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This isn’t the first time Indra mysteriously disappeared from The 100. At one point, she was supposed to be heading to Arkadia with Octavia, but she never made it. She has short, black hair with an average build. Diyoza hands him the bioweapon, but Hope slashes his throat and takes it. Murphy and Emori tend to the Faithful who were attacked by Sheidheda as Sheidheda gets his Grounder fashion on and we don't know how JR Bourne pulls off the Grounder look just as well as he did the Lightbourne look. In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), Clarke starts off explaining how Indra and Octavia are heading into the Reaper tunnels under Mount Weather. 2020 Rolls-royce Wraith Price, Octavia is then successfully used as bait and Indra and her people attack the Reapers with Artigas saving Octavia's life from a Reaper. Types Of Government Bonds, Abby tells Indra she doesn't want to see any more people die. With Clarke seeing that her friends are determined to fight the last war, she negotiates a new deal with Bill Cadogan (John Pyper-Ferguson) so she can talk to them alone because she thinks they may just be pretending.

Despite their differences, Sheidheda shows a degree of respect for Indra, even trying to get her to stop cleaning up the blood he had ordered her to have Trikru remove.

Adina Porter as Indra was announced on October 2, 2014. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Octavia agrees. In Coup de Grâce, in the woods, two Mountain Men are hidden from sight as they watch Clarke riding with Abby and several Grounders on their way from Tondc back to Camp Jaha. Despite working for the Dark Commander, he doesn't have Indra's true loyalty and she rescues Luca from his massacre and appears to be supporting Murphy and Emori's efforts in secret. All rights reserved. Octavia reveals herself and announces to Indra that she is not afraid. There are times when The 100 feels less like a television show and more like an exercise in agony. Indra realizes that Sheidheda awoke Wonkru and is ordered to kneel if she wants to live along with everyone else. After the sniper is killed, Nyko tells Indra she's not ready to fight yet but Indra says she is not missing out. In The Stranger, a recovered Indra stands at the Dark Commander's side as he demands the loyalty of the prisoners and Children of Gabriel before killing the latter when they refuse to kneel. Biographical Information }); Indra insists that she is neither Sheidheda's enemy nor does she know where Madi is. #The100, — Jennifer Iacopelli (@jennifercarolyn) May 20, 2016, I am all for Octavia killing Pike. Nick Viall Vanessa, Unveiling early. Indra protests Gaia's plan of telling Wonkru the truth about the Flame's destruction rather than have Madi order Wonkru to help. Box Of Moonlight 123movies, Those who do make the choice to stay include Raven, Murphy, Emori, Echo, Nylah, Hope, Jordan, Octavia, Levitt, Miller, and Jackson. After several riveting episodes butting heads against and ultimately working with Clarke, Anya was ultimately shot down by a soldier from the Ark, killed only moments after reaching a tentative truce with Skaikru. Their relationship is fragmented when Gaia is directly involved in Madi's ascension to Commander, against Clarke's will. This is the moment she more than earns the Trigedasleng moniker Wanheda, Commander of Death. For a show notorious for killing off its characters, The 100 series finale actually has a pretty low death count—unless you count “transcendence” as a kind of death, in which case… yeah, most of humanity dies. Just then, they are interrupted by Anders (Neal McDonough) who seems really upset that they just could not rise above themselves.

Tonight she was supposed to be fighting with everyone else, keeping the chipped people away from Clarke. Think Anakin Skywalker slaughtering the younglings, but so much worse. She is portrayed by Tati Gabrielle and debuted in "Echoes". Female Fbi Tv Show Theme Song 2018, Indra is disarmed and a Reaper is about to injure her when Octavia kills the Reaper, saving Indra's life.

In Survival of the Fittest, Octavia fights off one of Indra's Grounders.

Monty suggests they make a run for it, but Kane argues that it's exactly what the Azgeda warriors want them to do. window.googletag.pubads().addEventListener('slotRenderEnded', function(event) { Microchip Stock, Pike admits that there are only 63 Arkers from Farm Station left. The Dark Commander pointedly addresses Indra, knowing that she is listening in and asks about Gaia. At one point during the battle with the Reapers, Octavia saves Indra's life. Indra, specifically, has a deep care for Gaia, protecting her several times, such as willingly sacrificing herself in Blodreina's fighting pits. Og Anunoby Voice, Unlike Clarke and her friends or most of the Grounders, including her own daughter, who only know of the Dark Commander from stories or their interactions with him through Madi Griffin and the Flame, Indra has personal experience and hatred for him. Charles M Schwab Quotes,

Formerly divided, Wonkru fell under Indra's command when she asserted her leadership over the clan with only Knight futilely trying to challenge her. Javascript Async/await, window.googletag.pubads().addEventListener('impressionViewable', function(event) { With the threat on all sides escalating, Indra reluctantly approaches Madi to become the Commander again, something that she agrees to.

The 100 is not shy about killing children. Murphy sarcastically states that they have a nuclear reactor and Indra tells Murphy that she is proud of him as she leaves. Indra silently watches the confrontation between Murphy, Emori and the Dark Commander and follows Murphy and Sheidheda out, closing the door behind her. MEAWW is an initialism for Media Entertainment Arts WorldWide. },false) She escaped with John Murphy, Pike, and some of her people but was hunted down by A.L.I.E. She was freed from the cross by Skaikru after Clarke destroyed A.L.I.E. To their shock, Indra is not immediately disgusted with the actions of the Primes, pointing out that it is nothing worse than what the Sky People or the Grounders have done on Earth to survive. Despite Kane's instructions, Raven reluctantly leads Abby to the airlock where Indra is preparing to float both Kane and the Nightblood at his request. She also mentions that the truce Lexa made with the Mountain Men weakened her power, and that the Ice Queen wants Clarke's power to break the Coalition. A familiar voice calls out to Monty, and he recognizes the voice as his mother's. Racechip Engine Warranty, 1 Disciple Right now, Adina Porter is also starring on The Catch. Fifth Wheel Images,

Indra sadly watches as the Flame's data disappears off of the computer screen as the deletion is completed, saving Madi.

Craig Ferguson Kristen Bell Friendship, Blade Runner Alien, It's not Desmond and Penny levels of tears, but it's definitely moving. Here's the moment: Clarke makes the soul-wrenching choice to let the people of Mount Weather die so she can save her own people. Sheidheda (JR Bourne) was pulling the strings from behind the scenes and not even Indra (Adina Porter) could have stopped what was coming. She then strategizes with Gaia on how to fake a convincing fight before killing her. Jack Harlow Automatic Madden 21,

The CW series has finally come to an end and, after seven seasons, showrunner (and episode director) Jason Rothenberg has written a Battlestar Galactica-like ending that attempts to tie all the bloodshed that has come before up with a neat, tidy bow. Fio, the man she had sparred with earlier, brings her a plate of food. Because Clarke had the Flame (or Key as the Disciples call it) for one day, and their friends on Bardo knows that Clarke is no longer the Key.

Later, Indra helps to clean up the aftermath of the massacre and listens in on Sheidheda's conversation with Knight about the search for Madi. She later cries when she carries out Marcus Kane's request to floathim as a form of assisted suicide. At Kane's signal, Indra and Raven recite a prayer for Kane and Indra declares that "your fight is over." Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven In Acceptable Losses, Clarke and Bellamy tell Indra that Cooper is planning on infecting the defectors with the worms so that they can use them as a weapon to attack Diyoza and the prisoners at the valley. Intc Stock News, Having seen his atrocities as a child, Indra is well aware of the danger that he poses and bears a grudge as her father died fighting him when Indra was a child and her mother bowed before him. When Nelson believes that Indra can't stop him without her army, Indra simply glares at him threateningly before they are interrupted by Trey and the Faithful, one of whom commits suicide through self-immolation. She wants to kill Emerson because "a killer lives while a warrior dies," but the Sky People want to interrogate him instead. In Bodyguard of Lies, when Clarke tries to reassign Octavia to the rear guard, Octavia tells her that she only takes orders from Indra. Gaia explains the events to her mother, including how Abby is now being used as a host by Simone and Clarke posing as Josephine.


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