hummel 85 hp engine
Some airplanes just kind of grow on you. and the Kitplanes logo are protected properties under international copyright law. Recovery was prompt and straightforward. High-wing airplanes should be banned from traffic patterns—bad visibility.”. Among Hummel’s first memories are seeing a Standard airmail plane flying overhead on the Detroit-to-Chicago run, and watching huge dirigibles, the Macon and Los Angeles, floating past.

Even more time can be saved by ordering a kit that avoids hunting down supplies and skips a lot of tedious drilling, rivet bucking and welding. All rights reserved worldwide. Hummel Engines The Hummel 2 Cylinder VW — Powering the Hummelbird, Ultra Cruiser and other Experimental Amateur Built and Ultralight aircraft, Morry Hummel's 1/2 VW engine conversion plans have become a trusted standard in the aviation community.

You can see that two-strokes ranging from 50-100 pounds offer the lightest airframe designs a clear advantage, even if they output only 25-70 hp (though Hirth offers two 100-hp models that weigh 93 pounds). Hummel airplanes barely come up to your shoulders if you slump a bit. All with a total weight of only 78 Lbs. GB 356177871 ) 44 Kingsway, Surrey, TW19 7QE, If you require anything that cannot be located here, please get in touch. Note : Multi V Belt Drive may be added using the drop down box. 2702 incorporates Al-Nikasil coated cylinders for superior performance and reliability. Hi Chuck: Thanks! of torque. - 2 Cylinders – 84 lbs.Slick Magneto, Aluminum NiCom Cylinders,hand start, 60 HP at 3600 R.P.M. Click The Links To Find Out More. Morry Hummel did a fine job of designing this airplane, and Terry Hallett and his crew are doing an excellent job of maintaining the Hummel stimulus. List ... all LSA Services ... each one verified to have the airplane or expertise you seek.

“I could carve propellers for the other guys,” he said. 2702 incorporates Al-Nikasil coated cylinders for superior performance and reliability. Options: Starter, Alternator, Accessory Case, Dual Ignition, Aluminum NiCom Cylinders. The elevator forces are light, but they increase properly with deflection and off-trim speed change, and the rudder responded to the mere weight of my number elevens on the pedals, the slip ball reminding me to keep my feet equalized. The two-cylinder Hummel engines, built up from a VW crankcase cut in half, will produce 28 to 45 hp, depending on the configuration. I leveled off outside the pattern and set up 3000 rpm, which yielded an even 85 mph. the only 40Hp on the market with dual ignition. 76 hp  92 mm bore x 82 mm stroke   2180 cc   137 to 167 lbs. this is one of the lightest singles you'll find anywhere. Contributing Editor LeRoy Cook is an experienced journalist with writing credits in just about every aviation publication that counts. Fleet & Crew. - 2 Cylinders - 84 lbs. I set up 60 mph for the approach at 2000 rpm with flaps, figuring that the light airplane would stop flying as soon as I cut the power, but it proved me wrong, eating up more than 500 feet of pavement before the wheels hit. The airfoil is a Harry Riblet GA-30-618 section, with its maximum thickness at 18% chord. Due to medical conditions I am looking at Ultralight and Light Sport.

And the cool black carbon graphite covering simply says your airplane is something special. 85 hp 94 mm bore x 86 mm stroke 2400 cc 137 to 167 lbs.

Great ground handling, excellent visibility, and very efficient. All 2 cylinder engines can be made with the cut case or full case version. Fortunately, the airplane was also set up with a squeeze handle on the stick that applied simultaneous braking, which worked better. *Note: Starter, Drive system NOT Included in this package. Unlike most car companies, Mercedes actually supports the use of its Smart engine in aircraft. Controls were free, the spring trim tension was in neutral, both ignition systems were operating, the oil temperature was coming up, and the canopy latches were secure.


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