how to spell yeah as in hooray
At least it is less ambiguous than the other versions of “yes,” though I am not fond of its verbal use. And what about ‘ya’. My uneducated husband says ‘yea’ is definitely ‘yes’ and ‘yeah’ is everything else depending on pronunciation, where you live and who you are talking to. (For post postscript). SAVED WORDS dictionary thesaurus view recents. Yeah is a casual pronunciation of yes. This article HAD to be written! It’s funny that you addressed this because this has been one of my growing pet peeves over the last few months. Yay! Hooray: how delightful. yea is the correct spelling.

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Now I Ferrell the needed to ask some on my friends about this trivial but interesting issue. Sheesh! I guess you should just stick with YAY. I am from Louisiana and we use ya for you.

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Get answers by asking now. Thanks. And I pronounce “yeah” like “yah” when I am merely acknowledging or agreeing with something. It says “yea” a lot, and I was confounded on it’s meaning. In this post, I will compare hooray vs. hurray. I got paid today! There are many cases in the English language. It’s slang. I always spell it as yay...if you want it to rhyme with hooray or away or get out of my way... i know about "colour"- "color" and "favourite" "favorite" but not "dangerous" "dangeros" "generous" - "generos" " marvelous" - "marvelos" "spacious" - "spacios" i've never heard of those. Thanks for helping me to sort out my affirmatives! Wellbeing or Well-Being – Which is Correct? It’s the opposite of—and rhymes with—“nay.” When you want to write the common casual version of “yes,” the correct spelling is “yeah” (sounds like “yeh” ). It’s Tuesday!”, “Yay” means “about this much”. Christy: I didn't make the language, a**hole! Hello, …

I think of “ya” as a slang of “you” and “yah” pronounced as “yaw.”, I have ALWAYS used “YEA!” when I mean HURRAY or HURRAH!! Yay is simply an alternate spelling of yeah or yea, which have distinct pronunciations and meanings. I would suggest using a dictionary to read and high the words that are available in different spelling and meanings or usages. I think it works best ironically and pronounced literally in a deadpan sort of way. In UK English, the rules are different. just to make it clear that i'm saying yay and not yeah, since some ppl who cant spell spell yeah like yea....i sure hope that made sense:). You’re appreciated because your readers don’t have to go elsewhere. This isn’t something you’d say when a friend has a new grandbaby born on her birthday (as the email I received told me). Cowboys!” etc. This demonstrates the inclusion of both “yes” and “you”, in the same sentence. I have used”yeah” for about 40 yrs to meant hooray or e-ya (sound) for yeah. Hooray is an exclamation of joy or approval. Here are a few more contexts where you might see this word. mark marmarkmark:;... mark marmarkmark: please don't tell that to him, I kinda agree with him! Yeah, it’s, like, teenager talk. I don’t know if it is appropriate . We just don’t think about it because we tend to say the word quickly, where the “uh” portion isn’t always obvious. One of the words English speakers use to communicate happiness or approval is hooray. If you do I promise to always use “yeah, yea and yay” correctly from now on (but what about, “ya”? Here’s one that drives Me CRAZY !!!

Even more irritating — lately I keep seeing people write “yea” when they clearly mean “yeah”. How do you spell "yea!", as in "Hooray"? Also, it’s less that she’s upset and more that I hire her to cover issues like this for writers who are new and don’t know any better.

Play with words and find your way to proper English. And as for opprobrium, you missed out “bah.”. Thanks! 2, some students have a car. Quite a wide range of appropriate inflections. My challenge to you: Pay attention to just how often these words are mixed up, flipped around and blatantly misused. is stupid, Christy: Nothing. An exclamation point in this case wouldn’t change the meaning of the word “yea” to be celebratory. While huzzah still sees occasional (often ironic) use, hurrah has largely fallen by the wayside in favor of hurray and hooray. I know that 'yea' is the opposite of 'nay' but if you write 'Yea! Back to the topic of Yay being celebratory and yea meaning yes: I was a cheerleader in the early 70’s and all the typed cheers that were handed out at camp used “yea” for things like “Yea! Will comes naturally. Huzzah is a similar term that sees some ironic, modern use. Still have questions? That’s also a more colloquial substitute for yes, right? I use yeah and yea a lot, but I use yea to mean “Yes!” As in, “Yea! 'Nip it in the butt' or 'Nip it in the bud'? Synonyms: glory, ha, hallelujah… Find the right word. So, therefore, every baby that is born is a “birthday baby.”.

Both American and British English speakers are likely to prefer hooray. How do you spell the word 'yay' as in 'hooray'?

Yay is correct here. :-))). I’ve always wondered about woohoo. Adverb? NEW: Sign up to get freelance writing jobs in your inbox. Traditional exclamations of triumph or vindication come into and go out of fashion, but they tend to beget variations, and they usually begin with one of several similar sounds, as exemplified by yay, hooray, and woo-hoo. Apparently I should use “yap” instead, but I won’t. It’s obvious that you are an English teacher because you explained it perfectly:), I’ve been using “Yeah” as in “yes, I agree”. just to make it clear that i'm saying yay and not yeah, since some ppl who cant spell spell yeah like yea....i sure hope that made sense:) 7 2 benner While hurray still appears, its usage is declining, and it may eventually join hurrah in obsolescence.


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