hyrule warriors great sea map

Defeat the lakeside beast! Adventure Battle: Final battle! Challenge Battle: Learn the key to a balanced attack! Challenge Battle: Defeat 1,000 enemies in time! Challenge Battle: Defeat 400 enemies in time! Adventure Battle: Defeat the barrier specialist forces!

Adventure Battle: Defeat the Shield Moblin Forces! Challenge Battle: Fight through the Twilight Princess Quiz! Challenge Battle: Stop the enemy merger! Lv.2. Challenge Battle: Defeat the shuffling forces! Lv.2, Challenge Battle: Rack up your KO count! Challenge Battle: Fight through the Triforce quiz! Defeat the Demon King of the castle!

Lv.5, Adventure Battle: Take on the warriors of Majora's Mask! Adventure Battle: Final battle! I've completed all of legend mode but parts of the great sea map are unavailable (they're shown as colored tiles.). Lv.6, Adventure Battle: Stop the Rogue Forces and defeat the enemy! Adventure Battle: Final battle! Adventure Battle: Defeat the mountain beast! Lv.2. Adventure Battle: Strengthen your army and defeat the enemy! Challenge Battle: Fight through the women's weapons quiz! Adventure Battle: Final battle! All attacks are devastating! Adventure Battle: Beware the ghost's blade! Defeat the dragon of the lake! Challenge Battle: Fight through the tricky quiz! Lv.5, Adventure Battle: Protect the bombchu! Adventure Battle: Final battle! Defeat the snowy plains' beast! Move that weight!

Lv.2. Adventure Battle: It's curtain call for Medli's band! Adventure Battle: Final battle! 100% Upvoted. Adventure Battle: Fight your way through fire and flames! Lv.2, Fairy Food - Scent Seeds (S. Entrance Keep [Pot]). Challenge Battle: Fight through the Wind Waker quiz!

Lv.2. Lv.1. Lv.5, Challenge Battle: Thwart the supercharged enemies! Lv.2, Adventure Battle: Defeat the disorderly forces! Defeat the shadow in the dark den! Fairy Food - Skullfish (S. Entrance Keep [Pot]), Challenge Battle: Thwart the supercharged enemies! Lv.1, Challenge Battle: Watch out!

Challenge Battle: Defeat all Giant Bosses in time! Lv.13, Fairy Food - Weird Egg (Dark Forest Keep [Jar]), Fairy Food - Odd Mushroom (Fairy Fountain [Pot]), Piece of Heart - Agitha (South Field Keep), Fairy Decoration - Sheikah Facepaint (North Field Keep), Heart Container - Zelda (East Goron Keep), Piece of Heart - Skull Kid (Central Keep), Piece of Heart - Young Link (Castle Keep), Fairy Headwear - Royal Hood (Castle Keep), Piece of Heart - Twili Midna (South Square), Fairy Top - Sheikah Shirt (Southwest Keep), Fairy Decoration - Sheikah Facepaint (S. Rockface Keep), Piece of Heart - Twili Midna (Outskirts Keep), My Fairy - Lightning (North Field Keep [Pot]), Fairy Food - Magic Beans (West Field Keep [Pot]), Piece of Heart - Twili Midna (West Field Keep), Piece of Heart - Tingle (Town Center Keep), Heart Container - Zant (Southeast Square), Piece of Heart - Toon Link (South Square), Fairy Headwear - Kokiri Band (North Square), Fairy Food - Odd Mushroom (Western Tree [Pot]), Piece of Heart - Ghirahim (Abandoned Fort), Piece of Heart - Young Link (Crystal Cave), Piece of Heart - Skull Kid (W. Rockface Keep), My Fairy - Light (South Field Keep [Pot]), Piece of Heart - Ghirahim (Northeast Keep), Fairy Bottoms - Sheikah Leggings (West Square), Fairy Top - Kokiri Cardigan (South Square), Piece of Heart - Twili Midna (Castle Keep), Fairy Bottoms - Kokiri Shorts (Mountain Keep), Fairy Food - Deku Nut (Southern Tree [Pot]), Heart Container - Darunia (Lakeside Keep), Piece of Heart - Darunia (Temple Face Keep), Fairy Headwear - Kokiri band (Eastern Tree), Skull Kid Heart Container (West Goron Keep), Skull Kid Piece of Heart (Stronghold Keep), Fairy Accessory - Zora Earrings (Temple Face Keep), Piece of Heart - Young Link (S. Rockface Keep), Piece of Heart - Darunia (Central Chamber), My Fairy - Darkness (Central Chamber [Pot]), Fairy Food - Deku Nut (West Garden [Pot]), Fairy Accessory - Zora Earrings (West Boulder Keep), Fairy Bottoms - Pirate Slacks (Upper Level East), Fairy Top - Royal Tunic (North Field Keep), Fairy Accessory - Pirate Bandana (South Square), Piece of Heart - Skull Kid (South Temple), Fairy Accessory - Zora Earrings (East Keep), Piece of Heart - Young Link (N. Settlement), Fairy Food - Weird Egg (Central Hall [Pot]), Piece of Heart - Ghirahim (Northwest Keep), Fairy Food - Lon Lon Milk (Northwest Keep [Pot]), Heart Container - Ganondorf (Dragon Roost), My Fairy - Darkness (Jail Watch Keep [Pot]), Fairy Food - Elixir Soup (Star Island Keep [Pot]).


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