chinese history isn’t doing them any favors. Landed a job in no time. HOME.

Imagine that most of the people you know, the vast majority, does not recognize, still, those “refugees” as a danger and demands the same things from the state that he demanded always and criticizes the current government for NOT giving enough jobs in the public sector. In fact, the cost of living is far more costy than the education itself…, Sure, we got our own problems. Compare that with a lawyer researching through dusty legal tomes 60+ hours a week, an IT administrator who must be on call 24×7 to respond to outages that can stop a company’s operations, or a surgeon who must make life-and-death decisions. Add to that, Libtard central administering from K-12 through Doctorate education now. If you want live a minimalist lifestyle take off over the road 60k ish for driving back and forth. That does not describe my son (who is great in language however, and in ROTC is a damn good wepaons handler.). If you want a student loan, there are really only two places to turn: the Feds and SallieMae. Plus, you grow a set of balls. Academic Science (lab tech, etc) – tough to make real money in, Disclaimer: you don’t need a degree for some of the above anyway, Plumbing – good if you don’t mind getting covered in shit, Bricklaying – tough work as you get older, Sparks – yes, very lucrative.


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