impacted leopard gecko
That resulted in a significant number of unnecessary vet interventions leo deaths. Your email address will not be published. Break this sepia bone into small pieces and offer it in a bowl at all times. If your reptile is not doing well, you should take them to the vet ASAP. You need to unplug the heat rock, as it can and will badly burn the gecko's belly. from the looks of the cage, they only ate one mealworm.

The good news is you can avoid impaction by providing proper leo husbandry. Thanks for your advice. It's mainly the swelling of her stomach that's convinced me. Were your hands scented with a strong soap? One of the most common causes of impaction is the use of sand as a substrate in a leo tank. :). He will most likely lick off the droplet. Make sure fresh water is in a bowl in the tank at all times. Whitney (author) from Georgia on January 12, 2011: How can something be smaller than a hatchling? Also, does this mean he is out of the woods now? This means that if the temperature in their tank is too low, they will not digest their food. You may use this opportunity to help your gecko remove any shed that is stuck. Instead its sort of dried out looking/ shriveled up, but still the same color pretty much. we have found both are bad. My garter snake ate some dirt while eating her worm and is now vomitting blood as well as the worm. The truth is your leo will be much safer if you use paper towels, but still not 100% safe. So the stuff is definitely coming out. The last time he ate was on the 6th of this month. And it seems that she has gotten bigger on her sides. I never recommend buying animals from a pet store. If the home remedies fail, you have to take your leo to an experienced reptile vet. even the things I read on line was wrong back then. Size is the key – never give your leo mealworms that are too large from him. If you're still using 80 for the hot side, that's another concern. Had ups and downs with eating but always comes round. In the wild, Leopard geckos and many other reptiles eat dirt to balance their minerals. Thanks for the tip! Fluker's manufactures a digital thermometer with a probe that not only measures temperature but also humidity, which can be very important in creating the proper enclosure for your reptile. i have a new bearded dragon- the shop advised us calci-sand. As impaction continues, emaciation and bloating take place. Find out how to prevent it and treat it. Whitney (author) from Georgia on June 27, 2010: I got a Savannah Monitor a few weeks ago and she was eating mice perfectly fine, but i think i overfed her on mealworms and mice and i've since gathered that this can cause impaction. is ok or not, it just says avoid loose substrates. This type of substrate is not recommended for enclosures and can cause impactions in young reptiles. Did their surroundings change recently? He seems much happier now. However, if they fail, you can then decide to head to a vet as fast as possible. Terrarium Quest is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Give your gecko a warm bath two times a day for three to four days in a row. Although calcium sand is labeled as digestible, it often clumps together when wet – and that’s precisely what can happen inside your pet’s bowels.

There are a couple of first-line home treatments for impaction. Impaction can prove to be fatal! Do you think it could be something other than impaction, since underneath her belly is red, not blue? Baths are comfortable, pretty stress-free, and surprisingly efficient in solving uncomplicated cases of impaction.

Shedding problems: it is also known as dysecdysis, and it is the situation where your gecko is unable to shed their whole skin completely. We housed them both in a 20 gal tank with repti carpet a couple of hiding spots some decor vines and for heat we had a overhead light with a 100 watt bulb. I have just moved him into a bigger viv as i am looking for some females to breed but within the few hours he has been in there he has had a roam around and then just stayd in the cold side.

or could there be something very wrong?

To me, the smaller one looks smaller than a hatchling. flushing is something that a vet normally will do to flush out the body. Some of the ways that you can treat leopard gecko impaction are stated below.


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