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Ian O. Cameron was born in 1961 and from Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. His mother, who refers to Rice-Cameron by his family name, Jake, summarized their political differences for us: “I would characterize Jake as a conservative — and a more traditional conservative, not a populist conservative. He’s an internationalist, and he believes in strong US leadership, he believes in our alliances. In the domestic realm, she says she and her son share a passionate belief in constitutional and civil rights. When Rice was awarded the coveted Rhodes Scholarship, she pursued and acquired her doctorate in international relations at Oxford University in the U.K. Cameron also acquired a master’s in international relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Rice-Cameron, then a freshman board member of the club, saw this as a clear violation of the club’s constitution. Abortion is murder. Guns save lives. Required fields are marked *.

It’s been at the center of a series of controversies, including claims of racial bias (its former national field director was caught sending text messages saying “i hate black people. Deport criminal illegal immigrants. “I have, I guess, become the face of conservatism on campus,” Rice-Cameron tells us. condemning “sexual degeneracy” and “so-called gender fluidity” at Stanford. So far, she holds American citizenship and belongs to the African American ethnicity. In the 1980s, he worked at television stations in Eureka, California and Ottawa, Canada and when he married his wife Susan he was working as a television producer in Toronto for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Rice was serving as a management consultant at a Canadian firm and In 1998, Cameron Joined World News as a Producer. (Though, we’re not convinced he doesn’t enjoy the title: In early March, before he knew he was going to be the club’s next leader, he was already introducing himself as SCR’s “incoming president” to Fox News.) Elise Kostial ’18, who was president of SCR in spring of 2017, told us in an email, “It was John who discovered the YAF speaker series and pursued bringing Robert Spencer to campus.”. In anticipation of Charles Murray’s appearance on campus this February as part of the Cardinal Conversations series, Rice-Cameron criticized the political scientist’s racialized theory of IQ-based success in an article for the Stanford Review, arguing that his “racial determinism” is, in fact, a “progressive” mentality. Rice-Cameron himself has played no small role in his own embellishment in the Stanford imagination. Rice-Cameron was only a freshman board member of SCR when the Spencer event began to take shape in spring of 2017, but he still finds his way into the center of the story. It’s not life and death for me in the way it is for some other students.”.

But that optimism assumes there is not a second Trump term. “When people say, ‘Oh he’s just a provocateur or she’s just a provocateur,’ I think that often just comes from people who don’t like what they’re saying or are uncomfortable with their style,” Rice-Cameron says, “and who just want an easy way to dismiss it and don’t want to actually wrestle with what’s there.”. Find Out in Netflix Docu-Series “Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta?”. Rice-Cameron seems quite obviously to be one of those people Hsuan attempts to characterize. This article is the cover story of the June 2018 issue of Stanford Politics Magazine. An economics and history double major, Rice-Cameron says that he intends to work in finance after graduation, telling us that he spent his summer interning at a venture capital firm. Roxy Bonafont, a freshman studying English, and Jack Herrera, a senior studying literature and philosophy, are staff writers for Stanford Politics. Even if Trump is defeated in a year’s time, she said it would take more than the next presidency for the nation to regain its footing on the world stage. Guns save lives. Rice admits that a happy ending, in her family and in the nation at large, is not a foregone conclusion. merica’s strident political divisions have become the greatest threat to its own survival. (Indeed, at the time of the November event, Hsuan was still the president of SCR.). The family have been long time Washington residents now and have lived there since the early 90’s. “She struck me right away as someone unique.

But we have made a very conscious decision to put what binds us our love as a family, our history, our aspirations, far above our political and policy differences.”.

In 2011, her worth was estimated at a minimum of $23.5 million and a maximum of $43.5 million. She became a senior foreign policy fellow at the Brookings Institute, after serving in this post until January 2001. Both Cameron and Rice went to Stanford, as well. It never touches the realm of policy.”, Hsuan goes on: “The questions it asks are not, ‘Does this work? Though Rice-Cameron did not mention it to us in his interviews, his mother says he was not always a conservative. “I simply embrace them because I believe [them]to be true. Ian Cameron son John David Rice-Cameron is a president of the Stanford College Republicans or SCR. Instead, she led meetings where the group would discuss topics that past members describe to us as “wonky” — debates about complex policy, evaluations of the GOP’s electoral techniques, etc.

Ambassador to the United Nations between 2009 to 2013 and was on the staff of the National Security Council and was the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs during President Bill Clinton’s second term. Full disclosure: Palumbo-Liu once wrote a letter of recommendation for this story’s co-author Jack Herrera. ) She said that his current views (they had dinner together three days before the interview) were more nuanced. Interestingly, this doctrinaire position sets Rice-Cameron apart from both traditional conservatism and the new right alike: Conservatism originally grew out of skepticism toward abstract and universal principles like those Rice-Cameron champions, and Trumpism has challenged Republican adherence to classical liberal dogma. “It’s such a nightmare scenario, in terms of our global posture and leadership, I can’t even … I don’t want to think about it.”, Susan Rice: 'Domestic divisions are the greatest threat to our national security', Susan Rice: ‘Our adversaries have demonstrated both the will and capacity to weaponise our divisions to use against us.’. Though their political differences do not define their relationship, both Rice-Cameron and Rice tell stories about how they’ve managed to have open and respectful conversations about politics. Of course, parts of the myth-making sometimes do have a basis in fact: Rice-Cameron is working closely with larger conservative organizations; the figures he’s brought to campus, like Robert Spencer, represent a politics of bigotry and exclusion; and some of the opinions he espouses (and articles he writes) have hurt people and perhaps endangered others (quite dramatically, in the case of Professor Palumbo-Liu). “I officially resigned over the summer of 2017, when SCR began voting on and planning events for the upcoming academic year,” she wrote. His mother’s name is Marjorie and three two siblings, Brothers Donnell and Brian and sister named Laura. At 12 years old, Rice-Cameron traveled to South Sudan as his mother’s plus-one as she attended the newly-formed country’s official independence ceremony. Your email address will not be published. Cameron completed his education from Stanford University in 1983 and earned Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and attended The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and earned a Master of Science (M.Sc) in 1987. Rice asked her son to read Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. and has a presence on more than 1,000 high school and college campuses across the country. Ambassador to the United Nations, and ABC News producer Ian Officer Cameron. Rice has also gone on record to say that she and her son have disagreed on various policies. “The way to really get college Republicans off the ground is you need to break this shell of fear that a lot of the members have early on,” Rice-Cameron says, continuing, “which is that fear that if they’re found out to be conservative or with a conservative organization, they may lose some friends, they may get lied about or misrepresented in the campus press.”, “People are understandably afraid, and they’re afraid that people will make fun of them,” he goes on, articulating his vision of a model leader that he seems to try to embody. She graduated from National Cathedral School in Washington, DC in 1982 and undergraduate from Stanford University, B.A. Much of Rice-Cameron’s grievance with Kostial comes from her decision to go abroad while still serving as president of SCR. Rice-Cameron’s leadership is what’s changed SCR from the small, timid (but respectful) organization it once was to the full-throated political-activist organ it is today. She is married to Ian O. Cameron, with whom she shares two sons.

“I think he sees himself as someone who has strong beliefs,” Eykamp tells us, “and thus because he has strong beliefs, he believes that it’s a moral imperative on his part to act on them and that sitting back would be wrong in a moral sense.”. Last summer, Rice-Cameron and the former ambassador exchanged books as a means of better understanding each other’s worldviews. “What he will tell you is that in 2012 it was more out of a sense of obligation than enthusiasm, but in ’08 it was genuine, I can attest.”.

While he’s rubbed some older members of SCR the wrong way, his leadership climb in the club seems more fueled by the membership’s genuine enthusiasm than his at-times unsavory or duplicitous behavior. Affirmative action is racist.

“So when I see conservatives using irresponsible rhetoric when it comes to community-police relations or whatever, I think it’s really unfortunate, because we’re missing an opportunity there to unite the country when it comes to Black Lives Matter.”. The US is making it easy for its enemies “because we now have a leader in the White House whose express intent is to exacerbate those divisions”.

He was born in 1961 and from Victoria, British Columbia in Canada and he is 58 years old as of 2019. In 2018, he replaced Kathy O’Hearn as executive producer of This Week With George Stephanopoulos. Rice-Cameron believes that some of the people he stood next to during the independence ceremony are now likely dead due to their tribal affiliation. On Stanford’s campus, being a vocal conservative means outing yourself in enemy territory. Rice-Cameron subsequently became CCR’s activism chair for the entire state.


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