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[214] During a May 30 appearance in Burbank, California, Humphrey stated his support for an immediate withdrawal of American forces from South Vietnam despite an invasion by North Vietnam. At the 1964 Democratic National Convention, Johnson kept the three likely vice-presidential candidates, Connecticut Senator Thomas Dodd, fellow Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy, and Humphrey,[110] as well as the rest of the nation, in suspense before announcing his choice of Humphrey with much fanfare, praising his qualifications at considerable length before announcing his name.[111]. It reached 195 ft (59 m), or about 16 stories, at its highest point. [31] He then tried to enlist in the Army in December 1944 but failed the physical exam because of a double hernia, color blindness, and calcification of the lungs. After an unsuccessful bid for mayor of Minneapolis in 1943, Humphrey won election two years later. Johnson told Humphrey he would shorten his role within the administration's civil rights policies and pass a portion to Katzenbach, Califano writing that Humphrey agreed to go along with the plan reluctantly. Humphrey did win some primaries, including those in Ohio,[234] Indiana and Pennsylvania, but was defeated by McGovern in several others, including the crucial California primary.

[139][140] He also struck up a friendship with Frank Sinatra, who supported his campaign for president in 1968 before his conversion to the Republican party in the early 1970s,[141] and was perhaps most on notice in the fall of 1977 when Sinatra was the star attraction and host of a tribute to a then-ailing Humphrey.

Initially, attendance increased. This surface was upgraded to Astroturf in 1987, and in 2004, the sports commission had a newer artificial surface, called FieldTurf, installed. The Food for Peace program was Humphrey's idea, and so was Medicare, passed sixteen years after he first proposed it. In the spring following that same winter, on April 14, 1983, the Metrodome roof deflated because of a tear caused by late-season heavy snow,[49] and the scheduled Twins' game with the California Angels were postponed. The Metrodome itself cost $68 million to build—significantly under budget—totaling around $124 million with infrastructure and other costs associated with the project added. "[38] Though they had differing views of labor unions, Ryan and Humphrey worked together to crack down on crime in Minneapolis.

[44], To prevent roof tears like those that occurred in its first years of service, the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission adopted a twofold strategy: When snow accumulation was expected, hot air was pumped into the space between the roof's two layers. Alors qu'il ne comptait pas revenir dans la politique, un concours de circonstances l'y poussa. The Twins moved to their new ballpark, Target Field, in 2010,[98] after attaining their new stadium with an effort that began in the mid-1990s. Urged By Humphrey", "Hubert's Tour Described as Constructive", "2 Eggs Tossed at Humphrey; Just Miss Him", "Brussels Gang Throws Eggs at Hubert, Misses", "Hubert Lands in Africa Amid Beat of Drums", "Eugene McCarthy, 1968 Anti-War Presidential Candidate, Dies", "Remarks Declaring Candidacy for the Democratic Presidential Nomination", "Vietnam War: Johnson announces bombing halt", "Meet the Press: America's Press Conference of the Air", "HUBERT H. HUMPHREY PAPERS An Inventory of His 1968 Presidential Campaign Files", "1968 Democratic Convention The Bosses Strike Back", "Mr. Kennedy and the 1968 Battle for California", "1968 Presidential Election – Events of 1968 – Year in Review", "Humphrey Visits, Hails Daley in Effort to Unify Democrats", "Hubert Backs Nixon Efforts on Viet Peace", "Humphrey in Finland on His European Tour", "Hubert Won't Comment on His Political Future", "Hubert Backs Nixon Policies on Viet Nam", "Nixon is Polarizing People, Hubert Says", "Hubert Sees Economy as Key Election Issue Next Autumn", "Hubert Asks O'Brien To Be Chief of Dems", "Support Law and Order, Humphrey Tells Liberals", "Humphrey Assails A.D.A.


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