indie baby boy names

My daughter’s name is Zen…that should be on the list. Jagan, the diminutive of Jagannath, and it means “world” or “universe.” The name is also another name for Lord Vishnu. I finished ‘the gue, vegan toddler lunch today. Bharat also means “clever” or the “God of fire.”, An epithet of Lord Shiva, Bhargav, means to “attain radiance.”. So go ahead and choose a name that is rich in meaning and has a lyrical quality.

We are getting married in October and will definitely be trying shortly after.


All rights reserved. Lainy – we have the same taste in names, it’s insane! The name Tanay means “a son,” an ideal name if you have welcomed your little prince into this world. So if you have recently welcomed your little master to this world, then this MomJunction post with 250 Indian names for boys, will make it easier for you to choose a meaningful and modern name. The name Atharv is a great choice for spiritually inclined parents.

Popular Indian Baby Nicknames Or Pet Names, 100 Exotic Baby Names With Their Meanings, 200 Remarkable Sanskrit Baby Names For Girls And Boys, 11 Tips for Understanding Your Child's Emotional Development, 10 Best Pre/Play Schools In Chennai For Your Kid, Walking During Pregnancy: Benefits, Tips And Precautions, Pregnancy Insomnia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment And Remedies, 77 Kickass Baby Names For Girls And Boys With Meanings, 50 Popular Marathi Surnames Or Last Names With Meanings, 10 Unique Foreign Baby Boy Names That You Will Love, 100 Common Welsh Surnames Or Last Names With Meanings, 135 Most Popular English (British) Last Names Or Surnames. The name Ayaan means “good luck and destiny.” It is also used to refer a fortunate person. The name Gautam means “wisest.” Gautam is also another name for Lord Buddha.

Most parents prefer a meaningful and trendy name for their son. A name with a religious origin, Shivaay, is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. The name Ivaan means “the Sun.” The name Ivaan also means “glorious and gracious gift of God.”. mama of two ❊ willow & fiona The name Rohit means “red,” “rainbow,” or also refers to “the first rays of the sun.”, The name Ronav refers to one who is an “embodiment of grace and charm.”, The name Ronit refers to “a charming young man.” Ronit also means “embellishment.”, Rudra is one of the names of Lord Shiva.

Parth means “way.”, The name Parthik means “pure and innocent.”, The name Parthiv originates from a word that means “son or prince of the Earth.”, A unique name, Prabhas, means “brilliance or lustrous.”.

Nakul was the name of one of the five Pandavas and the twin brother of Sahdev.

but two is lovely when you find the perfect combination. It originates from a Sanskrit word, and means a “star.” The name Tarak also means “protector.”, Do you want your child to have a sharp mind?

The name has its origin in “Om,” which is considered a sacred Hindu syllable. Neil is a variation of the name Neel, which means “blue,” a classic example of giving a modern twist to traditional names. Those are great additions – thank you!

The name Amey refers to “one who is free from deceit and error.” Amey also has a religious origin and is another name for Lord Ganesha. A unique name, Riddhiman, refers to “one who possesses a good fortune.”, Another name for Lord Vishnu, Rihan, refers to the “entrance of the heaven.” The name Rihan also means “one who destroys enemies.”, A popular name, it means “superior” or “excellent.” The name also means “deep knowledge.”, Another name for Lord Shiva, Rishaan refers to an individual who “seeks enlightenment.” The name Rishaan also refers to a “good human being.”, A name with a religious origin, Rishaank, refers to “one who is a follower or devotee of Lord Shiva.”, The name Rishit refers to a “learned person or one who is the best in everything.”, The name Ritesh refers to “one who guards the truth.” The name Ritesh also refers to the “Lord of Seasons.”, A unique name, Rituraj, means “Lord or King of all seasons.”. DISCLAIMER: The name Manish has been in use since ancient times.

The name Aarav means “wisdom.” It also means “one who is peaceful.”, The name Aarnik means “being one of its kind or something unique.”, If you want your child to grow into a fearless man, then name him Abhay.

Can you imagine your baby as an adult with this name? ⋒ happiness is sunshine, the ocean, fruit, & books. The name Anishk refers to “one who has no enemies and foes.”, The name Ankit means “a symbol.” The name Ankit also means “distinguished or the chosen one.”. chocolate oats, berries, tonight’s comfort food: lemon pepper chickpea pa, reads for the week. Pranav is the “primordial mantra” for the Hindus. Another name for Lord Vishnu, Shriyan, is formed by the union of the first three letters from the name “Sriman” (Sri) and the last three letters from the name “Narayan” (yan). Allegra, Boheme, Daisy, Haven, Indigo, Liv, Luna, Magnolia, Marigold, Moon, River, Snow, and Soleil. aka the sl, our fiona autumn is O N E. banana-loving, dol, just a friendly reminder to add your favorite smoo, I won’t lie to you... making cookies with a todd, My Vegan Food/Meal Prep Routine (Currently), Tips for Waking Up Early (+ Why You Should! A name with a religious significance, Harish is another name for Lord Vishnu. The name Ranveer means a “winner or one who is a hero of the battle. The name Viren refers to the “Lord of the warrior.”, The name Vishal means “magnificence” or “grandeur.” The name Vishal also means “illustriousness.”, A trendy name, Vishesh, means “something/someone special.”, Another name for Lord Krishna, Vivaan, refers to the “the first rays of the sun.”, The name Vivek means “conscience.” Vivek also means “judgment.”, The name Vyas originates from “Vyas,” a revered sage and scholar who “compiled the Vedas, the Puranas, and the famous Mahabharata.”, A unique name, Vyom, refers to the “sky.”, The name Yakshit refers to the “Almighty God or one who will never cease to exist.”, The name Yash means “fame,” “success,” “glory,” or “victory.”, The name Yashvir, means “brave and glorious.”.

The name Sanjay means “victorious.”, The name Sarvin is indicative of “one who is the best archer.” The name also means “victory.”, One of the many names of Lord Shiva, Sathvik, means “calm and virtuous.”, The name Shamit refers to a “calm, disciplined, and peaceful individual.”, Another name for Lord Krishna, the name Sharvil has its origin from “Sharv,” a word which means “sacred to Lord Shiva.”, One of the many names of Lord Shiva, Shashank, refers to the “Moon.”. But to qualify as bohemian, these boy names, such as Felix and Fox, definitely have an indie feel. The name Anik means “strong.” It is also one of the many names of Lord Ganesha. Om is a traditional Indian name that refers to a sacred syllable in the Hindu religion. Most Indian baby names known in the wider world derive from either Hindi, the dominant language of India, or Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language. Kushal means “clever” or “perfect.”, The name Lakshit has its origin from a Sanskrit word, which refers to a “distinguished person.” Lakshit also means “ambition” or “aspiration.”, The name Lalit means “handsome, charming, and graceful.”, The name Lavish refers to the “God of Love.”, This name is formed by the amalgamation of two names, “Madhav” and “Aditya.” Madhavaditya is indeed a unique name and means “of the springtime.”. ♡, writer • plant-eater • new england homebody Aadesh is a notable and popular Indian name that means “order” or “command.”, The name Aadrik refers to “the sun rising between the mountains.”, The name Aakash has been quite a popular Indian baby boy name and means “sky.”, The name Aahan refers to “dawn, sunrise, or first ray of light.”, Aarav is a popular choice among Indian parents. The name means “an intelligent and talented warrior or person.”, The name Karthik is indicative of a month in the Hindu calendar. So grab a bicycle, a handlebar mustache, and possibly an underground polka band that others have "probably never heard of," and check out these adorably obscure and oh-so-hip baby boy names. Out of all the amazing names listed here, one of them is sure to be perfect for your little boy. This extra income provides for my family and keeps The Friendly Fig running strong.


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