informative essay interpersonal communication

He says his theory is clearly correct when considering the ease by which people form relationships, and the reluctance people have to end relationships. In order to function normally, Miller claims, people need to have pleasant and frequent relationships in order to function normally. This is when people want to gain and evaluate information (Wood, 157). The two girls can not see each other there-fore it is near to completely impossible to make hand jesters or other forms of non-verbal communication maybe making it difficult to fully understand their feelings about the event. Required fields are marked *. This complex structure of communication, she argues, creates an environment where not everyone is able to be fully functional, and this creates a demographic of people who prefer solitude in order to achieve the maximum possible happiness (Burgoon et. says are causing people to live a life of solitude, she advises people to work on their intercommunication shortcomings in order to be able to effectively communicate with others, and build intimate relationships. This essay uses intimacy as a benchmark by which to measure the success of interpersonal relationships, which makes its definition important in this analysis of effective interpersonal communication skills. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. For example, if you were in a job interview, your interpersonal, 1.

The prefix “inter-” mean between and the suffix “-al” means pertaining to. The first is that people are too complex for anyone to say that either social interaction leads to happiness or that solitude leads to happiness; each person is different in their preferences. An informative essay educates your reader on a topic. The texts indicate that the dominant North American belief indicates that happiness can only arise out of intimate social interaction. The second is that the accounts of people living in solitude and who say they are happy, are not telling the truth, or that those who have intimate relationships and say that they are happy are not telling the truth. Everett Greenbaum ;amp; Jim Fritzell. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to communicate in the business world because cross-cultural communication is becoming an increasingly vital component to successful business interaction (Ramaraju, 2012). This makes effective intercommunication skills essential for people to attain happiness, because strong relationships can only arise out of people’s ability to effectively communicate with each other. Much of the literature on the subject discusses the concept of intimacy, and what it truly means. There are several theorists who have tried to decipher the different. al., 2002). 3. Choose a specific non-verbal area, as discussed in the lecture and text that you feel is essential to interpersonal communication. He is talking loudly, or yelling, at Gomer. Solitude is often preferred by many because of the challenges they have with relationships. While this assertion cannot be outright refuted, neither can the assertion that complete detachment from people and all other phenomenon leads to happiness. “Attachment – the clinging of desire to an object in the world – leads inevitably to suffering, because of the impermanence of the phenomenal realm: we are destined to lose everything we value, not least our mortal bodies, and so the more we desire and cling to anything in the world, the more we prepare for ourselves a greater sorrow” (Paul, 2011). Ultimately, deciding who is happier – the Buddhist monk who lives in solitude, or a typical North American who has a host of intimate relationships – is a matter of perspective. Get Your Custom Essay Three decades ago, the most important component was an employee’s technical skills, but now it is more in their ability for them to effectively communicate (Ramaraju, 2012). Different cultural perspectives about the need for interpersonal communication provide an interesting benchmark to determine whether interpersonal communication is needed for each human being.

I will then proceed to This is all that can be accomplished by the use of a telephone. al., 2002). This example is showing that the two teen-aged girls are verbally communicating.


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